Another farcical day in the Gillard government…


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Rather than trouble themselves with the petty concerns of the lumpen proletariat, the Canberra elite carried off another spectacular day of navel gazing, as Julia Gillard once again called for a leadership ballot after a senior minister, Simon Crean, poked the hornets’ nest earlier today.

Even lefty Lenore of the Silly Moaning Herald can’t say much in Labor’s defence:

One thing the Labor Party is supposed to be good at organising is a political assassination. Even their opponents assumed that.

Before the Labor caucus even met on Thursday afternoon the Liberal Party had released an ad featuring the man who triggered the showdown – Simon Crean – bagging out Kevin Rudd, obviously preparing for the return of the former leader. The tag line… ”Labor, it’s a farce”.

After this debacle, with an election just six months away, the Rudd ”camp” must surely be folding their tents. 

But the Liberals didn’t know the half of it. When the caucus met, the plotters found they didn’t even have a candidate. This wasn’t farce, it was a comedy horror show like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Labor’s political dysfunction had reached levels unprecedented even for a party that has spent much of the last three years tearing itself asunder.

Its dysfunction was so profound it had to scramble on the floor of the House of Representatives to win crossbench support and avoid a no confidence motion – which would have precipitated an early election – all because of a leadership challenge that never happened.

It had to stare down the no confidence motion against the Prime Minister in the Parliament when everyone knew it was considering an internal no confidence motion against her in the caucus room just hours later.

The former leader Crean had to call for the leadership ballot before Rudd had agreed to be a candidate in order to try to sway some undecided votes because the party had been bogged in leadership dysfunction ever since the last showdown over a year ago.

Reversing the normal situation where the incumbent has to be blasted out of the job, in the modern ALP people apparently have to try to blast a challenger in.

This rabble would make a busload of pissed clowns look by comparison like the House of Lords.

An election cannot come soon enough. Time for the cross-benchers to pull the plug – finally.


  1. Baldrick says:

    This government has become an absolute shambles and a joke … what a farce.

  2. Julia Gillard once again called for a leadership ballot – Thank God she won – she is easily the most detestable, monotone hateful lying SOB in the history of western governments. It’s going to joyful to watch her and her lousy ALP party sent to the desert for 20 years. Do I dislike her ? What gave you that impression!!!!

  3. Bananaman says:

    If the Labor MP’s had any brains or forethought, they should have pushed Crean into the leadership. He would have drawn the “line in the sand” wound parliament up and called an election straight away. Its not a case of Labor being able to win the election, but limiting the losses. Crean has no direct connection to either of the previous PM’s and could have broken the link and swept the decks clean. Instead the Labor MP’s have chosen to go down with a sinking ship that has trashed the brand for the next decade.
    My real worry is the opposition goes all wishy washy on us when they get into power.
    Removing the carbon tax is one thing, but they need to trash all other “climate change” programs, and get rid of the climate commission.

  4. What a crazy day!

  5. I am cracking up here, even though my wife and I are /were strong labor voters, I used to and still joke with my wife about Julia Gillard is in the house,
    when Gillard took Rudd down the way she did, I thought wow, what are we in for?
    A woman in the house and leader of it, hmmmm I can imagine now that the guys in the house will be to scared to disrupt any thing she says, as most guys are pretty easy going , including our politicians, this time they would not want a woman telling them they are anti woman.

    As she has taken over and kept the house I can not see any woman giving it up, this has been what woman have done for years,
    I have been married 3 times and my other 2 ex wives were like Julia Gillard, great house keepers, Julia is not going to give up the house without a fight.

    It seems this is what is happening and every one I talk to about the labor part has swung towards the liberals even my wife and I, my misses thought that Julia was trying to get the woman’s vote 2 or 3 weeks ago and said to me, no way am I voting Labor, they have lost me.

    Problem is the liberals are going to win with a huge majority and they are going to be able to push laws in with no opposition, the only thing is is Tony Abbot is to me not a strong leader and this will not help labor voters to vote for the liberal party, yet if the liberals change the leadership to some one likable to the public they will fly in with a huge amount of labor votes

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