‘Vote of no confidence’ by the Great Unwashed

Isn't that treason?

Isn’t that treason?

Not quite sure where their lessons in the principles of democracy ended up… Probably on the rest of the educational scrap heap, along with reading, writing and arithmetic, to make room for sustainability, Aboriginal and Asian studies. All thanks to the Left’s cultural infiltration of our schools.

If you check the various photos of the event carefully, you will see all the far left extremist rent seekers that you’d expect (Socialist Alternative, Greens etc), mixed in with a smattering of the anarchy symbol and, of course, the inevitable ‘F**k Tony Abbott’ – charming. Where are the leftist media with their outrage at that? Missing in action, of course. Compare and contrast with their treatment of the far less offensive “ditch the witch” slogan.

But here’s a clue, for those pictured and all the rest who took part in these tawdry demonstrations: there was an election in September 2013. The Coalition won it by a thumping great majority (yeah, it happened, get over it). You will have your chance to vote them out again in 2016. That’s democracy. Until then, nobody cares what you think. Got it?

PS. And just to preempt the inevitable comparisons with the protests during the Gillard government, that was a minority government held together by a couple of independents. The proper course of action should have been to let the people decide in a fresh election, rather than cling on to power without any genuine mandate, as Labor did.


  1. They could gave had their march in March an any week day as none of them will have a job. N

    • Really? That’s a pretty low blow as well as being completely incorrect in most cases. Yes there was professional protestors, greens, students and mothers with children there, but there was also professionals, union members and many other employed people concerned about the direction Australia is heading.

      • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

        No, it was only people who live in Adam Bandt’s yuppie public servant electorate.

        • How uninformed you are. Of an estimated 100 000 Australia wide, 30 000 marched in Melbourne. Even if every single person from Melbourne met your ridiculously incorrect stereotype, that would only be 30% of protestors. Where else could 100k people march and have no media coverage? Does this seem biased?. Maybe you should start to question what you know.

        • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

          Yeah, that was in Melbourne. Mutatis mutandis other venues.

  2. There wasn’t an original thought, placard or chant amoung the lot of them

    • does there have to be? They were protesting for known causes such as retaining the carbon tax, gay marriage and equality, protecting jobs and caring for the weak etc. Many people believe in the same things and are considering their families futures which is why so many were on the streets. There was 100x as many people out there than the ditch the witch rally so obviously THIS was not a rent-a-crowd.

      • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

        Put it another way, no-one in that crowd rents.

        • There was also many there with families who would also own their house like myself and most Gen-X protesters would have got in before the property ‘boom’. Again, your generalisation does not even remotely come close to the truth. The majority were actually hard working middle class citizens who are all turning against the Abbott government rapidly. Let me ask you, do you rent? do you own a house? do you have a job?. Your comments lead me to think otherwise.

  3. What I find fascinating about the “progressives” is that they have to hide behind masks. Gutless but have plenty to say to try to incite others to do their dirty work. Straight out of the great socialist manifesto.

    • I think it is understandable that respected professionals may believe in a cause but not be quite ready to be dismissed by their conservative liberal voting employer by publicly revealing their identity.

      Give it time though – If Abbott keeps down this path I think people will start to see their cause as being more important than their career. Those who think the protestors and uneducated and unemployed are in for a rude shock if the situation does not change.

  4. If only democracy also worked in South Australia. Let’s hope that yet-to-be-counted votes turn the tables.

  5. Streetcred says:
  6. Lew Skannen says:

    “a minority government held together by a couple of independents. AND SOME MASSIVE PORK BARRELLING”
    There. Fixed it for you.

  7. What would you expect from a protest organised by ignorant GetUp! sympathisers who, aside from 2 names, are too gutless to say who they are, and to take responsibility for the many trashy and derogatory placards on display – equally, if not more offensive than those used to complain about Gillard.

    For a group of people who are apparently so concerned about secrecy, and demand the right to be heard, the organisers do make it incredibly hard to find out any real info about them, and they also don’t allow any means of feedback, or questions on their site. Any remotely negative questions or comments on their Facebook site get deleted pretty fast as well – GetUp!’s version of democracy at work eh?

    What worries me though, is that people seem to believe the hype, in that it was billed as a protest about the standard of government, when it was nothing but an anti-Abbott smear campaign based on fear and, if not lies, then half-truths and misinformation.

    The fact that people hold up placards in public which say “we want our country back”, or “this government has to go”, just 6 months after our usual open, free, and democratic elections, is proof that the education system in Australia is woeful. North Korea just had what they laughably call elections, but I imagine the phrase “we want our country back” probably means something quite different to the average citizen there…

    I’m all for keeping the bastards honest, regardless of the political party, but this cowardly protest was not in the spirit of such endeavours.

    • Nick, The organisers requested that all of this offensive signage be taken down and they were. Basically they not only requested that people not bring offensive signs before the march, but also took responsibility by forcing people to take them down because they were not helping anyone’s cause. What I don’t get is why you are so aggressively against these protests and describe it as “cowardly”. I don’t disagree with much of what you have said above and elsewhere but you really do not give the impression that you are non-partisan with the strong language and harsh responses directed at me regarding comprehension which really isn’t warranted or inductive to civilised debate. I really cant understand what you are so angry about. An organisation (one of many who organised this by the way) which opposes Coalition policy organised a protest march and 100 000 people turned up – do you feel threatened?

  8. I find your remarks racist and degrading. Not all Australians where born with silver spoons in their mouths. The so called Coalition Government has shown it’s real colors. It thinks that by not being see or heard our troubles will go away. Never in the years that I have lived have I seen a more Ghosted Government. They hide in the pretense that if they are not seen then nothing is wrong. Take our Victorian Coalition Government, where were they when the Latrobe Valley residents needed them? Hiding in their City homes away from the ash and smoke! Their lack of an Emergency Contingency Plan was well shown, Yes they came to the Valley, but only after it was deemed safe. I’m at the belief that once voted to power they don’t give a sh*t about the people that put them there, and that’s all Politicians, they act like spoiled kids and get paid far to much. If they really want to help Australia out then they would cut their wages, not make the average Australia suffer through their greed. In my opinion they are all tared with the same brush, and only do the job for what they can get out off it.

    • Sean McHugh says:

      @ Danny Stevens:

      “I find your remarks racist and degrading.”

      Whose remarks? What remarks? No clues from the ramble that followed.

      What page are you on?

      • My guess is that Danny thinks a criticism of the government for scrapping basic education to make room for Aboriginal and Asian studies is “racist”. Note that Simon didn’t say there shouldn’t be any of the latter, so Danny is going off half-cocked.

    • Streetcred says:

      You bin’ smoking that bush, boy ? I think that you’re few years out of sync.

  9. sue dale says:

    these people are disgusting-it is my opinion that they will only hurt their cause-i listed to the leader of the marches being interviewed and he had no idea about anything-only hated tony abbott-such a fool

    • well you cant argue that some people attending were using pretty crude banners to get their point across. The organisers specifically told people to keep it peaceful and respectful though – what do you do about the minority who ignore this simple request? Should we disregard the other 99% and ignore the message?

  10. manicbeancounter says:

    Their view of democracy is different. They believe that people should be able to vote more often on a far greater range of positions and issues. But the masses should only be allowed to vote for approved candidates, and for an “enlightened” range of policy options. Deviating from this path a socialist utopia is reactionary, and shows that the masses have been fooled into voting against their best interests. So the huge majority that Tony Abbott obtained was not a victory for “democracy” at all. Obvious really.

    • actual election results were 53% to 47%, hardly the “huge majority” you speak of. The rest of your comment borders on insanity.

      • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

        You are correct. Leader like you should make decision for us.

  11. Sean McHugh says:

    What will be next with the cross-curriculum? Gay physics?

  12. I notice there are a few “March in March” posts going around on Facebook which refer to people critical, or not wholly supportive of said march, as “deniers”. I am not sure what they are supposed to be denying though. That bit never gets a straight answer.

    It’s funny that not one of the “march in march” advertisements was even remotely positive, or constructive. Not one call for people to think differently, or suggest new ways of doing things if they think the current ways aren’t suitable. It’s all negativity, hyperbole, and fear – exactly what Abbott was accused of doing when in opposition – but now, it’s ok, because it’s Labor and Greens supporters “spreading the truth”…

    • I guess the point is that 100K people marching shouldn’t be dismissed as insignificant. it wasn’t just Labor+greens marching either…or socialist unemployed treehuggers

      • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

        It was 100k of the elites.

      • Where did I use the word “insignificant” or “socialist unemployed treehuggers”? Do you actually bother to read what you comment on?

        I’m not dismissing the protests, I just have many problems with the way it is referred to as “a genuine grassroots movement” when it was organised with the help of GetUp! associates, (as it says on the March in March website, no less) – which is not “grassroots” in any way, shape, or form.

        The fact that the Left are complaining about a Right government is hardly new though, and hardly surprising. The Left will always whinge and complain about the Right, just as the Right will always whinge and complain about the Left. This ‘my side is always better’ behavior is, in itself a serious problem. However, I still maintain that the overwhelming majority of protesters are not those who would be voting, or did vote LNP. Please correct me if you have some sort of credible survey on the matter.

        • Open your eyes a bit wider Nick and stop pretending to be non-partisan. Firstly, What do you base your comment that GetUp isn’t a “grassroots movement” on? I was started by one person and supported by many others and has no political alignment – just because someone happened to be a webdesigner and the movement started on the internet does not mean it cant be a grassroots movement.

          The reason 100 000 people took to the streets has nothing to do with the way people vote or to do with the old outdated debate between “left” and right”. From this perspective I believe your views on this are outdated. People from all walks of life were out there and it was purely because of POLICY.

          Many people of Australia took to the streets to protest policy which they find repulsive, as do I. I support getup due to policy but would not support them if they were shown to be politically aligned to Labor or the greens.

          Some of the protestors were idiots who caused more damage with offensive signs. Some had a strong political alignment with the greens, getup and unions who all tried to keep it ‘peaceful’, but the vast majority were families, students and common people who may have never protested before, but feel so strongly against ignorant, corrupt policy which rejects science, consideration for others and commonsense and logic.

          Your “my side is better” argument is actually irrelevant and demonstrates your ignorance on this.

          I agree that there would not have been many LNP voters in the march, but some may have woken up since the last election so there would have been a few. Can’t prove it either way though which makes it irrelevant to debate.

        • Paul,
          GetUp! is a money-making (even if it calls itself non-profit) professional lobby group whose bias to the left is just as evident as Andrew Bolt is biased to the right. If you don’t know that, and can’t see it, well, hopefully one day you’ll get there…

          If you want an open, honest, and politically neutral organisation, then how best to achieve that than be open and honest about all aspects of the organisation? March in March utterly fail to do this. Where have they listed all their organisers, where have they listed all their donors? Unfortunately your reading comprehension remains at a woeful level, because, as i have stated, I don’t care which way any lobby groups lean politically, but they should be honest about it – and March in March are most certainly not.

          As for GetUp!, do you think it’s a reasonable course of action that GetUp! includes in their “supporter” numbers, absolutely everyone who has ever provided an email address to them, even if said individuals may have only intended to show support 1 particular campaign? This is what most people with brains, would call deceit, and misrepresentation, isn’t it? I agree with a few of the campaigns they have, but I will not use GetUp! or any activity/organisation they are associated with, as a method to convey my opinions as long as this practice continues, and as long as they do not provide details about their donors. Simply claiming to not accept donations from political parties is not enough, I’d like proof.

          Yet again, your wilful misrepresentation (and fabrication) of my words shows you up to be all text, and no brain activity. I did not say anything about web designers or that it started on the internet, and I only dispute the “genuine grass roots movement” terminology because GetUp! are a professional (and very well funded) lobby group, and as soon as lobby groups are involved, it’s hardly “grass roots”.

          I am not opposed to protests by anyone about anything they feel strongly about, and I believe we are too apathetic when it comes to politics, but I am opposed to organisations garnering support via duplicitous means – and that is my fundamental problem with March in March, along with the single minded anti-abbott sentiment, rather than the “anti- ‘useless politicians from all parties'” protests which should have been the main focus.

        • nick in response your recent post. Please cut out the personal attacks and drop this confrontational angle and maybe i’ll find more time to present you with the research to prove how wrong you are on many fronts.

          Firstly, do some basic research. I am a member of getup and did not receive any email about this march. It wasn’t even organised by them – I found out about it elsewhere. It does not appear on their webpage as an achievement or even a campaign. So you are wrong there.

          Secondly, you signup BY CAUSE. they don’t simply say that their 672 000+ members agree with every campaign. If you join a cause, that is the number quoted. Wrong again – go and look!

          If you are not opposed to protests where people feel strongly then what the hell is your problem?. Most of the people who marched feel strongly AGAINST currently government policy and that was the main focus of the march. Whats wrong with that?. Why does it matter if Getup receive funding and make a big issue out of asking for donations?. The point is that people fund them to organise events and occasionally it happens when they have enough money. in this case 100K people agreed with the general sentiment and want to get rid of a government which they hate. It is passionate and people believe in it – surely you should be pleased rather than people remaining apathetic?. Surely its wrong to attack getup when the rally was ACTUALLY organised by a labor party member? (even if he claims to not play a significant role)- do your research!. The role of the organiser wasn’t significant though in the end – most people out there wouldn’t have had a clue or wouldn’t care less, like me. People were out there for a cause and because of policy ahead of everything else.

          Speaking of funding disclosure – I’d like to know who funds the IPA, the Liberal party, Andrew Bolt, and all others part of the MSM who distribute propaganda in support of Abbott? That would be interesting!

  13. Simon Colwell says:

    I grew up in Queensland in the 70s & 80s during the good old days of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen government. Those ratbag scum would have been arrested for marching in the streets like that.

    • spot on. that’s the principle behind peaceful protests. Gandhi was wrong was he?

      • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

        Gandhi was the best but now he is only next to best – behind Mandela. But both not as good as Julia Gillard.

      • Thanks for deliberately misinterpreting this you’ve done more damage to your cause than you have to my reputation. When exactly did I say Gandhi was wrong?

        I hold the principles which Gandhi espoused in very high regard indeed, which is exactly why it disgusts me to see a group of dissatisfied voters who live in a stable democracy start to think they have anything even remotely in common with the independence movement in India. As for the concept of peaceful protests, well, there’s more to that than holding protests which didn’t involve tear gas and riot police. Allowing even 1 placard anywhere, which is insulting, or threatening anyone, is an instant fail in this regard (and yes, I was equally disgusted by the infamous ‘ditch the witch’ placard, and its ilk).

        As I stated in another comment, i am all for genuinely peaceful protests about the overall quality and performance of our elected leaders, because they need to be reminded that the are representatives of the voting public. I don’t like the way March in March has subverted that particular worthy cause, and appears to be an unashamed and single-minded “anti-Abbott” protest, because it severely detracts from the fundamental problems we have with our politicians in this country, and with the problems that successive poor governments have caused over the last 20-30 years (which is how long I’ve been paying attention anyway).

        • I agree that your cause against successive governments is a very worthy one, but the March in March was not about this unfortunately.

          All governments all around the world have been corrupted and controlled by unseen forces for many hundreds of years and nothing will change this. Its nothing new and if you look into the history of the media in the UK at the turn of the century and realise that all media outlets were bought out by a select few companies who still exist with this same influence today, but in a worldwide way. You will realise that this collective group has been misinforming people for over 100 years. Party politics is the problem and it is a distraction to make people feel like they have a say and live in a democracy. It isn’t specific to the last 20-30 years – you need to look further back to find the truth!. What you realise what is going on you wont be so angry. You should find a calm in knowing your suspicions were correct. From my perspective, Abbott is an almost inconsequential and irrelevant temporary player and a global game of deceit.

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