UN: NSW fires are “paying the price” for carbon



UPDATE: It is pointed out, quite correctly, that a 0.8 degree increase in global temperature isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference to bushfire frequency or intensity. Any such change would be swamped by the effects of ongoing failures to properly manage bushfire risk and draconian restrictions on clearing imposed by, er, the Greens.

More utter nonsense about the NSW bushfires, this time from the UN’s Christiana Figueres:

The executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, says the fires prove the world is “already paying the price of carbon”.

“The World Meteorological Organisation has not established the direct link between this wildfire and climate change yet, but what is absolutely clear is that the science is telling us there are increasing heatwaves in Asia, Europe and Australia,” she told CNN.

“These [heatwaves] will continue. They will continue in their intensity and in their frequency.” (source)

Steve Goddard shows the idiocy of this kind of claim:

UPDATE 2: A couple of Tweets to La Figueres:


  1. “The World Meteorological Organisation has not established the direct link between this wildfire and climate change yet …”

    In other words, if somebody comes up with enough money, they’ll quite happily establish a link!

  2. thingadonta says:

    “there are increasing heatwaves in Asia, Europe and Australia”

    I’d like a raincheck on that. I wonder if ‘getup’ does fact checks on this.

  3. The “greenies” who push the carbon = climate change blame also push the restrictions of back burning and forest clearing during non emergencies letting bushfire fuel reach uncontrollable levels which result in more dangerous fires… there’s your link.

  4. I’m yet to read or hear a sensible answer to the question: How can there be too much carbon on a carbon based planet?

  5. Whatever you do people Never ever, ever, ever vote to make council Government, this is the green light that will allow these, Indoctrinated UN, psyhcopaths, into your backyards and homes! NWO BS !

  6. I love the Prime Minister’s comment about this today. Yes, bushfires aren’t a very nice part of nature, but they’re a part of nature all the same. Well, that’s what I’ve been led to think all my life.

  7. uhavitbad says:

    I’m from a northern clime, and when I camped in Oakland, California, and burned Eucalypts bark for the first time, it was like burning oil soaked coconut husk.
    You have some fiery plants. And the Greens policy; Let it pile up.

  8. What’s wrong with NSW ? If anything temperatures are coolder than they should be.


  9. Perhaps its time to start suing for damages against those who obstruct life saving practices of practical fire risk reduction of off-season back burning.

    Once we see a few greenies coughing up 100K+ to people who lost their homes becasue of the greenie agenda of not backburning, we’ll see how long that idea lasts.

    When you have populations in a bush area, you cut fire breaks, you back burn and you take sensible practical steps to allow people to live within the environment. We chlorinate water, we wash our hands to stop disease, we have sewers. Its all allows humans to safely live within their environment.

  10. I wonder if the 11 year old who lit the bush fire in sydney will say “climate change made me do it…”

    Add that to Donna L’s list.

  11. Christiana Figueres needs a job and by creating fear mongering that climate change lit the fires in NSW, she gets to keep it longer. Ignoring the fact that the Military and their explosives testing and the 6 or 7 kids that have now been caught lighting the fires I feel pretty sure that big mouth Christiana Figueres is desperate to keep her job. Pull your head out of the sand Christiana Figueres and get a real job, become a fire fighter..

  12. William Hughes of the Commonwealth of Australia says:

    Get Figueresed, you UN Climate Clown.

  13. Pete of Perth says:

    Get Out Of Our Lives you UN-elected Leach.

  14. Small point!
    Back burning is carried out in the face of an oncoming fire, a defensive practice.
    Fuel reduction burning is carried out during the year to lower the impact of an eventual fire, hazard reduction.
    The greens have, until recently, prevented fuel reduction burning leading to more devastating fires.

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