Media sheds tears for axed carbon tax

It's all too much! Sob!

It’s all too much! Sob!

The inner-city basket-weaving yoghurt-knitting sandalistas that make up the Fairfax and ABC’s environment desks are already writing the eulogies for their beloved tax.

First cab off the rank is the ABC’s Sara Phillips (see ACM here), who attributes the public’s lack of enthusiasm to an ignorant fear of the unknown, stoked up by who else? Tony Abbott:

In the lead-up to last year’s election, Abbott repeatedly told us that the carbon tax would be a wrecking ball through the economy. He told us that electricity prices would be all kinds of terrible as a result of the carbon tax. He told us that the carbon tax wouldn’t bring down Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a tax, he said. A Great Big New Tax On Everything.

He was wrong on all of these accounts, of course. But the damage was done.

‘Of course’ he was wrong! You fools! She continues:

But like Shelley’s creation, it was not quite the horrendous beast we feared. The economy continues to defy prediction, quietly growing.

The latest figures from December show that Australia’s emissions have dropped 0.8 per cent, with most of the fall being explained by a 5 per cent drop in emissions from electricity generation.

It grew thanks to putting adults in charge of the shop last September, and the removal of that hopeless bunch of pre-schoolers who had spent six years grinding the country into the ground with their incompetence. But nice try, anyway. Just remind me what difference those emission reductions would have made to the climate again… oh, that’s right, zero.

Fairfax isn’t far behind, with a gushing, tear-stained hymn of praise for the Senate climate warriors of the Left. Be warned, strong stomach required:

Amid ongoing speculation over Christine Milne’s leadership style and future, the Greens leaders’ Senate performance has been passionate, emotional and, most of all, resolute. Senator Milne had a great deal invested in the legislation that created the price on carbon that kicked in on July 1, 2012. Its abolishment [sic] on Thursday was personal.

She has spent much of this week seamlessly switching between offering forceful condemnations of the government’s undoing of the legislation and in promising renewed vigour from her minor party in restoring action to address global warming.

Just moments before the final Senate action that killed the carbon tax 39 votes to 32, Senator Milne appeared very much a political leader determined to keep climate change at the forefront of the political debate.

“This is a critical moment for our nation and there are a number of new senators in this chamber today,” she said.

“Their vote today and the vote of every person in this debate will be the legacy of their political career.”

And with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten committing Labor to campaign on an emissions trading scheme as a central theme of the next federal election, his party’s leader in the Senate, Penny Wong, championed the cause with her usual skill and smooth, calculated passion.

Another standout performer in this debate has been Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh, grasping her new junior environment and climate change portfolio with gusto.

The shadow parliamentary secretary was Labor’s most riveting advocate this week for keeping the price on carbon.

Again, just moments before that argument was lost, Senator Singh delivered a stinging rebuke to the government and those senators who joined with it in repealing the legislation.

“We are sending this country backwards,” she said.

“All for what? For playing politics. Playing politics with Australia’s future; playing politics with the environment; playing politics with our children.

“And it is an outrageous moment in Australia’s history.”

Too much for my stomach… Pass the sick bag.


  1. I would give them more than two minutes of my time if a single one of them could answer Andrew Bolts question, ‘By how much will the Worlds Temperature be lowered by the Carbon Tax? Time Up. N

  2. This whole page from ‘climate madness’ to ‘ pass the sick bag’ is brilliant. Kick the communists who would betray our country to the wall.

  3. Lachlan says:

    This article is childish and juvenile. It provided no intelligent rebuttals to the quotes it provided, only pathetic and sneering mocking and made baseless and unsourced claims that the quotes provided were wrong. If you want to argue against something then an adult individual would make a case, not just mock the opposition.

    REPLY: Hey, don’t take it out on me – I didn’t axe your tax!

    • Lachlan, what argument would you like?

      That it was a useless, unnecessary tax introduced by Labor because it needed to raise money due to their monetary and fiscal incompetence in a little over six (6) years of grinding this country to a standstill?

      That, in your superior intelligence, you would not be able to explain what a “carbon” tax is?

      That, based on the emotive, spewable garbage uttered by Milne and Wong, it is a totally useless, unnecessary tax….oops, am I repeating myself?

      But, hey, if you want totally useless and unnecessary taxes, continue to vote for Labor. If they get back in, you will be hammered with stupid, useless and totally unnecessary taxes.

      You will deserve every one of them. The rest of Australia does not.

    • Come back tomorrow if you want a bit of serious rebuttal. For now, or hearts are singing, and even your little rant can’t shake our cheerful mood.

    • Yes but Lachlan, thats precisely the usual standard we get from clueless CAGW groupies……

      I guess holding the mirror up hurts, huh?

  4. Fireman Same says:

    @luisadownunder. Let me point out some facts for you that might surprise you. Howard was the first to propose a carbon emission trading scheme (only the media and the Libs call it a carbon tax) exactly 7 years ago today. It was well supported by subsequent leaders Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull. After the 2010 cliffhanger election where here was a 7% swing from the two major parties to the Greens because they went in with a CTS both the ALP and the LNP offered a CTS to the Greens and the 2 independents to try and win government. That’s why the talks took 2 weeks and were not over in a day as the offers were VERY similar. They all went with the ALP because they didn’t trust Abbott with his anti-science stand to follow through.

    So HAD they gone with the LNP we would have had a very similar scheme from them with a slightly different name.

    As for monetary incompetence then Howard would take the cake for that. After 11 years of a mining boom, delivered to Australia by Hawke and Keating signing supply contracts with China, and an estimated $260 billion in additional income he did NOTHING with it. Try and find anything at all that Howard and Costello did with the gift that Hawke/Keating gave them. No airports, no freeways or seaports etc. They wasted hundreds of billions of dollars, So much so that in his final year and facing a deficit and defeat they sold off $70 billion in taxpayer owned assets to ‘balance the books’. Look it up, it’s all on record. he sold every large and medium airport (23 of them), 45 Government departments, a big chunk of Telstra and 70% of our Gold Bullion Reserve and did that to show a $20 billion ‘surplus’. That’s $50 billion less than the money he raised. Now ask them where is all went? So when Rudd comes in, to a GLOBAL financial crises, with very few assets left to earn money off the cupboard is bare. They didn’t spend any more than Howard did, it was the income that was missing! Read up and educate yourself.

    • luisadownunder says:

      Howard was totally against a carbon tax, or whatever name you would like to give it. Remember, he did NOT sign the Kyoto Protocol because it made no sense. Rudd signed it as soon as the votes were counted.

      All you Labor voters say the same thing: If a previous Coalition leader MAY have introduced a particular tax then it must be good that a Labor leader DID introduce it. Honestly?

      Where does the fallacy of Tony Abbott being anti-science come from? What has he ever said or done that provokes this absurd reaction from his detractors? You really have got to stop watching the ABC and SBS and feeding off their crap. You have a brain, remember?

      I can’t believe you actually think the global financial crisis was the reason Rudd mismanaged the over $45Billion he was left by John Howard? And, then churned all that up to leave us with nearly $80Billion in debt? In six (6) years!!!!!!

      Are you serious about selling assets? You obviously don’t recall all the assets Hawke and Keating sold.

      Hawke and Keating et al inherited a mining boom not created it. Furthermore, it stands to reason that with a media constantly putting forward the unproven theories that everything that a Labor government does as being the epitome of good governance and that everything that a Coalition government does as being totally wasted and of no value, you would parrot the party line.

      We don’t have a huge media conglomerate feeding us garbage so we have learned to find out for ourselves. In other words, we use reason and logic and we think. Try it sometime.

      Tony Abbott just signed a huge trade agreement with Japan. Where was the media fanfare about that? Nowhere. It was hardly mentioned and the morons came out of the woodwork to slam this agreement because China might get offended! Give us a break!

      You obviously like taxes. Good for you. If you want to be taxed for breathing out carbon dioxide, go to Canberra and petition the Federal Government to tax you. The rest of us know that it is the stupidest tax anyone even remotely intelligent would think up…and, on the say so of Al Gore!!! I don’t want this tax and I voted with my head. As a matter of fact, the fewer the taxes the better off we will all be.

      So, it was the income that was missing? Not the massive spending of your tax dollars? And, please tell, why was there no income? You forgot to pay your taxes didn’t you, you naughty boy? Tut, tut. So that’s why Kevin Rudd left us with such a huge debt? And all this time we thought he was just incompetent. Shows you what we know, hey?

  5. papiertigre says:

    If you type in “Julia the liar” the search engine returns pictures, videos, stories, of your former prime minister.

    How does Bing know which Julia the liar I meant?

  6. Old Ranga says:

    Global warming alarmism is a massive international scam.

    Climate change, global warming, carbon pollution…call it what you will, it’s got nothing to do with environmentalism. It’s all about politics (taxes and leftist wealth redistribution) and economics (more taxes and Big Green lining its own pockets at poor people’s expense). Think the warmist salesman Tim Flannery and the consultancy fees he extracted. Think the Industry Super Funds and their gleeful investment in wind energy. Guess who’s paying? The gullible trusting public who’ve been conned.

  7. Since when has the media been intelligent. they do not have original thought but just broadcast others ideas without checking the facts.

  8. God willing this will become enviro-fascists’ Stalingrad.

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