The 97% Consensus

The climate Consensus isn’t that 97% of climate scientists or papers worship at the altar of the warmist religion, as Cook ‘n’ Lew would have you believe, kind of like the old Whiskas advert (“8 out of 10 owners, that expressed a preference [that proviso added by the lawyers, clearly], said their cats preferred it”), but is in fact…

… that 97% of climate models are wrong. In fact, it’s nearly 100%. Epic fail.

That's the only consensus there is…

That’s the only consensus there is…


  1. I was one that always realized it was more about earth worship than climate. I saw a recent show on quantum mechanics.. the guy in the know stated that the current state of computer technology is completely unable to predict climate. More like parlour game ouija boards than technology.

  2. uhavitbad says:

    I remember when a kid could do it.

  3. Baldrick says:

    In another 60 years, people will look back at the global warming science in the same way as they look back to this 1950’s ad:
    More Doctors smoke Camel than any other cigarette. “Your T- zone will tell you. T for taste. T for throat.”

    “C for climate science. C for crap.”

  4. manicbeancounter says:

    Climatology is a young science. Or at least from the aspect of computer modelling. But with 25 years of experience, one would have expected some increase in predictive skill. In fact, for hundreds of millions of dollars of funding, any other research area would expect quite substantial increases. But the outturn does not seem to have changed much in that time. Instead the excuses have got weaker.

    • uhavitbad says:

      Environment Canada blames their pathetic forecasting on, ” the weather is confused.”

  5. Macattack says:

    A bit off topic but, latest reports show a really good globalwarming(TM) dump up at Threadbow. Should be a cracker globalwarming(TM) season this year. With massive dumps of fresh powdered globalwarming(TM) at most of the main globalwarming(TM) fields. I want to go up and go globalwarming(TM)boarding this year but need wheel chains due to all the globalwarming(TM) piled on the road.

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