Migration complete

A few teething troubles!

A few teething troubles!

After a number of teething troubles, we are now back online at WordPress.com. As before it will take a while for the DNS settings to propagate, and the site can also be reached at:


which will be more reliable over the next few days.

Thank you for your patience during this process!


  1. were you not able to use wordpress to host but still have your domain name as per: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/

    • Yes, you will be able to use australianclimatemadness.com once the nameservers update. At the moment, I’m redirecting everything to the wordpress domain – I will switch it over in a day or so.

  2. To add the new ACM Worldpress site to your iGoogle homepage via RSS:

    – Log-in iGoogle.
    – Click on “Add stuff”
    – Click on “Add feed or gadget” (located on the left of screen)
    – Insert the RSS Feed URL: https://australianclimatemadness.wordpress.com/
    – Click on “Add”
    – Return to the iGoogle Homepage, you should now be able to see the new Gadget. Click on the top-right small arrow, and then on “Edit settings”.

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