Skeptical Science bombs again…

Dumb and offensive

Dumb and offensive

The morons at Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science have developed a “widget” for blogs, which purports to show the energy accumulated by “global warming” since 1998 in terms of the new Un-Sk Ps-Sc unit of energy, the  “Hiroshima bomb” (Hb).

In a desperate attempt to scare people, who generally will not have any idea of the huge amounts of energy involved in  atmospheric heat transfers, the widget claims 4 Hbs-1 accumulating in the atmosphere due to AGW, and gives a running total. Quick, panic!

Well, not so fast, because the Sun, our life giving star, obliterates Earth with no less than one thousand Hbs-1. So the horribly scary 4 per second now seems rather tame, doesn’t it?

Apart from the callous and thoughtless tarnishing the memory of the thousands who died at Hiroshima, it just goes to show how low the headbangers at Un-Sk Ps-Sc will sink to peddle their tawdry brand of alarmism.

More here at WUWT (which provides the calculations).


  1. Lew Skannen says:

    OK. So to summarize the genius’s at SS have created an app which increments a number by four units every second.


  2. So this is the new face of global warming?

    John Cook et al. should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for peddling such alarmist clap-trap … and this from a website that purports to examine the ‘science’ of global warming with a never before heard of unit of measurement – (Hb) the Head-banger!

  3. thingadonta says:

    Why don’t they use units of 1x household heating in high latitudes? That is, how much heat it takes to make a house comfortable for houses north and south of ~35 degrees from the equator, meaning less winter deaths, lower bills, and more freedom and time?

    And since the tropics haven’t warmed at all in the last few decades, (probably due to the dampening/endothermic effect of high amounts of water vapour in the air), it’s a win-win for everybody.

  4. Is someone keeping a record of all these dumb, anti-science quotes etc so that when the climate tells us what it is doing these irresponsible idiots can be outed and shamed?

    • Don’t worry, AJB, the internet is a great leveller. This and other sceptical websites will be around to remind these morons of every single word they uttered…in perpetuity!

      On the internet, everyone can you scream! Haahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa. (Sorry, having my Vincent Price moment there : I)

  5. luisadownunder says:

    OOps…! In space everyone can HEAR you scream!!


    Same message, different religion.

  7. Hah ha, bombed again!

    [snip – relevance]


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