Sick: Disasters good for putting climate on agenda: Figueres

EU parasite

UN parasite

This EU UN parasite should be sacked. Perhaps she should visit the wrecked homes and businesses of those flooded in Somerset or on the banks of the Thames.

Those disasters had little, if anything, to do with climate change (chronic lack of dredging in Somerset – probably because of some moonbat environmental diktat, and the Thames had worse flooding in 1947 when CO2 was ‘safe’), but that doesn’t stop Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of UNFCCC, scoring tasteless and offensive political points out of others’ suffering:

Figueres said: “There’s no doubt that these events, that I call experiential evidence of climate change, does raise the issue to the highest political levels. It’s unfortunate that we have to have these weather events, but there is a silver lining if you wish, that they remind us is solving climate change, addressing climate change in a timely way, is not a partisan issue.

She added: “We are reminded that climate change events are for everyone, they’re affecting everyone, they have much, much longer effects than a political cycle. Frankly, they’re intergenerational, so morally we cannot afford to look at climate change from a partisan perspective.” (source)

‘Silver lining’? Witch.


  1. Roger Dewhurst says:
    • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

      Thanks, Roger, for the link. I added to the praise being heaped on her:

      Not a figueres clue says:
      March 10, 2014 at 3:46 am
      What are you doing, Christiana, to reduce your own bloated “carbon footprint?” You are as bad as Prince Charles, Al Gore and Bongo from U2. What a bad joke on the rest of us you hypocrites all are.

  2. Amr Marzouk says:

    Parasite indeed.

  3. Ross Stacey says:

    When will Abbott stand up and lead the country to sanity. Now more than half the population believe CAGW is untrue. If he stood up and told the nation we were not going to follow the IPCC any more he could weather the storm of protest from the Greens and the ALP and be a real leader.

  4. Simon Colwell says:

    That bitch should be publically flogged.

  5. D o u g    C o t t o n    says:

    I do my putting on the greens.

  6. manicbeancounter says:

    Stephan Lewandowsky has often claimed that we sceptics have a motivated denial of “climate change”. The evidence for this is either non-existent, or grossly exaggerated.

    For those who follow the underlying story of the floods on the Somerset Levels in the UK, this is a failure of EU and UK Government policy. The rainfall was unusually high, but the rivers had not been dredged. Also, based on Met Office long-term forecasts of a slightly-drier-than-average winter, part of the levels were flooded to help re-generate the natural wetlands. It ceased to be natural wetlands when the area was first drained in the C17th.

    There is a strong motivated reason for Christiana Figueres to blame flooding “climate change”. It is due to a motivated denial of fact the “enlightened” EU and UK Government policies have caused great harm.
    James Delingpole has a summary, with plenty of links for those interested in exploring further.

    I have had, since the age of 8, an interest in the history of Britain. One of the features of the Thames Valley in pre-Roman times was one of wetlands, due to an extended flood plain. Londinium was sited on a slightly raised area. Later draining provided rich, alluvial soils for farming. Extreme rainfall causes flooding.

    On the subject of history, many will have heard of Alfred the Great. He was a ninth century Anglo-Saxon King of southern England, who fought successfully against the Viking invaders. In doing so, he helped create England as a country. In the Winter of 877/8 his fortune’s were at a low ebb. He retreated to a raised area in wetlands called Athelney and strengthened the iron age fortifications. It was here that the apocryphal tale of Alfred being scolded for burning the cakes arises. Athelney is in an area called the Somerset Levels. Enlightened EU and UK Government policy has been sending the area back to the Dark Ages.

    • Had Alfred burned the cakes these days, he’d be berated for excessive CO2 emissions, and told how he should “think of the children”, not to mention causing actual carbon pollution on said cakes…

      • Streetcred says:

        Be assured that the last thing I think of is the socialists’ children … all that this scam will achieve is the entrenchment of their socialist apparent ‘right’ to other peoples’ hard earned prosperity.

  7. There are now a number of disparaging comments on Ms Figueres’ wordpress page. Unlike most alarmists, it doesn’t look like she has any gatekeepers.

  8. Well, when you get caught out lying about climate as often as Figueres does, it must be a relief to be able to lie about weather for a while instead.

  9. Will J. Browne says:

    If you want a good example of a sick attempt to score tasteless and offensive political points out of others’ suffering try reading Simon’s take on the disaster in Tacloban in this site: Typhoon Haiyan: ABC’s hysteria vs realists’ calm. It’s a lot more distasteful than someone legitimately pointing out that a disaster may help to raise awareness of its underlying causes.

    [REPLY: I beg to differ. Haiyan was seized upon by the alarmists as evidence of “global warming”, a conclusion that could not be supported by any evidence. The socio-economic effects dwarfed any climate change influence. My article was simply a response to that.]

    • Will J. Browne says:

      If you think your response to Tacloban wasn’t distasteful, but you can somehow take umbrage at what Figueres said, then you’re a complete and utter hypocrite. .

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