ABC’s one-sided bushfire analysis

Groupthink at your ABC

Groupthink at your ABC

ABC’s 7.30 Report tonight focussed on the effect of “climate change” on bush fires.

So they invite John Connor, alarmist from the Climate Institute, who essentially agreed with Adam Bandt, alarmist from the Greens, who essentially agreed with Don Henry, alarmist from the Australian Conservation Foundation, who essentially agreed with Andy Pitman, alarmist from UNSW, who essentially agreed with Don Henry (again), who essentially agreed with John Connor (again).

The sole dissenting voice, allowed just 45 words out of the entire segment, was Climate Change Minister Greg Hunt, who managed to sneak in this:

“No-one, no-one should be politicising these bushfires and I would say that respectfully to the gentleman in question.”

Quickly rebutted of course. No sign of anybody to question the four alarmists, whose assertions were unchallenged.

And who says the ABC is infected with groupthink?



  1. Connor’s drivel repeated on Reuters, along with some irrelevant nonsense about carbon pricing.

  2. So if the Greens hadn’t opposed the ETS the fires would never have happened… therefore Adam Bandt has blood on his hands…

  3. cogdissonancedagain says:

    And there wuz me wondering how Tony A could readily offload this rabble to bust a bit of debt when gruesome reality intruded.
    Apart from Fairfax (who might yet still have a last thou or two to pony up), there’s no one else in the whole wide world who’d want it, and that includes Clive Palmer

  4. And not so long ago these bushfires would have been blamed on mankind’s sins – oh, wait, nothing’s changed!

  5. Alfred the Great says:

    Mr Abbott, please do something about this rogue government enterprise, the ABC. We are sick of listening to Grommunist (Green-Communist) propaganda paid for with our tax payer dollars.

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