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Cook takes his bat and ball home...

Not playing any more…

Thanks to everyone who nominated this blog again for the Bloggies – this time without any cajoling from me. Now Jo Nova’s been kicked upstairs, as it were, to the Best Science Blog category, I guess I may be in with a shot!

Laugh of the week was once again thanks to John Cook over at Un-Sk Ps-S, who threw a bit of a tantrum at being nominated in such filthy company as WUWT and Jo Nova, and promptly flounced off and “withdrew”. He then proceeded to write a pompous and self-serving article to his disciples wailing about how unfair it all was:

In an inversion of reality, the Science and Technology category is dominated by anti-science blogs that post conspiracy theories about the scientific community, deny the full body of evidence and reject the scientific consensus. The fact that 4 out of 5 science finalists are anti-science demonstrates that the integrity of the Bloggies Award has been compromised. I, like any pro-science blogger, am not comfortable with the notion of competing for an award that has previously been won by anti-science blogs.

Cook uses the term “anti-science” no less than nine times in the space of just four paragraphs, each time revealing his lack of understanding of “proper” science, as opposed to propaganda, which is the stock in trade of Un-Sk Ps-S.

In fact, it is Un-Sk Ps-S that is the only genuinely “anti-science” blog in the line-up, because it isn’t sceptical at all. Cook never acknowledges the uncertainties surrounding any area of climate science, and thus reduces his site to pure dogma. He’s abandoned the “question everything” concept of science and is simply spreading environmental spin. And the only option for him is to smear those who dare do what he can’t (or won’t).

And, of course, we all know the real reason he withdrew. He’d lose.


  1. Keith Levet via Facebook says:

    John Cook is sooooo pathetic. If he really thinks that WUWT etc are anti-science then perhaps he can give us a logical scientific rebuttal of the various points they make…

  2. I voted for you. And really enjoyed Cook’s “I’m taking my ball and going home” tantrum. Good luck.

  3. Baldrick says:

    The John Cook memorial trophy award for 2013, awarded to Un-Sk Ps-S!

    Good luck with the Bloggies Simon … you got my vote.

  4. stamper44 says:

    Thanks Simon
    they don’t like people trying to keep them honest; or at least show up their lies.

  5. Next year can we organize a new category “The Most Pathetic Blog” or “Braindead Blog of the Year” or maybe just “Flush It” John should be a comfortable winner in any of those.cheers

  6. I had considered throwing a bit of a “hissy fit” myself over the final nominations because, in the first round, I had voted for Cook’s blog in the ‘Humorous’ category and he didn’t make it through: the Bloggies have clearly been rigged, as Cook appears to claim.

    ACM will get my vote.

    Welcome back from your Big Oil – funded vacation . . . . 8- )

  7. Welcome back, hope your sabbatical went well.
    Missed your very entertaining and educational posts.

  8. Confusious says:

    Cook is what one can call “Stalinist Scientist” propagating the Great Wizzard AlGore’s and his “Mini Me” Flannery’s dogmas. There was recently also a flurry of CSIRO scare mongering publications. I guess that as the comrades start feeling the chill of September 15, they try to squeze out from the Red Haired Queen and her Court Jester Swanny last drops of taxpayers’ money.

  9. I notice sooky Socialists of all shades cant be reasoned with, as such, they will whine and whinge and carry on like petulant children……best to ignore them.

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