Five Holiday Gifts for Skeptical Science readers

Skeptical Science has suggested some “gifts for skeptics” (i.e. proper skeptics, that is), so in the spirit of Christmas, here are ACM’s ideas for the warmist in your life:

The SkS Shredder

Inconvenient data? No problem with this shredder. Just watch the Medieval Warm Period disappear. Forget having to change your models to fit reality, simply change reality to fit your models! Nothing could be easier!



Escalator News

Skeptical Science loves escalators, so why not buy that special person a subscription to Elevator World?


Fascinating reading!

“ELEVATOR WORLD is the premier publication for the international building transportation industry and has been publishing the latest news, newest innovations, imperative safety issues, current code requirements, events coverage and accessibility, legal and maintenance issues since January 1953.”

And don’t worry, it has plenty about escalators as well!

Print edition, just $125. Order here.

The Skeptical Science Consensus Calculator

Do you need to keep repeating the fake statistic that 97% of scientists agree with the consensus on global warming, when in reality the figure is barely half that? Well, now your troubles are over with the new Consensus Calculator. Specially designed, this clever device will ensure you only get the result you want, every time.

Easy peasy!

Easy peasy!

Karl Popper – The Logic of Scientific Discovery

Why not find out what real scientists do by reading on of the essential texts on the scientific method. A lot of this will come as a shock to Skeptical Science readers, so best read it sitting down. It’s even available on Kindle, so do yourselves a favour and work out the difference between science and propaganda.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride, folks!

A real page turner for warmists

And finally, to show that special person how much you care…

Yes, it’s the new I “heart” Lew mug. Lovingly crafted and designed, this gift will really send the right message…


Show him you love him…

Available from the ACM Cafepress shop here, a bargain at just $15.99.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Let me know when the “I luv Lew” toilet paper rolls are ready. They should be a big seller.

  2. Only the “Kool Aid Drinkers’ have ever just believed this AGW crap, so for those of you who don’t know where the ‘Kool Aid” reference comes from then here it is, When that lunatic murderer ‘Jim Jones’ of ‘Jones Town’ realized that his flock had worked out what a liar he was, that the jig was up, and a US Congressman ‘Leo Ryan’ was coming to end his reign then poisoned the ‘Kool Aid’ and he told them all that this was the way to heaven and everlasting Glory and to the end of their persecution, so he mixed the ‘Kool Aid’ whicj also means that he had the poison all the time, and all the true believers just drank their glass and died and just like Joseph and Magda Goebbels then they they gave their children a glass of “Kool Aid’ to drink as well, I have always thought that the Goebbels did it so that their children would not grow up to see the truth about the crimes that their parents had done but that is just me, it is said that many of the members of the Jones Congregation at Jones Town, well they refused to drink the Kool Aid so they were helped to drink their glass, tough guys held their noses and mouths open as they got their share, it will never be known how many of the Jones Town Flock drank their glass willingly and how many were helped so read this, or any of the masses of other Jones Town references and you will see that 909 did die.

    Me I don’t drink Kool Aid just because I am asked to drink it or I am told that it will be good for me, so I would be on the list of those who were forced, still I am not a moron who just believes crap that I am fed and I always want proof so I would not have been at Jones Town in the first instance however there are many ‘Kool Aid’ Drinkers everywhere who like Skully, well they want to believe, if there were not then there would be none one who actually buys the Harbour Bridge when the are offered it. I still remember an idiot lady scientist who was on TV begging that the public just trust their honest scientists as they know what is best for us, after all when have they got anything wrong, Bwahhahahahaha.

    I end saying that if you want 100 different opinions about AGW, or Climate Change/Global Warming, then to get that then all you will need is 100 of them in any one room, So I will not be drinking the ‘Kool Aid’ until they all agree, and this 97% lie, well only the ‘Kool Aid Drinkers’ ever believed that one.

  3. I am always surprised about how many simple typing mistake I make, and don’t see as I proof read, so that just means that I am a poor typist and a poor proof reader of my own work and I would rather be that than a ‘Kool Aid Drinker”

  4. Some good choices there Simon. Here’s a few others:

    Pay $10 for some obscure GPS coordinates to save the planet.
    Gift a Reserve Today Prevent Global Warming Tomorrow.
    Protect an Acre of the Amazon for Someone you care for. Just $10 protects (with specific GPS coordinates) “in perpetuity.”

    Pour in hot water and the oceans rise before your eyes.
    Heat Changing Global Warming Mug.
    An awesome global warming mug. Watch the coastlines disappear today!

  5. I have not seen any evidence that the 97% of scientists supporting mans involvement in climate change has been challenged. Could someone enlighten me please and show me where to look.

  6. Streetcred says:

    Nice prezzies, Simon … the Lew Mug should be in the shape of a toilet bowl 🙂

  7. How about butt plugs to reduce those dangerous methane emissions?

  8. My suggestion is a simple ‘CONSENSUS:WE’RE DOOMED’ t-shirt, cap & bangle ensemble. Should be popular at the tertiary education level, where it’s scary, infantile and unqualified message straddles all disciplines.

  9. A GIST Holiday Temperature Gauge – guaranteed good weather, every day hotter than the last – $50

  10. manicbeancounter says:

    I like to give more traditional presents at Christmas. My Grandfather had a set the 3 wise brass monkeys – “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”. Professor Lewandowsky seems intent on creating a contemporary equivalent.

  11. Barry Cullen says:

    “The “heart” Lew” and his picture need to be printed on a plastic stick-on for the back of the toilet, lew?, bowl not on a coffee cup.

  12. And if you miss Christmas, no worries, how about 1 April the latest paper showing the consensus is even more solid – yes it’s the first cooklew of spring!! Sorry!

  13. As I am myself 67 degree of York (Scottish) Rite in the Orange Lodge with Duke of York, [snip – relevance???]


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