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Climate porn

It’s that time of year again. The climate wonks all disappear on a carbon-fuelled jolly to a six-star hotel to work out how to save the planet, and the leftard media spew out acres of climate alarmism to help The Cause.

No media organisation does this better than our very own ABC, a clone of the once-great-but-now-shite BBC.

Here’s their latest serving of climate porn:

The latest snapshot from climate scientists has found the planet is on track for a 4 to 6 degree Celsius temperature rise by the turn of the century.

As United Nations climate talks enter their final week in Doha on the Persian Gulf, scientists are increasing the pressure on governments to do more to cut the discharge of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

The Global Carbon Project report, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, has calculated that emissions rose by 3 per cent last year, and 2.6 per cent this year, despite the weak global economy.

Pep Canadell from the CSIRO was one of the lead authors of the report, and says the growth in emissions is shocking.

“Our analysis showed that by the end of this year, 2012, global emissions from fossil fuels are set to reach an unprecedented amount of 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide,” he told AM.

“Just to put this thing in perspective, this is 58 per cent over 1990, which is the Kyoto Protocol reference year, and growing at about three times faster than they were growing during the 90s.

He says on current trends, governments globally will have no chance of averting dangerous climate change.

“We are now following perfectly on track of the emissions path that will take us to anywhere between 4 and 6 degrees by 2100, if we don’t do anything different from what we are doing now,” he said. (source)

But despite emissions growing faster than ever, temperature rises have slowed to a crawl in the last decade or so. A six degree rise by 2100 would require a 0.7 degree rise every decade from now until the end of the century. What happens if we splice this on to the current temperature chart?


Not only that, but this graphic uses temperature trends since 1995, if you take the trend since 2001, it’s even less. You would have thought, if CO2 were the main driver of global temperatures, that accelerating emissions would result in accelerating rises in temperature, but in fact it is precisely the reverse.


  1. Streetcred says:

    Pep should start feeling out a change of career towards the middle of next year or sooner … whichever comes first ! Hint, Pep … don’t bother with a psychic career.

  2. It’s like they’re looking at an oven which shows the dial turned up, but neglecting to notice that the power has been cut off. They really can’t be any more moronic.

  3. they so grovel in their own bile with glee.

  4. If a refridgeration company runs out of their regular refridgerants they use Co2.

    The wine industry uses Co2 to produce wine. The vents for the Co2 to escape are at floor level. How does Co2, which is heavier than air, get to the upper atmosphere to heat it after it’s been used as a substitute refridgerant and demonstrated to be heavier than air by the wine industry?

    Co2 warms the planet? doubt it. Co2 scam? absolutely. And the longer it is used as a mask for some form power aquisition, the closer we get to a repeat of the early 1900’s.

    The USA’s Government spending is circa 42% of GDP. Revenue is circa 24% How in the name of Gods mathematics is this to continue? Guess what?! It Wont! cause it can’t. It will stop!

    Fiscal cliff? LMAO they’re already over it!

    There is a storm of circumstances lining up here, and no-one’s preparing the life rafts.

    Think blaming a particualr coutry’s ills on world bankers, think eugenics. These two elements were part of wider campaign to whip up a ferver of beleif strong enough to move an entire population into action.

    At some point that ferver of beleive may arrive again. It just needs a few more elements to line up. Demonstrated failure of the Global Warming hypothesis, along with all the wasted opportunities for resources, may, along with other circumstance tip that ferver over the edge, into action.

    Lets hope not, cause it wont be pretty. When whole populations have their backs to wall, after world financial markets realise their is no where to run, it can get ugly. At this point it may not be a good idea to admit to being a “Green” Shirt.

  5. This year it is no longer the last conf – so its good, real good

  6. So Kyoto Mark I failed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, despite signatory nations pumping billions of dollars into green schemes and introducing carbon dioxide taxes and Greg Combet wants to sign Kyoto Mark II because …. ???

  7. This is just the beginning. There’ll be more and more of this as the observational evidence continues to look worse and worse for the “believers”. As they bec0me desperate, the claims, predictions and pseudo-science will get more ridiculous each n every time. Eventually we will reach a ‘tipping point’ indeed – where the claims get so ridiculous that even Dazza and Shazza in the outer burbs as well as Libby and Sebastian in their designer inner-city townhouse willstart to switch off.

    You can already predict what the IPCC 5AR is going to say cant’ we?… will be more shrill, dire and apocalyptic than ever…..and of course will be accompanied by the classic, well worn line “its worse than we thought”.

    And all the while, temperatures continue to flatline (and have done since 2003), and could quite possibly commence a multi-decadal decline in a matter of years. Perhaps deep down and secretly, this is what the climate clique are worried about – that the temperature drop will commence before they can ‘claim it’!!

  8. Ian L McQueen says:

    Pep Canadell wasted no time getting an article on this into the Melbourne Uni posting “The Conversation” (try “”).
    I posted a comment, but it has vanished. I am hoping that it was not one of the four times that I read “Comment removed by moderator”. I have found that The Conversation is heavily leftist, and their articles call for comments to try to put them back on the correct track!


  9. Ian L McQueen says:


    Carbon dioxide will mix with the air with a bit of agitation from wind, convection, Brownian movement, etc. Don’t be fooled by its greater density.


  10. Greetings to all from Canada.
    I follow events in Australia closely and can tell you ALL pubic TV and Radio broadcasters sing from the same alarmist sheet. In Canada it’s The CBC. In the USA it’s PBS.In The UK good old Aunty BBC. All of them are going full tilt on the doom and gloom, were all going to die reports. It doesn’t help that the Lame stream media are like lemmings and can’t wait to jump of the cliff with the alarmist. Fact checking and basic story line research is a thing of the past for these socialist ensconced no nothings in the leftist media.

  11. Betty Whiffin says:

    Dohahahahaha. (If not so serious) . An excuse to fly here, there and everywhere by planes speewing out pollution, have a talkfest which will change nothing at all. An excuse to live it up with all the luxury accommodation, dinners, spread out for kings with plenty of drinks. (Just see the last summit – talkfest – with Obama and Gillard sitting down to a sumptuous meal which struglling families drooled over. ) Greed is at the bottom of this scam – live it up while the poor get poorer and the rich get wealthier. The climate has changed since the world began and humans are like a grain oof sand on the beach and can do nothing to change it. Anyway where are teleconferences? There is no need to pollute the air with aeroplane fuel, pay billions to stay in luxury hotels, and gorge oneself. on caviar, champagne, oysters and roast pig (do Muslims attend?) and all the trimmngs for a talkfest which will do NOTHING to change the climate. That’s nature’s job.

  12. Toscamaster says:

    Dr Canadell is an employee of the CSIRO. He was a Member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Fourth Assessment Report).
    A friend recently gave me a copy of Graham Williamson’s book “Loss of Independence and Integrity – The decline of the CSIRO and the agendas behind that decline”.
    I recommend the book to all who are interested in the validity of this report and hence of Dr Canadell’s utterances.
    Williamson’s 53 page book (plus a bibliography with 198 references) is available at
    With Graham’s permission, for those who would prefer a hard copy of his excellent book I suggest you send him an email at
    I found the hard copy good for reading on public transport and for making notes as I read.

    • Toscamaster, Dr Garth Paltridge put out a little book (111 pages) titled “The Climate Capers” in 2009. He was a Chief research Scientist with CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research and more. He writes about the corruption of CSIRO and science in general. You can get it from ConnorCourt Publising (

  13. [snip – sorry, but we’re not engaging in debate on “Sky Dragons” on this blog – Simon]

  14. When I hear all the ridiculous warming stories on ABC lately, I can’t help but swear and change the channel.
    I have to come to this website for the antidote – thanks.
    You really get to the heart of the matter – almost all these people are personally gaining from this warming hysteria.

  15. The Loaded Dog says:

    “Here’s their latest serving of climate porn:”

    Climate deviates like Gore and Flannery just love their climate porn. They liaise with fellow pornsters, quite often on public broadcasters..or public toilets (much the same thing really) then disappear into the cubicles together releasing all that pent up chakra…

  16. Just when you think the scare stories can’t get any worse we get this tripe.

    “The planet is on track for a 4 to 6 degree Celsius temperature rise by the turn of the century”.

    In a few years that will read 6 to 8 degrees Celsius whilst Europe and most of the northern hemisphere is totally buried in snow.

    Here’s a tip guys, when your in a hole stop digging.


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