David Karoly

I haven’t had a chance to read the FoI materials on this yet, but Climate Audit and Bunyipitude dissect the Karoly/Gergis Hockey Stick debacle, on-hold, correction, retraction, withdrawal or whatever it really was.

Prof Bunyip has an ongoing series of posts here.

Climate Audit reports on the discovery of the error here, and the battle with the Journal of Climate here.

You can download all the documents here.


  1. Richard N says:

    Steve McIntyre analyses data in the manner a scientist should, that is scientifically. It’s time Gergis et al realised that they are scientists first and that the theory of AGW is still simply a theory. True scientists are not afraid to test and challenge any theory. However the current norm amongst this lot is to defend their precious theory at all costs, including their scientific integrity.

  2. The other slush fund set up by Gillard to support sympathetic climate change scientists, of which Karoly and Gergis are members!

  3. I am trying to picture a Karoly gate, is it like a broken gate or a climate gate, water gate , a star gate, toll gate, or a possible AWU gate? Just curious.

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      Shirl, I think it might best be described as being a Karollary to Climategate.

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      Alternatively Shirl you think of it as a matter of spin, simply a function of the Kariolis effect.

      • Ah!, “spin” the art of running around in ever decreasing circles thus achieving entropy .

        • Bob in Castlemaine says:

          Yep, pretty much Shirl. Conservation of momentum could achieve that, but the increased angular velocity may also result in a diminished ability to maintain balance.
          Taken to extremes spin could certainly result in detachment from (or being off) the planet?
          As to the question of entropy, you best consult Richard Lindzen on that one.

        • Thankyou Bob I needed a good giggle this morning,cheers

  4. Leslie Graham says:

    What a crazy blog.
    You know, 15 or 30 years ago those who have taken the sacred vow of climate change denial might have been excused due to their total ignorance of the science.

    These days they just sound completely bonkers.
    Get help guys – the world has moved on from this rubbish.

    [REPLY – Have you actually read anything here, or are you just trolling? Hmmm…]

    • Go to “skeptical science” and you should feel right at home with john crook and his ill informed accolites of the church of global warming, Leslie.

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