The ABC’s Charter

Leans to the Left

Leans to the Left

Pinched from Biased-BBC and tweaked remarkably little:

  1. The BBC ABC is an institution that must always be part of the public sector & funded by the licence fee taxpayer,
  2. Any criticism of the BBC ABC is simply the result of politicians attempting improper influence,
  3. High public expenditure is good: the public sector is preferable to the private sector, which by seeking the profit motive, is inherently evil,
  4. Margaret Thatcher John Howard was an evil woman man whose policies ruined Britain Australia [and Tony Abbott is likewise an evil man whose policies will ruin Australia]: BBC ABC spokesmen should, wherever possible, use the word “Thatcherite Howard Era” disparagingly and contemptuously,
  5. The Murdoch empire is inherently evil and must be shown to be such at every opportunity, The Guardian, Observer and Independent The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald are fine newspapers, whereas the others are beyond the pale.
  6. Left wing comedians such as Jeremy Marieke Hardy, Mark Steele, David Mitchell and Jo Brand Catherine Deveny, the Chaser Boys and the team from The Hamster Decides are to be hired as much as possible by the BBC ABC: the more obscene and offensive their output, the better the BBC ABC likes it,
  7. Christians who openly wear a cross are suspect (Israelis are similarly suspect) whereas Muslims must always be granted craven levels of deference,
  8. High levels of immigration are good, and anyone seeking to limit uncontrolled mass immigration is racist,
  9. The EU UN is ” A GOOD THING” and people opposing it should have their views ridiculed and disparaged,
  10. Global warming due to man’s activities is a fact: it cannot be disputed,
  11. Public and Grammar Private schools are inherently bad whereas comprehensive public schools are inherently good. Failing comprehensive public schools do so because of lack of funding, political interference or being located in areas of deprivation: however their failings can never be blamed on the teaching profession,
  12. The state must always protect all people from any harm or misfortune irrespective of cost to the taxpayer, or their behaviour.

One more added in the comments:

  • No government was in power between 2007 and 2013. All the bad things happening to Britain Australia are entirely attributable to the Tory-led coalition after 2010 Abbott government since September 2013 or to Thatcher Howard (see 4 above).

And one of my own:

  • A highly doubtful story about a conservative politician allegedly punching a wall in the 1970s (but which nobody actually saw) will be afforded widespread and continual coverage, whereas a well documented alleged fraud of union funds in which a bunch of Labor goons appear to have been in it up to their necks, and which is currently before the courts, will be suppressed as not being newsworthy.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments!


  1. If it wasn’t about Australia, it’d be really funny! The only thing I find surprising here though, is that Marieke Hardy is labeled as a comedian, but ‘Laid’ was quite funny in its own odd way I guess…

  2. Any weather or natural disaster event will be reported in a way that links it to catastrophic global warming. Even if it is just another random weather or natural event

  3. Catherine Deveny a comedian? Who knew?

  4. Diction shall be 2nd generation ethnic.
    Here is the news, from the Aye BC.
    Aye woman forced to live on the verandah of a house at an Alice Springs town camp for more than a year will soon have a plyce of her own to live in, after launching a challinge in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.
    A pitcher of the home is on the Aye BC website. Monica Jarra, twenny-ite, began an action agaynst the Housing Department on December twenny last year after her applicytion for a house at Hoppy’s camp was rejected.

  5. On the day Australia regained The Ashes, the 6pm ABC radio news must NOT mention it. The 7pm ABC TV news may refer to it, but only in the Sport section at the end of the bulletin. Melbourne’s minor rent-a-protest brawl with Victoria Police must be the lead story.

  6. Julia Gillard was the Mother Theresa of Australia, but Catholic hating Abbott destroyed her by telling the Truth.

  7. The in-house list of precocious and voluble left wing academics must be continuously updated for interview purposes.
    A sample batch of soft-ball questions should remain permanently attached.

  8. ABC…A Bloody Catastrophe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A few years back the BBC changed it’s constitution so that it ONLY has to cover the “consensus” side of any subject area / debate. Did the ABC do similar?

    Such a change is admission of bias, no other conclusion is possible, and niether can any company that adopts such a position ever be able afterwards to claim to offer balanced coverage / reporting.

    It is deeply saddening (but expected…) that the issue has sunk without trace in the UK, from what I see, if ABC has done similar, then it will not go unnoticed in Aussy I hope.

  10. A Murdoch owned newspaper that was caught hacking phones is reason to conclude all Murdoch papers are evil and need to be shut down. A BBC show that was a front for a protected peadophile ring that has victims going back for 40 years is just one of those things that happens. Boys will be boys afterall.

    • AlpBC - traitorous organisation says:

      “Hacking” should not be the term used for the minor incidents that occured. All the journo’s did was dial the manufacturer’s default password to the voicemail. Not saying this is the right thing to do but in the manual for any phone the manufacturer provides the default number (same for all phones) and recommends that the owner changes it straight away upon commencing using the mobile communication device. Problem is that most people don’t follow the instructions, thus leaving their phone messages available to anyone and everyone to access. It was as simple as that. “Hacking” implies clever breaking of an electronic lock. What went on was simply walking through a door that was wide open.

  11. Climategate was illegal, wrong, and perpetrated by extremists, yet Snowden, Manning, Assange et al. are heroes, and are seen as innocent victims of oppressive regimes…

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