You’ve got mail!

Warm mail

Warm mail

Usually I just ignore this kind of crap, but hey, it’s a very good day today, so for your entertainment I will share this email received earlier today:

Are you serious?

The debate on climate science is so far into the positive, with thousands of scientifically proven articles stating the same that I am surprised you even exist. But then you are supported by the big business/Liberal party end of town.

Shame on you for misrepresenting the science of human induced climate change. There may be other factors involved, but we as a species have made the greatest impact. Except for you lot of course, who have no positive impact at all.

How many PhD’s on your books do you have by the way?

Disgusted. Next thing you’ll tell me that the bible is all true and that the world is only six thousand years old.

Thanks, Andrew. I know it’s tough when your religion suffers a knock, but as the song goes:


  1. Mikejay says:

    Religious nut jobs claiming others are religious nut jobs. Gotta love the warmies for their humor value 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this: it’s good to be reminded of the consequences of a contemporary educational systems in which critical analysis and questioning is largely absent. Dumbed down naivety, total lack of valid facts, and an immediate resort to ad hominem presumptions are now the substitute for logic, discussion and rational debate, and result in incoherent ramblings such as this glorious example.

    And I am in awe of a writer who can produce a whole new genre of research in “a scientifically proved article”. I had rather understood the process was generally the other way around. But who am I, with merely a BSc, MSc and PhD

    • Really well said, the time has come for many more of us to support ACM, Jo Nova, Dr David Evans who are taking the brunt of denigrating abuse from these cranks!

    • luisadownunder says:

      They still haven’t digested the fact that the process of science is about disproving a theory, not proving it.

      Feeds into their idea of being of a higher order. Poor darlings.

    • luisadownunder says:

      They’re too stupid to understand the scientific process. But then as Mackattack has pointed out: Watermelons!!!!

  3. mackattack says:

    I love the sound of exploding watermelons in the morning. Sounds like victory.

  4. John Halliday says:

    Dear ACM,

    Firstly, keep up the good work, if there is anything more useless than a climate scientist, it must only be a Green politician, they are all oxygen stealers. I will agree that mankind is screwing up our good earth and that there are too many bloody people infesting this planet so lets start an irradication program. Thats what the solution the scientists all relate to but are too gutless to say it, is it not, we have too many bloody people on the planet. So the question to Mr Scientist is, Where do we start, lets start with all Islamics shall we, that will wipe out about 2 billion useless bloody oxygen stealers there. Now lets take africa, how about we just clean it out of all people and start again. What about the pollution riddled countries like Malaysia lets put them down as well. Then theres all those poor starving blacks, lets clean them out too. Serious, we have to find a way to curb population growth other wise it will get to a stage where we will make Hitler and Stalin look like bloody choir boys mate.

    Regards, John Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 09:53:28 +0000 To:

  5. Ahh that is what happens when you bring propaganda to a data fight!!

    It has been a great day and even better the news is now all over the world via various blogs etc.

    Keep up the great work!!

  6. Just delusional, Lovelock was their banner carrier, he coined the word Gaia, he said that the only humans that would be able to breed would be the few that survived in the arctic, Oh and by the way. he recanted, he said that the models were wrong, that enough time had passed to prove the models were correct and that all that the time passing had proved was that the models were wrong. Lovelock recanting, I am surprised that the true believers did not jump off a cliff, Oh and where is all the rising of the World Ocean, these losers are just delusional. N

  7. Eamon Butler. says:

    I suspect this was written by a child.

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