Climate Commission’s emotive alarmist blackmail

You just need to take a close look at this image to see all that’s wrong with the government funded propaganda mouthpiece the Climate Commission. It has been annotated with some ACM comments:

Propaganda, alarmism and blackmail

Propaganda, alarmism and blackmail

Planet’s been here for four and a half billion years, yet this microscopic blink of ten years is critical, right chaps?

Read the whole sorry thing here – and see if you can find any reference to the divergence between models and reality. Most of it is just a cut-and-paste job from IPCC AR4. This is where your tax dollars are going. Aren’t you glad?


  1. People don’t have as short memories as the ALP might think; the 1990’s were supposedly a critical decade, as were the 2000’s. We’ve passed so many “tipping points” it has become boring for the public at large.

  2. Simon Colwell says:

    This is something straight out of the Simpsons episode “Mr Lisa Goes to Washington”.
    A lobbyist is convincing a congressman to log Springgfield Forest and shows him tow artists renditions of what the forest will look like if it remains unlogged and what it will look like if it is logged:

    The map of Springfield National Forest is labelled, “Springfield, USA.”

    The pre-logging picture included two vultures perched menacingly, and
    a deer crushed under a fallen tree. Stupid old-growth trees…

    J. D. Baldwin {jdb} notes that “the post-logging forest picture had
    several cute animal scenes, but my favorite was the frogs playing
    leap-frog.” It also contained a rabbit and raccoon sharing a spot of
    tea, using a tree stump as a tea table.

  3. where is the “modelling”,,hahaha..its beyond parody..

  4. Baldrick says:

    With any luck these so-called scientists at the Climate Commission, will be out of a job after the election in September. But I’m sure some other Government funded organisation will snap.them up so they can keep their snouts in the climate trough!

  5. Green peace Inc must be over the moon that the Australian Govt just published their latest sensationalist press release and have footed the bill to promote and market it. How can I get them to promote my business for nothing as well.

  6. Turtle of WA says:

    They have used a picture of a child – a newborn infant (already crawling in the picture) to cover up the lack of warming, both literally and figuratively, with this graph. Literally, by covering an graph that looks right up till 2000, disappears behind the child and then follows the models. Figuratively, by using the symbol of a child to create an emotive, sentimental distraction from the lack of actual warming.

  7. Jim Kress says:

    Each decade has been the “critical decade” for the past several decades. It appears the CC definition of “Crtitcal Decade” is every one where they don’t get their own way – but the consequences are ALWAYS a decade away.

    Astrology does better than these charlatans.

  8. Coastal Col says:

    The Climate Commission is self fullfilling – it is pumping so much BS the metthane MUST be effecting the climate!

  9. Manfred says:

    I rather think the ivory tower occupiers of the Climate Commission have become so self absorbed that they have successfully and inadvertently discharged both barrels of a double barrel shot gun into their left foot.

  10. A Marine says:

    For the Climate Commission, five words: have a nice day, buddy.

  11. uhavitbad says:

    Can I please see the $$$ side of the scale.

  12. Man Bearpig says:

    hmmm White sky, blue clouds, that’s good ??

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