Environmentalists unable to maintain this particular erection…



Nurse, viagra!

Always knew they didn’t have much lead in their pencils, so to speak…

Hilarious video showing an inflatable coal plant spectacularly deflated thanks to the piss-weak effort of a solar panel. Eventually, they just had to plug it into the mains power, provided by the company that, er, they were protesting against.


(h/t Moonbattery)


  1. manicbeancounter says:

    Even more ironic was they were protesting against a proposed small reduction in renewables subsidies by Madison Gas & Electric of Wisconsin. In MGE’s rate case
    they talk about future “system reliability” being critical; that “securing and sustaining the “grid” will become more complex. The protesters have provided a very practical demonstration to MGE and its customers of why the new rate plan is a step the right direction.

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