Will this be blamed on “global warming” as well…?

More on the worst storm since the 1950s here.


  1. We all know that is is not Global Warming any more as now it is called Climate Change, as that is the only way that they can say that this type of cold is caused by the evil CO2, at least without having your pants on fire.

  2. … and in other news blamed on global warming – 2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever.

    “Tornadoes: ‘lowest total in several decades’
    Wildfires: ‘On pace to be the lowest it has been in the past ten years’
    Extreme Heat: The number of 100 degree days may ‘turn out to be the lowest in about 100 years of records’
    Hurricanes: ‘We are currently in the longest period (8 years) since the Civil War Era without a major hurricane strike in the US (i.e., category 3, 4 or 5)’ ( last major hurricane to strike the US was Hurricane Wilma in 2005)”

    Oops … that doesn’t fit the alarmist hype, so it’s just weather!

  3. manicbeancounter says:

    Don’t be silly. Of course it will be blamed on global warming. Global warming is supposed to make weather more extreme, so there will more outliers. What will be forgotten is that there should be far more extreme high temperature records being set than extreme lows. Their ain’t enough high temperature records being set for that to view to be credible.

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