Answer: Yes, it will!

Climate propaganda outfit Forecast the Facts posted this on Twitter:

Shame the picture is actually from a theme park in Japan… Pwned!


  1. Here’s another ‘fake’ tweeted picture of snow on the pyramids.

    ” … this is a genuine photograph of the Giza Pyramids but the picture is an edited version of a much older picture, which shows the pyramids and outskirts of Cairo without the snowy covering.”

  2. Regardless of the picture, they’ve scored an own goal by admitting the climate has become colder.

    No-one (of any note) “denies” climate change anyway; alarmists changed the language only to hide the fact that the climate is not becoming warmer as they “predicted”.

  3. Astonishingly cringeworthy!

    Something to sorely test the commitment of the CAGW disciples.

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