Q: What do you do when you have no arguments?

A: Appeal to emotion instead. From Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science:

Mawkish sentimentality

Mawkish sentimentality


  1. Hopefully we won’t be saying: “you’re all very poor and starving, with expensive power because we wasted so much money on a false premise”

  2. Glenn Steiner says:

    How are you any better? Going through your blog I see mostly insults of those you don’t like.

    • Troll ↑ (oops, done it again…)

      • Glenn Steiner says:

        What I’m talking about…

        • Oh I dont know……hes usually pretty spot on. Some people just cant help shooting themselves in the foot. Simon just points it out.

    • luisadownunder says:

      This site doesn’t condemn people to a future wrought with poverty because of a stupid theory…and this site does not insult anyone, it merely points out the facts about their futile arguments…which could only be insulting if you’re stupid, otherwise it’s just funny.

      Not liking what someone is saying is not an insult. There are very good dictionaries out there I could refer so you can look up the definition of “stu…” er, “insult”.

    • Streetcred says:

      This must be the same “steiner” that infests Bolt’s blog … same dross.

  3. I think we’ll say something like:

    “Sorry. We used up all the fossil fuels we could find so that we could live in comfort. During Earth Hour we turned all our lights ON to show that we weren’t going to go along with all that pinko hippy dipshit climate change crap. We ridiculed, and ignored the advice of, the vast bulk of the planet’s scientists, claiming that they were part of a left-wing conspiracy to deny us all a luxurious living standard. We’re sorry that you’re all very poor and starving – we spent so much time and energy denying what was becoming increasingly obvious, and encouraging LNP governments to wind back even the feeble climate change mitigation efforts of Labor governments, that it’s now too late to stop the seas rising and the heat waves that are burning you up. Sorry. Please forgive us. Sorry. Sorry.”

    • Wow, what planet are you on today? Sure ain’t Earth…

    • I guess we should be impressed that ‘ghoti’ went to the effort of writing so much, when all they really needed to say was “won’t somebody please think of the children!” in order to prove the very point that Simon was making.

    • G. David says:

      Has anyone actually surveyed “the vast bulk of the planet’s scientists” to see what the majority of scientists really think?

      The frequently quoted “97% of climate scientists say…” has been proven to be false and what about the 31,000 scientists who signed a petition expressing their skepticism at the “Petition Project”.

      I bet they out number the small number of Government funded scientists who were hand picked to write the IPCC reports!

    • luisadownunder says:

      I don’t know what you are doing posting on a website using your computer and electricity if you are so worried about “global warming”, “climate change” and/or “climate mitigation” (whichever is the current pet phrase of the warming mongers).
      Surely, if all they espoused were true (and you seem to believe it) why are you using fossil fuels?
      Why aren’t you living in a mud hut somewhere with bear skin for clothes and eating what you can trap?
      Surely you should be setting the example?
      So, get off this site, give away your house, give away your car and all your goods and chattels provided to you by the “burning” of fossil fuels, and go live as you preach.
      That’ll show us!
      We all perished with the rising seas and the heat waves and you inherited the earth.
      You had the last laugh!
      Go on, I dare you.
      Set the example.
      Go live the way Al Gore wants you to because he sure isn’t giving up his palatial homes in different parts of the world or his first class air travel continent hopping or chauffeur-driven limousines.
      We are really scared now. The hypocrite is pontificating.

    • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

      Do you actually believe what you write?

  4. I’d say we had to fight hard to stop the Hard Left from hijacking your future. We won using truth and science to stop climate change nonsense. In years to come, it will be so obvious CAGW was nothing more than a brazen and amoral attempt to subvert democracy.

  5. Sorry, due to the global warming hoax, we reduced vital-to-life atmospheric CO2, that’s why there is now not enough food for man and beast

    • Yeah well those who advocate climate change also ( usually ) advocate population control, of which eugenics is part of the hidden agenda.

      Depending on deep down the rabbit hole you want to go the logical progression in these peoples minds is –

      (1) introduce and fan the flames of climate change to crash economies and brainwash people into thinking there is a coming catastrophe that needs drastic human-limiting action.

      (2) Implement laws to limit human behaviour ( playing directly into the UN agenda 21 plan ) and comsumption. Indoctrinate children Soviet style into “green is good” propaganda using schools and tv. ( this is a atypical Communist approach, by the way – Lenin advocated using schools for this )

      (3) Start rolling balckouts and deaths from power reduction & food rationing. This makes people panic and start fighting amongst themselves. Good thing they have all those militarized police uints these days.

      (4) Start rationing power & other essentials – smart meters are the main mechanism for this.
      “Citiozen – its time to do your bit – whats that – you wont do it , OK, no power for you – *snip*”

      (5) Push euthanasia and abortion as methods of limition population “pressure”. Grannie is a drain on resources – good thing we have these death panels to ration health care…..

      (6) Create a war to reduce population forcibly.

      Crazy? Insane? Nope. Very cold blooded and calculated.


      Its time to call these people out…..

  6. Sorry. Due to the global warming / anthropogenic climate change scam, the world ended up spending one billion dollars a day to solve this non-existent problem. If this amount could have been spent wisely, we could have made your life better.

  7. What Martin says, when they post these types of questions then we know that we have won, they use emotive photos and suggest that the lives of these children are being destroyed while we, Nero fiddles, notice that they have not included any proof that what they are saying is true, so far they have not explained why the ice caps have not disappeared, I mean that was supposed to have happened by now so where is the explanation about that piece of prognostication? N

  8. SkS trying to be cute. Those four faces are from stock images past, not climate future. I doubt that SkS could find them in the present, let alone some unspecified future time.
    One of the photos was taken at least 7 years ago. The most recent is probably the image of the young girl from in Yingge Taipei from June 2011.

  9. This is exactly the sort of thing putting so many people off. I, for one, look at that picture and see clear manipulation. I guess alarm is all alarmists know – it’s all panic and doom and the sky falling and “we have to act NOW.”

    Let’s face it, if they can’t nail it all down NOW, they ARE doomed. I reckon it must be true that what you think about most and long for the hardest comes to you in the end.

    Things are heating up for the alarmists. Not quite the way they wanted, but getting uncomfortably warm for them none the less. What a shame (and no pity from me).

  10. charles nelson says:

    The Warmists are positively foaming at the moment.
    I’ve never seen them so rattled, not since the beginning of the entire hoax.
    Tony Abbott, god bless him has slashed the ‘climate change’ budget from $7.8 BILLION dollars to a still pretty lush $500m, so they’re freaking out that they might have to get real jobs.
    That of course and the fact that none of the main measures of Global temperature show any warming this century!
    God, I just love it when they howl and squeal and hurl insults…it is like a symphony to my ears.
    We’re winning…and wait till BO gets Booted Out in the US. Sweeet.

  11. Charles Johnson says:

    I’m still waiting to see any actual irrefutable evidence that man is responsible for climate change. Whilst I believe the climate is changing and has been since the earth formed, I also believe it has more to do with our sun and not carbon dioxide gas. CO2 was more abundant in the past – fact. The anthropogenic global warming scam is just that, a scam. There are a lot of people that believe in it because they do not have the wit to do proper research, to check and investigate every claim and to be open minded enough to even look at the alternative point of view.

    • Good to see you think logically. Warmist use emotion and pressure of “group think” to try and force their will on others. It takes backbone to question the status quo. Keep it up….

  12. manicbeancounter says:

    Here in Britain there will be two alternative scenarios.

    In the event the climate alarmists are right we will say.
    “Sorry kids, a couple of generations the scientists were right in their forecasts. But we worshiped them, rather than demanded more accurate forecasts. So we cut the UK emissions by 80% rather than understand the form that climate change would take. The costs of cutting emissions were many times more than predicted, so we are a great deal poorer and unable to afford the air conditioning that would make our lives more pleasant. We also forgot that Britain is only a small country, and nobody else followed our noble lead. So we endure the consequences of the climate catastrophe like everyone else – but are one of the least equipped to cope.”

    In the event the more likely event the climate alarmists are wrong we will say.
    “Sorry kids, a couple of generations ago some false prophets of doom persuaded all the major political parties that this once-great nation of ours could save the planet by switching off the lights and recycling every bit of waste. The nation was impoverished, which is why you need to welcome the President of Nigeria when he comes to visit your school next week. I hear his Government are to sponsor your school meals. You need the hot broth to keep you warm this winter.”

  13. Streetcred says:

    “Sorry little Dudies, we weren’t thinking, but you should be able to pay off the debt in 200 years or so. And sorry about your cave being dark and damp.”

  14. In the picture, the faces of our climate future all look fat and happy to me. What’s the problem?

  15. Russell says:

    I am not a Scientist, but in the 1970’s I remember movies where people lived in Biospheres and used plants to create oxygen and everything was recycled.
    It appeared that CO levels were converted to oxygen, one would think this would apply planet wide?

    • G. David says:

      It does, that’s exactly what happens which is why we should be planting trees not windmills !

  16. Jeremy James says:

    Well Son, Due to getting suckered into that climate change nonsense our great country became weakened and we were invaded. Any thing else Ho Chee?

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