How to annoy a climate scientist – a guide

How annoying can you be?

How annoying can you be?

The Guardian helpfully provides a handy cut-out-n-keep guide for how to get up your local climate alarmist’s nose.

Graham Readfearn gives the poor little lambs a platform to wail about all the injustices they have to put up with. Here are the edited highlights:

Andy Pitman

From our very own doorstep, UNSW Sydney. Andy doesn’t like unqualified people saying the moon is made of cheese (as all climate sceptics believe of course), and should basically shut up. Freedom of expression doesn’t rate very highly at UNSW, clearly.

Everyone knows sceptics don’t believe the moon is made of cheese… they believe the moon landings were faked, stupid! Duh!

Michael Mann

The infamous Mann, he of Hockey Stick fame, believes that the more uncertain something is, the more urgently we have to deal with it. So that presumably means extra-galactic alien invasions should be humanity’s top concern?

Michael Raupach

From ANU in Canberra, resorts to raiding a 19th century dictionary to convey his frustration, referring to the ‘finitude’ of our planet, whilst trivialising those who fear the poverty that will follow a massive tax on energy that will do nothing for the climate.

Steve Sherwood

Believes that tackling the dangers of CO2 (plant food) is comparable to dealing with other ‘pollutants’ like lead, mercury and asbestos. Steve does however believe that CO2 stays in the atmosphere for ‘hundreds of generations’, which means anything we do now is even more pointless than we previously thought. So thanks for that.

Stephan Rahmsdorf

Complains that journalists not linking extreme weather events to climate change is ‘misleading’. Because as we all know, every weather event, anywhere in the world, at any time, is due to climate change.

Roger Jones

Goes off the deep end, posing the question “Who am I?”:

I can buy disaffected scientists to deny sound science with a plane fare to a bogus conference and a little publicity.

I can anonymously threaten researchers online, especially the female ones.

If anyone threatens me with facts, I can call them an antidemocratic, anti-jobs, McCarthyist, communist, anti-freedom, pagan environmentalist.

Everyone says there is no consensus.

I deny everything.

Answer: a bizarre, caricatured figment of your warped imagination, perhaps?

Sophie Lewis

Sophie, from the Parkville Asylum (Melbourne University), complains that lack of action on climate change will leave us ‘vulnerable to a warmer climate’. Like humanity is ‘vulnerable’ to the ability to grow more crops, or ‘vulnerable’ to not dying from cold.

Andrew Glikson

Bemoans the fact that the media aren’t alarmist enough. No, really:

I think the scale of the changes being seen now when compared to the Earth’s history is something the media and the public do not appreciate.

Wow. How much more could we take?

Special mention must go to Richard Betts, the only scientist amongst the bunch who didn’t take the bait that Readfearn dangled in front of their faces. Richard rightly commented that journalists rarely give links to academic papers they cite in articles. I’m surprised Readfearn even bothered including that response at all…


  1. I like your title better! Here’s my take on this article

  2. In Bull Durham one of the characters said: “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness.”

    Well, I am now quite sure the world of climate science is made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness.

    7 signs you are not self-aware:

    You’re a bully.
    You’re defensive.
    You’re controlling.
    You’re passive aggressive.
    Your behavior changes.
    You’re grandiose.
    You make excuses.

    See the article for more detail/

  3. I’d like more please sir

  4. High Treason says:

    Steve Sherwood knows stuff-all. We showed him up recently-us 3 “amateurs” totally creamed him. He simply had no answers and in the end turned his back on me. I hope others in the room saw this and realized he was soundly beaten . This guy was a lead author on AR 4 on the basic science. Poor little deary- he started out with the “97%” and was quickly brought to heel by interjections pointing out the fraud of this famous sound bite. He copped a serve from me over the “denier” tag. I am a skeptic thankyou. Aspersions to link with Holocaust denial are deliberate deception. One day, someone should take someone to court over this.

  5. About the kind of biased, unscientific, anti-science article I expect from the terrorist supporting Guardian, pandering to their ignorant, anti-Semitic readership.
    Read some of the comments. You have to love the idiot that claims the Medieval Warming was only in the Northern* hemisphere, while ignoring that Mann’s data came from ONE set of tree rings and he ignored most of them.

    *Not enough data to actually know if it happened in the Southern hemisphere as well.

  6. I found the advertisements for Guardian-run courses on ‘an introduction to science journalism’, and ‘science blogging’ to be most amusing.

    I had to laugh at the phrases “How to convey the wonder of new findings in science without compromising accuracy or losing your audience” for the journalism one, and “How to find great science stories, cover them with style and share them with the widest possible audience” for the blogging one. I notice a Guardian-certified science blogger doesn’t have to refer to facts… perhaps this is where John Cook learned his ‘craft’…

  7. Yes cook got it from one CRAZY DANA ;>)

  8. Clever article! Glad to not be a climate scientist…

  9. You forgot to mention the “Flat Earth Society” who still maintain the “Man in the Moon” is allergic to cheese.

    Everybody knows the moon folk realise the Earth is not flat, and are focused on watching what is happening to us stupid humans.

    Ref Cartoon . . .


  10. . . . . Oh, and speaking of Climate Scientists, their future looks glum.

    Ref cartoon . . . .


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