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Alarmists ice bound, like Chris Turney

Given that this is in the Silly Moaning Herald, we can expect at least five articles over the next week, from the usual suspects, all rubbishing Tom Switzer’s piece and lashing him with predictable ad homs.

But at least the chai-latte-sipping, sandal-wearing, yoghurt-knitting, muesli-chomping, inner-city, urban-Green readers of the Silly will be exposed to a different point of view (for once) …

Contrary to media stereotypes, many so-called sceptics – such as Abbott, John Howard, Maurice Newman and this writer – recognised that the rise in carbon dioxide as a result of the burning of fossil fuels led to moderate warming.

But because we questioned the doomsday scenarios and radical, costly government-directed plans to decarbonise the economy, we were denounced as “deniers”.

Those days are over.

Thanks to Abbott’s forceful critique of Labor’s ETS/carbon tax, and the persistent failure of the carboncrats to reach legally binding global agreements, Australians have risen up against this madness.

At last, there is recognition not just that there are at least two sides to every story, but that when sophisticates seek to shut down debate, it amounts to an attack on the public interest.

That is why the anti-carbon zealots have become so defensive. The game is up.

The idea of climate mitigation – carbon taxes, cap and trade, channelling taxpayer subsidies to wind and solar power – destroyed the leaderships not only of Malcolm Turnbull in 2009 and Rudd in 2010, but also of Julia Gillard and Rudd (again) last year.

And although the Coalition’s approval ratings have declined since the election, polls also show that opposition to the carbon tax remains high.
Last year’s Lowy Institute survey said that only 40 per cent (down from nearly 70 per cent in 2006) think climate change is serious and requires action.

And yet, despite this changing (political) climate, Opposition leader Bill Shorten still opposes the repeal of the carbon tax.

If Labor’s divorce from the Greens is genuine, he should support the PM’s legislation, lest he meet the same fate as his fellow deniers [sic] and become a laughing stock.

Hilarious! The sub-ed’s brain, soaked with incessant green dogma, was so used to slagging off the sceptics that he subconsciously replaced “alarmists” with “deniers”. LOL, as they say.

Read it here.


  1. Labor and the Greens are not divorced and they are not thinking about divorce, they are not even having a trial separation, no one should forget that they need each other to get elected, Rudd would have lost his own seat without the Green preferences, so all the talk of divorce is a lie, they have stocked up on the edible body lotion as well as the edible underwear, and as soon as the Tasmanian election is over they will be back at it again in the Apple Isle, and don’t go picking on Bill over his refusal to abandon the Carbon Tax as that means that the ALP are unelectable, so I say stick to your guns Bill, not a step backwards. N

  2. “But at least the chai-latte-sipping, sandal-wearing, yoghurt-knitting, muesli-chomping, inner-city, urban-Green readers … “ Simon, you forgot basket-weaving.;)

  3. For some strange reason the Union heavy-weights are full of Greenies ( think United Firefighters Union national secretary Peter Marshall – who is a member of the Australian Council of Trade Union executive ) who trumpet the alarmist call any chance they get.

    Shortens leadership of the ALP relies on support from the Unions, thus he can’t abandon the carbon (dioxide) tax without getting the Unions offside, so he will ultimately go the same way as his predecessors Rudd and Gillard.

    The ALP have learnt nothing from the last six years of failed government and so they will be destined to the opposition benches for some time to come.

  4. “But at least the chai-latte-sipping, sandal-wearing, yoghurt-knitting, muesli-chomping, inner-city, urban-Green readers of the Silly will be exposed to a different point of view (for once)”

    A thoroughly enjoyable flambé of adjectives that pefectly describes the dazzling cognoscenti of the Silly cafés. Chattering frivolity that takes itself sooooo seriously darhling. Thank you.

    The pure essence of a tipping point.

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