Coffee with Jo and David

Catching up in North Sydney

Lovely to catch up with Jo Nova and Dr David Evans in North Sydney last week. Jo and David were in Sydney for a couple of conferences and kindly agreed to meet up for a coffee during their busy schedule.

This gives me the opportunity to plug the following must reads:


  1. Richard Abbott says:

    Thanks Jo, David and Simon for your contributions towards exposing this climate-gate scam.

  2. The Dream team getting together! That would be awesome to listen to.

  3. Simon Colwell says:

    Jo has a very easy to understand writing style, it would be great if she wrote a book on the whole global warming scam. It would be good to have one with an Australian perspective.

  4. Dave Sivyer says:

    Well done, David.
    You have succinctly described the present situation regarding our bureaucratic rulers; the careers of which rely on a passive political class whose careers are metastable, at best!
    I hold rather grave fears that the generational scale of indoctrination will render the baby boomer generations’ intelligent comments and perspectives to be immaterial. On the flip side, I have some growing belief that the new age of communication will replace the MSM as the major source of information and, I love saying this, intelligence!

    Best regards to you and Jo,

    Dave Sivyer

  5. An attempt to obtain “The Skeptics Handbook” and “Global bullies Want your Money” returns an error message that the files have been deleted from YouTube.
    Are there any other sources?

  6. Rathnakumar says:

    Here is another interesting document written by Dr. David Evans – “Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?”

  7. The Loaded Dog says:

    Hope you didn’t spoil your coffee by discussing Flannery, Gillard, Swan or Wong.

    Although…you could have quickly lightened the mood with a snappy rendition of the moronic head bobbin “Whyalla Wipeout”

  8. Sorry – they got broken in the move after the site moved a few weeks ago.

    Skeptics Handbook I

    Click to access the_skeptics_handbook_2-3_lq.pdf

    Skeptics Handbook II

    Click to access the_skeptics_handbook_2-3_lq.pdf

    There are links from the sidebars and top menu. Thanks for the reminder.
    David and I did very much enjoy meeting Simon too. (Why haven’t we managed that before?)

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