Climate Commission’s latest report slammed as ‘environmental activism’

The Climate Commissioners on their days off...

The Climate Commissioners on their days off…

Tell us something we don’t already know. The Climate Commission has got nothing whatsoever to do with impartial, free-thinking scientific enquiry. It’s sole purpose is to regurgitate government climate policy, couched in pseudo-science and alarmism.

Monday’s “Critical Decade” report, which claimed that there is a one-in-two chance that there will be no humans left on the planet by 2100, has been rightly exposed as extremist environmental propaganda:

THE mining industry has lashed out at the latest Climate Commission report, labelling it taxpayer-funded environmental activism that would devastate the Queensland economy.

Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Mitch Hooke said the report, which called for an end to most coal mining, crossed the line from scientific analysis into environmental campaigning.

The report warns that unchecked climate change would hit hard at Queensland’s biggest industries: mining, cattle and potentially tourism, through impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics.

Climate Commissioner Will Steffen said an orderly transition had to be made from most fossil fuel use such as coal if the climate was to be stabilised this century.

Mr Hooke said extreme green groups had promoted an end to the coal industry in a secret campaign called Stopping the Coal Export Boom.

The document outlined a plan to eliminate the industry and he wanted to know why a taxpayer-funded agency with a charter that demanded scientific rigour was following the same approach.

Professor Steffen hit back, saying there were no conspiracies [Conspiracy? Quick, where’s Loon-dowsky when you need him? – Ed], he had not heard of the campaign and his organisation had no contact of any sort with conservationists.

“If he’d cared to read the report [Sarcasm, lowest form of wit – Ed], he would find pages of [alarmist] scientific references in it [and none that challenged the consensus],’’ Professor Steffen said. “(The report) is based on the [fudged and fiddled] science and consistent with what the International Energy Agency says, what the Grantham Institute says and what (economist) Lord Stern says.

“It’s well understood in investment and science communities [both of which are making shed-loads of cash from the climate scare].’’

The stopping coal document, which is sponsored by Greenpeace, Coalswarm and the Graeme Wood Foundation [remember to boycott] and is available on the internet, says its strategy is to disrupt and delay key projects while eroding support for coal mining.

Mr Hooke said there would be severe economic consequences if coal mining ended but no tangible environmental dividend.

“Eliminating the Australian coal industry would reduce Australia’s GDP by between $29 billion and $36 billion per year,’’ he said. “It would reduce Australian jobs by almost 200,000 and reduce income to the Commonwealth by $6 billion.’’ (source)

But that’s OK, because the activists’ quasi-religious duty to ‘save the planet’ trumps everything, including common sense, apparently.


  1. Michael says:

    Would it be possible to get a list of all the organizations run by these green lunatics so we know who we should avoid giving our business to? I have already boycotted and I’ll never set foot in a Kathmandu store.

  2. Baldrick says:

    The Climate Commission are truly delusional. Knocking off $36 billion from Australia’s GDP and costing 200,000 jobs, not to mention the flow on impacts, would save the planet by 0.0038 degrees.

    “Victoria University climate scientist Professor Roger Jones has calculated that if the rest of the world did not act and Australia reduced emissions until 2020, then did nothing else, Australia’s policy would knock 0.0038 degrees off the global temperature rise by 2100.”

    … and they expect us to take them seriously!

    • manicbeancounter says:

      That 0.0038 degrees is made on, at least, the following assumptions:
      1. The climate model sensitivities are about right.
      2. The theoretical effectiveness of policies (carbon tax, carbon trading) is correct.
      3. The policies are optimal in theory. There are no fudges and compromises through bargaining or lack of understanding that dull the effectiveness.
      4. Policy implementation is properly project managed to drive through the benefits (reduction in emissions) whilst containing the costs.
      If there was a genuine problem with global warming, the last thing you want is people running the show who sensationalize, creating panic and alarm.

  3. thingodonta says:

    Perhaps the biggest danger to the Australian and world economy is inbred, government sponsored climate alarmism. This would not be new.

    No different really to the Aztecs and Mayans, who long ago learned how to promote such climate scares on the people thousands of years ago; the biggest danger to people then was either getting physically sacrificed to try and change the climate, or having their land and farming confiscated by the state, also to try and save the climate. Humans sacrificed for climate (usually children or foreigners as they were easier targets, but also political adversaries) was also a convenient way to remove people who might potentially threaten the system.

    At least we have moved on from sacrificing people to try and change the weather, but the climate alarmists still manage to peddle their similar mindless climate alarmism. Periodic climate scares throughout history are largely a bureaucratic phenomenon, rather than a scientific one.

    • Nice analogy with the Aztecs and Mayans. You might be wrong about ‘having moved on from sacrificing people’, though. Both Germany and England had an increase in winter mortality rates in recent years. The more so because some people get caught between the choice of eating a bit better or staying warm, due to the ridiculously increased cost of renewable energy expenditures pushing utility rates sky high. There is your true ‘hockey stick’ right up the old bum, as you people like to say.

  4. @ Michael,
    Don’t worry about Kathmandu, Jan Cameron sold it for $250mill, which has bankrolled her ventures into GoLo, Sam’s Warehouse, Chickenfeed and Crazy Clark’s discount stores.
    Woods has been the Australian Greens biggest donor with $1.6m
    Cameron has donated $45,000 to the Labor party for green tinged reasons.
    (figures from Crikey)
    Cameron and Woods purchased Triabunna native wood chip mill, to be converted to an eco-lodge at a later date.

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    Commonsense, really!

  6. Alastair says:

    A worthwhile exercise is to look at the share holdings in wind “farm” companies.

    And to investigate any contributions to, say, tertiary institutions from any such companies.

    The “global warming” industry with its faux science is a necessary foundation for such companies.

    Let’s hope a new government will root out the answers very soon and get rid of the creeps who are holding Australia to ransom.

  7. @ Michael,
    Don’t worry about Kathmandu, Jan Cameron sold it for $250mill, which has bankrolled her ventures into GoLo, Sam’s Warehouse, Chickenfeed and Crazy Clark’s discount stores.
    Woods has been the Australian Greens biggest donor with $1.6m
    Cameron has donated $45,000 to the Labor party for green tinged reasons.
    (figures from Crikey)
    Cameron and Woods purchased Triabunna native wood chip mill, to be converted to an eco-lodge at a later date.

  8. A Marine says:

    Why don’t these hate-filled greenies just say what they really think? They want a world where there are no human beings left.

    Me? I want a world where all of the billions have food, reliable energy, education and democracy. But hey, I’m an evil climate change denier.

  9. Well I’ll be just flabbergastered, cant anyone be reasonable and use reliable realistic information and if possible nearly facts rather then exagerated guestimated dreamed data and ideas from Hollywood.

  10. William Baird says:

    Very scary stuff. The whole world envies the Australians their carbon tax. The Climate Commission is clearly an unbiased, well informed body. The graphic worries me a little – it is designed for pre-school toddlers to understand.

    If Australia believes this then all coal mining and export from Australia should stop RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, regardless of cost. The Government are hypocrits by allowing this.

    If the UK is prepared to give up electricity, fridges, warmth in winter, etc. then surely the Aussies can do without the earnings and jobs.

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  12. uhavitbad says:

    The pencil pushers have no problem turning coal into graphite.

  13. Let’s consider some facts. Is the Arctic warming? Yes, like everywhere else, with a long-term trend for 500 years rising out of the Little Ice Age at the rate of about half a degree per century, due to turn to cooling at least within 200 years. But is there a hockey stick? No.

    In fact the Arctic is no hotter than it was in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

    Is there a super-imposed 60 year natural cycle that caused all the alarm during the 30 years of rising prior to 1998? Yes.

    But it’s all natural – every bit of it. And it’s nothing whatsoever to do with carbon dioxide, radiative forcing, back radiation, greenhouse effects or any such travesties of physics.

  14. David Meade says:

    This typifies what the green eco-nazis want us to believe! Luckily the so-called consensus isn’t as consensual as they’d like to think!

    I’d recommend further reading on this very topic at the CanDo website “Suggestions” page – a very interesting trawl through the “Bob Carter Meme”! It will have the greenies running for the hills!

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    Same BS….different country. It is a damned lie, no matter where you are!


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