Counter-moonbat of the Week: Bishop slaps down Obama

Don't mess with me, moonbats…

Don’t mess with me, moonbats…

If Tanya Plibersek is against it, there’s a good chance it must make a great deal of sense. As in this case.

Julie Bishop delivers a spectacular bollocking to climate-obsessed Obama after his laughable speech in Queensland at the G20:

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop’s office has written to the White House disputing Barack Obama’s claims about the Great Barrier Reef, arguing the world heritage icon is “not threatened” by climate change or environmental degradation.

Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek branded Ms Bishop’s actions an “extraordinary attack on our close friend and ally”.

The ‘extraordinary attack’ by Obama on his close friend and ally goes unnoticed by Tanya. I wonder why?

The Australian this week revealed the Queensland government, as host of last weekend’s G20 summit in Brisbane, was considering a formal complaint to Washington over what it saw as an insulting and provocative speech by the US President that was based on “misinformation” about management of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is understood that US offic­ials contacted the Queensland government after the revelation in The Australian.

The Foreign Minister, in New York to chair UN Security Council terrorism talks, this morning said she was “surprised” by Mr Obama’s remarks and had since sent a “detailed briefing” to the Oval Office on the issue.

Ms Bishop said state and federal agencies had banned resource exploration and capital dredge dumping near the Great Barrier Reef, and were contributing $180 million annually to manage the health of the reef.

“I wanted to ensure the White House was well aware of the significant steps that the Australian government and the Queensland government were taking to ensure that the Great Barrier Reef is not threatened by climate change, by nutrient run off from agriculture, by mining or drilling,” she told Sky News.

Ms Bishop said she personally made clear Australia’s position on the reef to the US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, only days before the Brisbane speech.

Mr Obama, speaking at the University of Queensland on Saturday, said climate change “here in Australia” means “longer droughts, more wildfires” and “the incredible natural glory of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened”. (source)

Like all climate moonbats, as far as Obama is concerned, facts are just an inconvenience.


  1. Julie Bishop, your as cool as. N

  2. luisadownunder says:

    Barack Obama has lost all significance. He came here thinking he could just walk all over us, instead found that he was just one of many. He didn’t receive any special treatment, so got his nose out of joint and thought he could say whatever he wanted, without having any facts at his disposal.
    He shows himself to be a mean-spirited individual – small of mind and of stature. He would never have made such remarks had there been a Left-wing government in power. Instead of rising above petty politics, and being a true statesman, Obama ran true to form: small, insignificant and stupid. But, hey, what’s new?

    • I don’t think it’s right to use the phrase ‘true stateman’ and Obama in the same sentence, paragraph, or even, same planet, really. Just as Kevin Rudd managed to fool people into thinking he was a great guy and would be a ‘breath of fresh air’, so too did Obama. Thankfully the result of the US mid-terms show that you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time…

      Mind you, I think part of the problem is the way the position of US President and ‘1st lady’ is rapidly approaching absurdly exalted levels not seen since various empires considered their rulers to be actual gods.

      The way they carry on with their multi-million dollar motorcade, aircraft, and other disgracefully ostentatious rubbish should be something we mock, not respect. If a loony dictator in a 3rd world hell-hole is condemned for living the high life at the expense of their citizens, then why is it acceptable for someone like the US President to effectively behave the same way? Afterall, they have millions of homeless, high unemployment, the minimum wage is well below the poverty line, and their education system is going backwards…

      • luisadownunder says:

        So completely agree with every aspect of your analogy.
        My observation was in his conduct whilst over here in Australia. There was nothing about him that was inspirational in any way: word, manner or speech. When George Bush came over he was gracious, kept his demeanour simple and ‘condescended’ to address our parliament (where he was booed and jeered by that other idiot, Latham, but simply observed that it was “democracy in action” and was not put out in any way). This guy addressed what he knew to be a crowd of left-wing wanna-be’s, at a university of left-wing numb-bats, and went on about “global warming” and the “rising of sea levels which would destroy our Reef” – all total nonsense and highly political – thus cementing his inability to rise above personality and displaying a complete lack of any statesman-like qualities. Note the difference in behaviour of the UK Prime Minister, the Indian Prime Minister and the Chinese President; heck, even Putin was gracious.

        Everything that Obama and his wife are being exalted for are the very things that George Bush was criticized for, although he maintained a more subdued lifestyle and his wife maintained a low profile and was only seen when absolutely necessary (even though they were wealthy in their own right).

        Obama came from nowhere; no one can find any records of his birth – no birth certificates of any kind; his “mother” conveniently died before he ran for President and his “grandmother” conveniently died just after his election; he has no siblings, no relatives; his “father” came from “Africa” and still lives there, apparently, in abject poverty whilst his mother-in-law lives, in luxury, at the White House; he supposedly went to an ivy-league University, but there are no records of his attendance anywhere, let alone that he even went to school….and the list goes on.

        It is possible to fool some of the people all of the time, however – witness the stupidity over the ABC and SBS funding: everyone else has to watch their household budget but they are untouchable. Mind-boggling.

  3. Welcome back Simon. Please make sure that you follow the Peter Spencer v Commonwealth case due in the Fed Court on Monday. I’ll Fwd you the Jo Nova link. Keep up the good work.

  4. Obama made a big mistake in simply Being Rude. People don’t like that, whether they’re world leaders or just TV viewers.

    Sky News ran footage of him partly extending his hand to Tony Abbott, and our Prime Minister needing to reach forward and grab it before the photo op continued. A calculated insult and one that’s backfired on Obama right round the viewing world.

    Petty behaviour. He’s let down many who supported him as the first Afro-American President.

  5. Graham Richards says:

    I would trust the Taliban, Hamas or one of those fringe lunatic organisations before trusting a Democrat / Socialist American president. At east with the lunatic extremists one knows what to expect and they generally deliver exactly what you would expect from a pawn of the extremists in the middle east.

    But a Democrat / Socialist administration will act in their own twisted way to try & regain some sort of credibility whether it is moral, truthful or plain good policy.

    Never ever trust an American administration.

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