UK Climate Madness: Two billion pounds just pissed up the wall

Pissed up the wall, flushed down the pan. The result’s the same.

Words. Fail. Me.

Britain yesterday pledged almost £2 billion in “climate aid” to help finance foreign projects including wind turbines in Africa and greener cattle farming in Colombia.

Each household will contribute £70 to schemes to tackle climate change in developing countries before March 2015, under plans championed by Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary.

Conservative MPs were furious last night at the scale of the bill, which was unveiled as George Osborne prepares to announce a series of tax rises and spending cuts in today’s Autumn Statement.

Lord Lawson of Blaby, a former Chancellor, also criticised the “appalling waste of money” at a time when household budgets are already squeezed.

Senior Conservatives were also dismayed at the timing of the announcement, but Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, hailed the cash as “fantastic news”.

The disclosure is sure to provoke anger among hard-pressed families, who increasingly see foreign aid and green energy as among the lowest priorities for Government spending in the current financial climate.

I bet all those Brits who are struggling to pay their ever increasing power bills (thanks to Green madness) will be delighted to know that their budgets will be even further squeezed thanks to heaps of cash being siphoned off to third world countries (thanks also to Green madness). At least some MPs are rightly furious at this:

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP for North East Somerset, said the spending was “an absolutely classic example of waste” that should be stopped at a time of austerity.

“All I can say is a fool and his money are soon parted,” he said. “But it’s the British taxpayer having to pay for this absurd expenditure. We know wind farms are all but useless and nobody wants them in England, let alone Africa.”

Glyn Davies, a Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, also criticised the level of climate aid spending. “This can’t be the priority for spending when the Coalition government is trying to create jobs and reduce the cost of living,” he said.

“It seems difficult to understand how we can justify this when energy is a huge cost for so many of our households and businesses.”

Peter Bone, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, said he thought the spending was “absolutely crazy” at a time when public services were being cut. (source)

Madness. Sheer madness.


  1. Sounds like somewhere else we know, does it not?

  2. Well said. It’s a drop in the ocean of waste though. 287Bn of public money has been pissed up the wall in the (failed) endeavour to keep the price of carbon creds up.

  3. £2 billion (or $3 billion Australian dollars) equates to £70 ( or $107 AUD)

    Australia has delivered almost $600,000,000 to the same fund, which equates to almost $80 AUD (£52) per household, using ABS statistics.

    There’d be more than a few elderly Australian pensioners who’d welcome that amount as a Christmas bonus to put towards electricity bills, but you won’t hear anything about this from Julia Gillard when she talks about lowering power bills.

    It’s not just the Brits who’ve gone stark raving mad!

    • Betty Whiffin says:

      “Words fail me” too. The amount of money spent on this farce is disgraceful. Waste, waste, waste on a NOTHING. You are right Baldrick, Australia has also “gone stark raving mad” This is not government money it is taxpayers’ money. I am elderly and now, having contributed to the economy for 60 years, cannot even benefit from the dental scheme and am finding the cost of living and medical expenses getting beyond my means. Scrimping and trying to save electricity and everything else to cover the cost of livng.

  4. Here in the UK we have an argument going on whereby Multinational companies such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google are seen (legally) to have managed to pay relatively small sums of tax by conducting their finances to mitigate this liability.
    Frankly why anyone here would wish to pay more tax to the UK government to see it hosed liberally around the State urinal is beyond me.

  5. We can do better. Gillard loves pissing contests.

  6. Pissed off and I’m not even British, when will this madness end?

  7. H. Brooks says:

    Well, what can we say. We are going down the pan the same as the UK. We’ve got to get this government out a.s.a.p

  8. Bryan Harris says:

    Yes – here we are expecting to be squeezed even further by the necessity to balance the national budget, while the idiot socialist lemmings in government follow the UN mandate to pay for our past success by bankrolling mad schemes abroad that will do nothing but make middlemen rich!

    When is the world going to realise, that it is insane socialist dogma that got us into the mess the world is in – pursuing more dogma is not going to help in the least!

    Our world is sick – that is clear for most sane people to spot, but how many recognize how bad its actually gotten – too many see this as just “politics”…. but as the socialist lemmings roll the dogma out further to create more chaos and suffering, you can bet even more ordinary people will welcome the UN becoming the New World Government, just on a promise to escape the existing madness – Fat chance!

  9. We all know that when we donate to charities like World Vision most of the money doesnt actually get to where its needed.
    Its a pretty safe bet that most of this money wont make it to third world countries. We all know who will really get the money.

  10. There are least 2 nutty things going here. First, the waste of cash. Then the craziness to think that putting tech as complex as wind farms into third world countries is going to leave them with anything working in five years tops. Wind farms cost a packet to build and cost a packet to keep running. Who is going to pay for all the ongoing maintenance ? Better to build a dam.

  11. I feel sick.

  12. Off topic but- Alf – on the ABC today said it well – “henny penny has escaped from the coop” I intend to use it. Accuse me of plagiarism if you wish, I am admitting it here. (I also foreshadowed my plagiarism on the ABC’s “the drum”, but they wouldn’t print it, would they?)

    Hat tip to “Alf”.

  13. Agreed; yet perhaps these are the steps required to awaken the world to the gigantic fraud initiated by the greens and promoted by the media. Read Kids Before Trees, get it at

  14. When will it end? When polite society stops being polite and takes a couple of weeks to eliminate these people from power and from this world.
    I personally can’t wait for it to happen.

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