‘The party’s over’ for IPCC

Now the cleanup begins…

Now the cleanup begins…

It’s sure been great (for the climate rent-seekers and hangers-on, that is), but now it’s over.

Maurice Newman, in The Australian:

What we now see is the unravelling of years of shoddy science and sloppy journalism. If it wasn’t for independent Murdoch newspapers around the world, the mainstream media would be almost completely captured by the IPCC establishment. That is certainly true in Australia. For six or seven years we were bullied into accepting that the IPCC’s assessment reports were the climate science bible. Its chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, told us the IPCC relied solely on peer-reviewed literature. Then Murdoch papers alerted us to scientific scandals and Donna Laframboise, in her book The Delinquent Teenager, astonished us with her extraordinary revelation that of 18,000 references in the IPCC’s AR4 report, one-third were not peer reviewed. Some were Greenpeace press releases, others student papers and working papers from a conference. In some chapters, the majority of references were not peer reviewed. Many lead authors were inexperienced, or linked to advocate groups like WWF and Greenpeace. Why are we not surprised?

The IPCC was bound to be captured by the green movement. After all, it is a political body. It is not a panel of scientists but a panel of governments driven by the UN. Its sole purpose is to assess the risks of human-induced climate change. It has spawned industries. One is scientists determined to find an anthropogenic cause. Another is climate remediation. And, naturally, an industry to redistribute taxes to sustain it all. With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, this cartel will deny all contrary evidence. Its very survival depends on it. But the tide is turning and Mother Nature has signalled her intention not to co-operate.

In the meantime, childish personal attacks on those who point out flaws in IPCC reasoning and advice only increase scepticism. They are no substitute for empirical evidence and are well into diminishing returns. The party’s over. (source)


  1. Hmmm, there have been a number of these kinds of articles in the press of late, however, I fear that the phrase “the party’s over” may be a little premature, in fact it may be as wrong as saying “the debate is over”.

    The “dark side” has enormous resources at it’s disposal, and has much more to gain from conning the general populace, which , after generations of “science/industry is evil” Hollywood movies, is only too willing to believe the worst (unless it means having their their iPhones taken away from them).

    In fact, I’ll believe “the party is over” line when we see a Hollywood blockbuster released exposing the scam for what it is – now, how likely is that?

  2. I wish I could share Maurice Newman’s belief that the end is nigh for the climate warmanista’s.

    True, the wheels are starting to fall of the climate band-wagon but somehow I think they will not give up without a fight.

    When you have a mixture of progressive-politics, pseudo-science, quasi-religion, extreme-activism, bed-wetting and hand-wringing, that’s one hell of a behemoth to give in so easily.

    • Old Sailor Man says:

      You forgot the major element in the mix…….other people’s money in staggering quantities.

  3. This clean-up would go a whole lot faster if Aunty was spayed. What an opportunity for leadership. Go Tony!!

  4. What kept you Newman? and the rest of the so-called media.
    An indication of how powerless the Chairman of the ABC really is.

    The media is the problem and remains the problem.
    No journalists left only PR spin doctors who would sell their grandmother for a dollar.

    We need an internet shame file for all the people who have been part of this fraud.
    Then put them in the dock for obtaining money via deception, lies.

    Time to stop talking – do something.

  5. I wish it were al over for the IPCC, but my UK MP gives me no impression that anything has changed as regards the governments attitude – they still think the warm sun shines out of their ******

  6. “The IPCC was bound to be captured by the green movement.”

    *snicker* — This presume that such was not factored in right from the start.

    The carbon-credits trade is a billion-dollar a day swindle. It’s why the entire thing exists in the first place. (The greenies are just useful idiots along for the ride.)

  7. Will J. Browne says:

    Childish personal attacks on the IPCC are no substitute for empirical evidence and are well into diminishing returns.
    The uninformed opinions of a Murdoch-paid shill are no substitute for empirical evidence.
    Referring to shoddy science and sloppy journalism without providing any evidence of either is a sign of sloppy journalism.
    A journalist sucking up to his boss is a sign of sloppy journalism.

    • Will J. Browne says:

      Working for Rupert Murdoch is a sign of sloppy journalism.

    • Firstly, you’re right, “shoddy science” isn’t the right phrase when referring to the use of non peer-reviewed material and what amounts to propaganda from lobby groups. It’s not a practice even remotely associated with real science…

      Secondly, Maurice Newman isn’t a journalist, and hasn’t, as far as I am aware, ever claimed to be one (though am happy to be proven incorrect if he has).

      Thirdly, can someone really be a shill if they are, as you claim, being paid by the company/corporation they are supposedly being nice about? How do you know Maurice was paid for this piece by NewsCorp anyway? I’m not defending the man, as I don’t know him at all, I just dislike ill-informed comments like yours, and feel the need to say something.

    • Will considering all the ways that the IPCC has lied and been deceptive then they deserve all that they get, and then some more after that, CAGW is a lie, we know this as there has been no global warming, it has not happened, the seas have not risen, the IPCC are a bunch of self serving liars who have use so much no peer reviewed and student work that they all should wear paper bags on their heads when they go outside, all they are worried about their place at the feeding trough.

      ps, as soon as anyone puts some supported real science on the table then I will read it so feel free to do that, if you can.

  8. “Childish personal attacks”

    Like this one against Murdoch journalists?
    “Working for Rupert Murdoch is a sign of sloppy journalism.”


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