Greenie Twitter twits

And they say it like it’s a bad thing…!


  1. I am glad that they are all saying this crap, they will never be back in Government again so lets celebrate that. Woo Hoo. N

    • luisadownunder says:

      Furthermore, their use of social media to try to harangue the side of good will come back to haunt them. Their idiotic, ignorant words will be there for all to see for ever more!

      Ah, revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.

  2. I hope ACM and their followers gave them all a right royal twitter thrashing. Facts and truth have a way of steamrollering propaganda.

  3. Such professional and upstanding behaviour displayed by people who are supposed to represent Australians… it’s childish and embarrassing really, but then, no more than I’d expect from the likes of Bandt and Hanson-Young who don’t appear to know what integrity or professionalism actually is.

    Didn’t Canada drop out of the Kyoto agreement – surely that was “reverse action”, wasn’t it..? I don’t recall any of these poor excuses for politicians saying anything negative about that…

    • luisadownunder says:

      Any country that ever signed any climate change agreement is gagging to get themselves out of these agreements. They’re almost clamouring over dead bodies to do it.
      Germany is re-opening it’s nuclear power plants. France never shut any down. World leaders are ignoring anyone who even mentions “climate change”, “global warming” or “climate disruption”.

      The times, they are a-changing.

      • The British are building more nuclear plants with the help of the French, but again, the Greens don’t ever seem to mention that.

        Back when Sarkozy was the leader, the French were going to introduce a carbon tax, but with all the exemptions, it would have excluded 1000 of the largest ‘polluters’, which represented 97% of CO2 production in France at the time…but they canned the idea – the French Greens called that “shallow and populist”, but they had no problems with the idea of taxing the producers of 3% of the country’s CO2, and leaving the producers of the other 97% alone.

        As for the recent back-down on the French eco-tax on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, well that ‘levy’ would have affected farmers in Brittany more than pretty much anyone else in the country, because they have less rail infrastructure than other regions, but again, that was ok with the Greens. Suicide rates in French farming communities are also disturbingly high, just as they are in rural Australia, so I imagine an extra levy would have really helped with that.

      • Except Obama who has climbed on the bandwagon just as all its wheels are falling off. Weird.

        • luisadownunder says:

          He is weird. When history finally proves that the Am,American people elected a fraud (there are no records of his having been born in the US – a pre-requisite to being elected President of the United States of America), they will feel like the biggest idiots on the planet.

    • luisadownunder says:

      All of these brainiacs don’t even know what “carbon” is. They would be hard up trying to explain it so they cling to the belief that if they call it “pollution”, it must be so.
      Lord, please give me strength.

    • Yes I thought it classy and very gown up too…..not.

      Generally, when youre winning an argument, you dont have to resort to insults and school yard taunts like 5 year olds….

      The facts speak for themselves.

  4. Cry me a river you Leftist twits!

  5. This is the type of reaction one would expect from spoiled little babies who have no other sense other than to cry and stamp their feet because they didn’t get their way. I suppose they’ll have to find another way to steal other peoples money to support their fantasies and warped ideologies. We have the same emotionally stunted imbeciles in Canada too. It would be nice if we could take all of these socialist zealots from all the countries where they exist and drop them in a big black hole, then everyone could just get on with living their lives without all the crazy hysterics.

    • Well if there is any truth in the old saying of we get the govt we deserve, then…..

  6. Old Ranga says:

    But check out the applause that’s coming from the UK and Canada. Now we wait and watch while other governments fall in behind. As for Tony Abbott, well done mate!

  7. Australia is the first country in the world to reverse action on climate change.

    Canada never took any action. Welcome, Australia. Good for you.

  8. I’ve been reading on social media that, although Australia has repealed the Carbon Tax, the government is primed to introduce an ETS Tax. Is this correct or was it something that made the rounds but has no traction?

    • An ETS long term will cost as much as the carbon tax, is my understanding ( happy to be corrected ) but the irony is this – an ETS is still a price on CO2.

      Ask yourself this – why if TA is anti-CAGW, is he still introducing a CO2 price?

      The same agenda keeps moving forward – its smoke and mirrors. TA is just a differnet smoke.

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