Tasmanian turkeys vote for Christmas

Tassie's tied up in it…

Tassie’s tied up in it…

The Australian state of Tasmania is a wonderful example of what happens when you let the Greens get a grip on the levers of government. Unemployment spiralling upwards, and the economy spiralling downwards.

So what better way to make sure that Tassie disappears completely down the gurgler than to tie it up in yet more Green tape. That’ll fix it!

The Tasmanian Government has released a climate change strategy aimed at 100 percent renewable power usage by 2020.

The Climate Smart Tasmania plan includes energy reduction targets across government, land use, infrastructure, transport and waste systems.

The Climate Change Minister, Cassy O’Connor, says its the most comprehensive plan by any Australian Government to reduce carbon emissions as well as adapt to a changing climate.

The strategy sets a new interim 2020 target to reduce carbon emissions to 35 percent below 1990 levels.

Ms O’Connor says its about showing leadership on climate change.

“We now have in Australia a climate denialist Government that is taking us backwards on climate change” she said. [Thank f*ck for that – Ed]

“Tasmania here has extraordinary advantages with our Hydro power, with the carbon in our forests and we do need to show leadership; it’s also the economically sensible thing to do.” (source)

The Tasmanian climate change minister, Cassy O’Connor, must be smoking something pretty strong to write this with a straight face:

Climate change is the biggest challenge we have ever faced. After many decades of scientific evidence that the world is warming, governments and communities around the world are now taking action.

The Tasmanian Government, through this Strategy, has committed to take State-based action to address the climate issues affecting our State, to build on our low-carbon advantage and to ensure we meet our fair share of the global emissions reduction effort. While Tasmania’s emissions represent only 1.3 per cent of Australia’s national total, we still have higher per capita emissions than Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil and India. We are also noticing the impacts of climate change, such as higher average temperatures and more intense extreme events such as bushfires.

Let’s just do the math here: 1.3% of 1.5% (Australia’s emissions as a percentage of the global total) is less than one fiftieth of one whole percent. But the government is prepared to sacrifice jobs, standards of living, the economy, to make an utterly pointless gesture?

If you don’t believe it (which I didn’t at first), you can read about the miles and miles of Green tape here (PDF – 2.8MB).

Climate Madness.


  1. Low income Tasmanians spend 8% of their annual income on energy costs, forcing many into bankruptcy over their power bills, according to the Tasmanian Council of Social Services.

    “About 7,000 households are more than 90 days behind with their energy bills and the average debt is $800. The number of people on Aurora’s (Tasmanian Government owned electricity provider) hardship program jumped from almost 250 in the March quarter to more than 400 by June and more than 1,000 households were disconnected for non-payment last financial year.”

    No doubt the current renewable energy target (RET) of 20%, added to electricity bills is causing additional unnecessary financial pain. With a promise of 100% renewable energy by 2020, how many more Tasmanian families will be without power due to costs of ‘green’ energy.

    The Labor/Green Tasmanian Government coalition is a joke!

    • There are probably over a 2 million German households that cannot pay their energy bills; 700,000 are known to be unable to pay in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia alone (population approx 17 million). The worst living conditions are imposed on the poorest people, the most vulnerable.

      Such is Green Destiny: Mouldy, cold and destitute.

  2. I find it outrageous that the Greens in Tasmania are now trumpeting how they’ve got this clean Hydro power – I’m old enough to remember the bullsh!! they carried on with trying to stop those dams from being built. It was those same people who chained themselves to the earthmoving equipment to *prevent* the dams.
    In fact it was the “No Dams” movement that gave Brown and his fledgling Green party prominence.

    • I don’t think the current Greens have much in common with those who fought against the dams. Now it really seems like their interest in the environment is merely coincidental, whilst they push on with their social engineering agenda, to the detriment of many.

      Perhaps I am too cynical, but it appears that people like Adam Bandt and Sarah Hanson-Young use the Greens as a ‘flag of convenience’ to get their extremist views into the public arena, not because of any genuine concern or care for the environment.

      • Sceptical Sam says:


        Eco-socialist and Marxists all.

      • Nick as much as she denies it Sarah Hansen-Young has a lot of blood on her hands, these drownings, over 1500 now and no one knows the true number, deaths at sea of women and children due to them being lured into crossing a very dangerous ocean is the fault of the green labor alliance, just watch her squirming when that question is put to her, Oh no she says, the deaths are nothing to do with me! Nick they are quite happy to see these deaths happen and many more, while they pursue their worship of Socialism and the Green God. Sarah you do carry a good part of the blame and one day you will start to lose sleep of these lost persons!

  3. People get the Government that they ask for, and vote for, after all we are not Zimbabwe, so Tasmania is fully free to do what many other electorates around the world have done. They can fix this a rid themselves of the Green monster as the election is coming and the result is in the hands of the Tasmanian voters.

  4. Old Sailor Man says:

    “Let’s just do the math here” NO! NO! NO! We still speak English here!
    As for the Taswegians, let’,em freeze and starve in the dark for a while They chose this way.

    • Old sailor Man they are still our cousins and if they don’t rid themselves of these Green Idiots then we will have to send them food parcels, we will not be allowed to send them wood to burn for heat or to use to cook the food, as burning wood is bad, they will have to just eat the food cold. N

      • Charles Johnson says:

        They need to suffer a bit to make them realise how badly they have been gulled by the greens. Luckily they have plenty of timber down there they can burn to keep warm in the interim.

  5. According to this piece, Tasmania has significant literacy and numeracy problems too…

  6. Never forget – the IPCC’s climate change theatre is politics and economics, not environmentalism. Keeps everything else in perspective.

  7. These green warriors have lost what little common sense they ever had and also the ability to read anything written by others.Food parcels might be a good idea. One other thing to bear in mind is that when is becomes so expensive that life there is unattractivee they might all head to the mainland!!

  8. When Tasmania is bankrupt will become a territory?

    • I agree – let them feel the pain of pandeirng to Socialism, then when they wise up, they will throw the Commies out on their lards……

      Hope the whole world is watching when it happens.

      An example on how *not* to do things.

  9. ‘Climate change is the biggest challenge we have ever faced. After many decades of scientific evidence that the world is warming, governments and communities around the world are now taking action.’
    My guess is that the CO2 pea is hiding under the ‘scientific evidence’ thimble.

  10. bushwalker says:

    Ms. O’Connor was on target when she said:”Tasmania here has extraordinary advantages with our Hydro power, with the carbon in our forests and we do need to show leadership; it’s also the economically sensible thing to do.”

    Unfortunately that leadership requires building dams and harvesting lots of trees, neither of which the Tasmanian Greens have shown any enthusiasm for. As for an economically sensible Green, that’s a complete oxymoron.

  11. Cold. Poor. Miserable. Dull. Regressive.
    Green primitivisation in-action.
    The exodus of people leaves an insufficient population to sustain civilised society.
    Disastrous. Yes. But not if you’re Green. This is a goal. Gaia reset, preferrable bereft of most of humanity.
    Unintended consequence?
    I think not.
    Stop this dead, now. Vote them out while you still can.

  12. Blind Freddy says:

    Frightened little brainwashed dumbarses.

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