Climate talks set to fail – yet again

Carbon-spewing gab-fest

The latest in the merry-go-round of lavish climate talks will take place next month in Doha, and we should thank the Brazilians for making it crystal clear well in advance that there won’t be any progress – just like there hasn’t been any progress at any of the previous gatherings.

With luck, we will be spared all the environmental hand-wringing and preaching that has accompanied every other pointless “save the planet” gab-fest since 1992:

Major emerging economies’ obligations to cut emissions under a climate change agreement should not be the same as those of rich countries, Brazil’s chief negotiator said, signalling a retreat to an old position that has hamstrung years of UN negotiations.

Ambassador Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado told Reuters during last week’s UN General Assembly that Brazil is committed to working toward a global pact to cut emissions in both developed and developing nations as agreed at last year’s climate talks in Durban, South Africa.

But Figueiredo said that agreement should adhere to the UN’s principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities,” a line between developing and developed countries drawn in 1992 that enabled countries such as Brazil, China and India to escape mandatory carbon cuts, which the Durban summit had supposedly eliminated.

“Different countries would have different contributions in this fight against climate change, and these different contributions have to do with a number of factors of national circumstances,” Figueiredo said, referring mainly to the belief that rich countries are responsible for “generating the problem.”

The so-called BASIC bloc (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) i n the UN climate negotiations stressed the point at a joint meeting in Brasilia last week to harmonize their position for the next round of negotiations in Doha, Qatar, which begin next month.

An agreement is to be formalized by 2015 and to take effect by 2020. (Reuters, via SMH)

Ironic that Qatar is the country with the largest per capita emissions on the planet. It also happens to have the largest GDP per capita on the planet. What does that tell you about the effects of plans for “massive emissions cuts” on the global economy?

The COP18 website is here.


  1. Failure? What failure?
    Thousands of people will fly round the world for lavish junkets and have the time of their lives at taxpayer expense.
    I bet they don’t see it as a failure.

  2. Kim Masek via Facebook says:


  3. Who knew? Apparently, just as the delegates for COP18 will be sitting down to cocktails (minus the carbonated beverages) and nibblies, aliens will be attacking Earth!
    “Three giant alien spaceships are again heading for Earth! Scientists predict the new ships will arrive in November of 2012.”

    Hmmm … I’ll put my money on the aliens attacking, rather than any ‘climate change agreement’!

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      Has this alien attack hypothesis been confirmed by peer reviewed computer modeling, if so is it also a matter of scientific consensus?

  4. The climate talks are now irrelevant to politicians. They decided long ago the science is settled. They’ve gone past disputing their concocted settled science and have progressed to revenue raising policies like Australia with its carbon tax.

    Now read about the insane decision of the UK government to introduce its punitive carbon tax:

  5. Confusious says:

    But there will be progress………….
    On good times at taxpayers’ costs. Drink, eat and be merry with climatologically correct ladies of the night!

  6. Leo Morgan says:

    Gideon Tucker said “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”
    I fear the fact these clowns are meeting at all. To hope that they might continue to avoid massive folly is to substitute wishful thinking for balanced judgement. We must plan to prevent their making foolsish commitments, and act upon those plans. We must make plans to cope with their folly if they do commit to it. And, of course, in the unlikely event that common sense does rule the day, we should support it.

  7. Richard N says:

    Warmist beurocrats everywhere will be packing their bags and eagerly awaiting another week of gab fest and four star hotels in true UN style.

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