Photograph high tides 'to prepare for climate change'

(Image © Ray Laine – Flickr)

Just the latest in a long line of initiatives to prepare us all for the impending armageddon. This time it’s the “Witness King Tides” project, which describes itself thus:

We need coastal communities around Australia to take a photo or two as part of the Witness King Tides project. Your photos of the king tide will build a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise for our communities and help track the future impact of climate change. 

Sea level rise will impact our coastal communities in the coming years and it is important that Australians are informed and engaged on this issue. Witness King Tides is a fun community photography project that helps us visualise the potential future impacts of sea level rise and current risks today.

Having this visual collection of images could help us be better prepared for a future where sea levels are higher than they are today. If we can envisage future change, we can plan and prepare for it now.

The project is run by environmental/humanitarian organisation Green Cross Australia, supported by, amongst others, the notoriously moonbat Sydney City Council and the alarmist CSIRO.

Only problem is that sea levels appear to be slowing slightly over the last decade, if anything, and not accelerating. And if they’re not accelerating, they are never going to reach the projected 90 – 100 cm by 2100.

As with projections of temperature increases of 4 – 6 degrees C, the sea levels had better get their skates on if they are to rise by nearly a metre in the next 88 years. This would require sea levels to rise of over 5 times the current rate of 2.3 mm/yr – consistently for the next nine decades.

My advice: enjoy the photography, and forget about climate change.


  1. More of the same eh …
    I now carry a copy of this around on my android tablet:

    Magenta is observations. Flat.
    Blue is IPCC-endorsed modelling.

    • I knew there was a good reason for getting a tablet, android or otherwise!

      • @ Kathleen: ” … good reason for getting a tablet …”

        Yep – my original motivation was having something out on construction sites that I can easily keep charged, but it is proving handy when attending workshops etc and getting into discussions about CAGW 🙂

  2. Richard Abbott says:

    How come we have King Tides when we have a long reigning Queen??

    Sorry could not resist joining the silly season….

  3. I got a good idea. Let’s all take pictures on a sunny day and pretend it should be raining … then we can pretend its documenting climate change … then we can pretend to be alarmed … moronic!

  4. High tide is the new low tide.

  5. already done ti with 2012 a bit less than 2011, the highest in 20 years or so.

  6. Toscamaster says:

    In the 12th century, when human sources of CO2 were plentiful because of the burning of witches at the stake (sarc), King Canute was wise enough to set his throne by the sea shore and command the tide to halt and not wet his feet and robes. Yet (refer Wikipedia) “continuing to rise as usual [the tide] dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person. Then the king leapt backwards, saying: ‘Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.’
    Canute tried to command the tide of the river to prove to his courtiers that they were fools to think that he could command the waves.
    Queen Julia should try the same publicity stunt. Move her lounge suite to the beach at Altona and announce, to the glee of ABC reporters that, because she has been so wise as to bring in a Carbon Tax and move her lounge suite to the sea shore at Altona, the seas will cease to rise.
    When will she smarten up and show her minions such as Greg Combet, Tim Flannery and all the alarming, fawning, faux climate scientists that moving her lounge suite to Altona Beach is equally as absurd as her Carbon Tax. Neither cannot and will not stop the tide from rising.
    It’s the SUN and the MOON Julia!!!
    And besides: Don’t rescind this absurd tax and the wise Australian public will dispatch you and your Party to long-term political oblivion as soon as you give us that opportunity.

  7. thingadonta says:

    This could actually backfire, as many old photos show there has been little rise in high tides since many years ago.

    I grew up on Sydney harbour, and water on King Tide in December each year just lapped onto the front grass lawn, by just a few centimetres. The highest level tide each year hasn’t changed from the highest level mark since 35 years ago, same level exactly.

  8. Dennis Cutting says:

    I’m nearly 70 years old and still go fishing to places I went when I was a youngster ,still have low tide ,neap tide and high tide and still seems the same to me. I can not say the water height is any different in the last 60 years. If measuring a New Year king tide can convince someone the world is drowning then I have seen a lot of them and they go back down. Can one of the alarmists answer this,if the oceans rise wouldn’t they run into the center of Australia and give us more beaches instead of drowning Sydney ?.

  9. Does anyone else remember the Christmas Holiday camping holiday of our childhood? When the big Christmas spring tides would lap onto the grass of the caravan park/camping ground where we stayed from the adjoining river. Low jetties were flooded. Was just part of what happened. Happened every year. (30-40 years ago)
    Yet this phenomenon will be cited as evidence of rising sea levels and pointed out to gullible youth who will swallow it hook line and sinker…

  10. Betty Whiffin says:

    What rubbish
    1. Years ago we had a boat house in Sydney with walkway to the boat. When there was a king tide the water would cover the ramp completely and reach the ceiling of the boathouse!
    2. Spent holidays with grandma in her lakeside house at Terrigal. The ocean washed into the lake and we used to go fishing in the lake. Now
    it takes minutes to cross the sand from the mouth of the lake to the ocean!
    Seas rising – don’t think so!

  11. I just gave them a few on their Facebook page, I wonder how long they will stay up? I copied the page just in case.

  12. Baz te Hira via Facebook says:

    Those are tides, not sea level rise.

  13. Mike Weston via Facebook says:

  14. Mike Weston via Facebook says:

    those are projected temp rise compared with actual recorded

  15. Rick Simons says:

    The climate may or may not be changing. Most likely it is since it has changed from warm to cold to warm many times since the dawn of time. To say that man made co2 is causing current climate change and that in turn is causing the sea to rise is total fabrication. It is the biggest lie foisted upon man in world history. In the US we recently sent a man named Bernie Madoff to prison for a con he pulled bilking multi-millions of dollars from investors. His con compared to that of the climate change promotors is like comparing a drop of water to the pacific ocean. It is sad to see governments such as Austrailia sacrificing hard earned tax dollars to this big lie. Just ask someone in the climate change industry to provide you with a peer reviewed scientific study that shows man made co2 is causing changes to the climate. Similar to what other people have mentioned I have been going to the beach and tidewater areas for more than 50 years and have witnessed no evidence whatsoever of rising sea level.

  16. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    This is presumably the sort of photo we should be snapping, just as the late John Daly did.

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