Czech president: Political Correctness = Political Cowardice

Milos Zeman

Milos Zeman

UPDATE: Watch Brigitte Gabriel comprehensively eviscerate political correctness here.

The Czechs have produced some amazing statesmen.

Former president Vaclav Klaus courageously spoke out against the climate change hysteria, knowing full well the smears and attacks that would come his way as a result. And now current president Miloš Zeman speaks out about the real cause of Islamic aggression around the world.

The libtard media are forever pussyfooting around the issue, cowed by threats of being labelled ‘Islamophobic’, endlessly repeating the myth that continual terrorist attacks in the name of Islam have ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. Anyone with half a brain knows that is complete bullshit, but the media does such a good job of shifting the blame on to the West that most people are completely in the dark. Islam is a violent, supremacist political ideology masquerading as a religion, which is wholly incompatible with Western democracy and freedoms.

Robert Spencer over at JihadWatch (an excellent site by the way), skewers the issue brilliantly. After whatever latest atrocity carried out in the name of Islam, he will say ‘How can the Imams and Islamic ‘scholars’ in the Middle East be getting Islam so wrong? Don’t they know that it’s a religion of peace? Anyone would think they were just greasy Islamophobes!’ and urges the West’s apologists to go and educate them about the real nature of their religion. Very powerful stuff.

Political correctness is the reluctance to speak the truth for fear of causing offence, in other words it is, as Zeman says, a euphemism for cowardice, and it is slowly destroying our society from within. In the climate arena, it is the fear of being labelled a ‘denier’ and to be judged morally bankrupt (‘think of the children and grandchildren’) if one dares to question the alarmist narrative, which is causing harm and poverty to millions. In relation to Islam, it is fear of being labelled ‘Islamophobic’, ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’, or some other equally offensive term, in the face of a significant threat to our Western freedoms – freedoms which in the past we fought hard to preserve, and which now, apparently, we are happy to give up, a little at a time, without a struggle.

But that’s typical of the Left. Rather than deal with the issue head on, the libtard’s easy option is to apply a label, thereby securing an imagined moral superiority which obviates the need for further debate.

Unless people have the courage to speak the truth about those things that are a threat to our society, climate hysteria and Islamic supremacism being just two, we are finished.

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  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Could not have said it any better myself.

  2. Brilliant. Czechoslovakia should be on the UN Security Council and Milos Zernan should be Secretary General.

  3. Marvellous. If I where younger I would move to Czechoslovakia. 2 brilliant presidents in a row.

  4. thingadonta says:

    I would suggest this idea, at the risk of getting into arguments.

    One rationalist’s way of looking at the emergence of Christianity, was that it was an internal awakening that sought to remove, by actual design, incessant violence from the here and now, by projecting it into a future world/judgement, as a way of dealing with the cycle of violence and tribalism which only produces endless conflict. In other words, some view the emergence of Christianity as a deliberate and orchestrated way out of the tribalism and violence of the old testament, something which has evidently never occurred within Islam; they are still steadfastly stuck in the old testament way of doing things-which essentially does not tolerant strangers and unbelief.

    Note Christianity also had a pacifying effect on the Roman Empire, (which perhaps also brought down its’ imperial nature from within, as Gibbon contends), as it was always designed this way- to actually reduce violence and imperialism.

    I bring this up, because there may only be one serious solution to Islam, that of internal reform-they have to get out of the old testament and take on views of inclusion of all people to be judged before god, who alone can take judgement. At least then they don’t take into it their own hands.

    Its complicated, but some have this theory, as outlined above, that Christianity began as a system of orchestrated reform. People got tired of fighting each other, and this reform came from within. The Essenes, who had withdrawn from society to live in peaceful seclusion around the 1st century (and incidentally, Jesus seems to have had some training from-they used to wash their feet and break bread for example, before tradition and ritual took over these practices) had some good ideas around this. They deliberately wanted to reduce the cycle of violence, and integrate effectively with the Romans. So Christianity emerged. Perhaps something similar might happen in future with Islam. Better then endless violence and intolerance, anyway.

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