Ed Davey: ‘One year to save planet’

Where do they find them?

Where do they find them?

OK, right, just shut up and listen. We’ve only got ONE year to save the planet, starting NOW.

Thus spake the UK’s moonbat minister for energy, commenting on the Lima gab-fest:

World leaders must agree a deal to tackle global warming within the next year or risk losing our way of life as we know it, Ed Davey, the energy secretary has warned ahead of major international negotiations in Lima.

About 9,000 politicians, diplomats and non-governmental organisation delegates will descend on the Peruvian capital over the next two weeks for the UN’s annual climate change talks, intended to thrash out key details to enable a global deal by an agreed deadline of next year’s summit in Paris.

Mr Davey told the Telegraph: “These are the last major annual talks before we hit our deadline in Paris next year. We need a deal in Paris – there is no alternative that will protect our national security, our economy and the way of life we take for granted.” (source)

Ed was no doubt following the timetable set by the WWF:

WWF’s Climate Solutions report shows how the world can limit its heat-trapping emissions with known technologies and policy changes, using only sustainable, environmentally friendly energy sources.

“The question for leaders and governments everywhere is how to rein in dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide emissions without stunting development and reducing living standards,” said James Leape, WWF International’s Director General. “The Climate Solutions report shows not only that this can be done, it shows how we can do it. We have a small window of time in which we can plant the seeds of change, and that is the next five years. We cannot afford to waste them.

Except that report was in, er, 2007.

Even worse, according to Penny Sackett, alarmist ex-chief scientist, our time runs out in just three days…


Quick, panic!


  1. This is better than the Mayan Calendar!

  2. It was bullshit in 2009, and it still is. Five years from now, people will still be making the same stupid statement. Ask Professor Tim Flannery about climate (weather) predictions.

  3. Amr Marzouk says:

    You can’t make this up.

  4. What a load of horse puckey! We are coming out of a global Little Ice Age. Of course things will be warming up!

    • paz, there was NEVER any LIA; it’s being concocted, from a photo people scatting on Thames river, then added more crap, to sound convincing. Warmist declared ”the science is settled” because people that supposed to oppose them; believe in more phony global warmings and phony global coolings than necessary, to scare the people.

      Coolings / warmings are NEVER ”global” the laws of physics don’t permit global warmings for more than few minutes; because ”the temp self adjusting mechanism” is infallible! Therefore: in 100y from now, ”global” warming is impossible! you people are only giving oxygen to the Warmist…

      • jose lori says:

        He’s right, I seen paintings of the people ‘scatting’ on the Thames. If you look close
        at the paintings, you can see them holding their noses under their scarves.

      • jose, Simon can find paintings from aborigines ”at that SAME time” 200y ago, without cloths on = proof that: on Australian ”globe” was global warming instead?! Yes, no bull: because the captain of a ship in Roman times was without cloths on a picture – the con ”researchers” declared ”Roman Global Warming”’ without knowing that: at that time was a macho, to be naked as show off” because that was before Christianity, before modesty was imposed. Captain didn’t need uniform with HOT metal parts on, when was peace.

        There is even better skeptic’s gospel: they found few paintings with clear sky in England from the past and declared it: ”dryer plant” 3 paintings can change the weather on the ”whole” planet…?!WOW!!!Simon should take his crayons and make few paintings inland Australia, to bring the rain and improve the climate in the desert; kind of ”Skeptic’s Rain Dancing Science”’

        jose, -”if somebody talks about some place temp on the planet, and insinuating that is ”global” – he thinks that you are less that 5y old brains; because 6y olds know that: Thames is not the globe – so show him the middle finger, no matter Warmist, or Skeptic

  5. So, British ”conservative” politicians are Warmist – so will be Australian conservative, in couple of years…

    Simon, I’ve proven to you ”beyond any reasonable doubt” that: LIA &MGW is all concocted crap = temp now is exactly the same as then, AND will be overall temp exactly the SAME in 100y from now!

    Now i’m asking you: Q: -”if I put you on a witness stand, under oath, where you cannot silence me, or run away: ””do you believe to a white collar criminal ”researching” in 10m3 of pit bog, to find out the temp on a whole hemisphere? Chilean pit bog to tell the daily temp for Oceania, southern half of Africa, south Atlantic, indian ocean, antarctic ocean and continent, southern half of Pacific AND Australia?!

    B] do you think that: that ”researcher was only fabricating more ”fool’s weapons” for the ”skeptics” to make bigger fools of themselves?!

    Simon, A or B, can you answer the question?;

    • Stefan, I like your sense of humour. You are trying to be funny aren’t you?

    • David, what part you consider as funny, please tell me, so we can both lough together.

      I see the whole thing as TRAGIC… Tony Abbot is a great person, not many of them left – but the phony skeptics are puling the carpet from under his feet… What are you ”skeptical” about? Warmist say: ”90% possibility of global warming in 100y – therefore: because they know that the phony global warming is a con – they keep the 10% as a backdoor exit, because they are clever thieves.

      On the other hand; the ”skeptics believe 101% in the phony global warmings.. warmings are coming out off their ears… People collecting temp data say that is no global warming -> skeptics immediately declared it: ”it’s a pause”! No, it’s not a pause – your phony global warmings will NEVER come! When a person can believe that, ”southern tip of Greenland is the globe”… he needs help, he needs to face the truth and learn – because the ”will be politicians” see how the media treats Abbot regarding the phony global warming – because his advisers / the ”Skeptics” don’t know the difference between normal climate changing and phony global warmings…

      David, what do you find funny in that? Yes, with the pagan beliefs, you can give hernia to the Warmist – it’s medical fact that: from too much laughter, one can get hernia.- also they can get hernia from carrying billions of $$$ looted money from the Urban Sheep, thanks to the ”skeptics”…..

  6. I do not especially agree the dead-line idea, although it seems that sometimes is necessary to establish a dead-line in order to make people understand the importance of that moment. In addition to Simon’s article, I recommend you another oppinion on climate change and human influence: http://1ocean-1climate.com/archive.php#„Nature,_Not_Human_Activity,_Rules_the_Climate”?_No!

    • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

      “sometimes is necessary to establish a dead-line in order to make people understand the importance of that moment.”

      That sounds like “Grubering.”

  7. It is high time the Abbott government got tough and held the climate change charlatans to account, like Australia’s former chief scientist, Professor Sackett.

    Abbott has to tell it how it is … and outline the dire warmings of the past about coming climate catastrophes, yet none have come to pass, or are unlikely to come to pass.

    Tony Abbott needs to read the following link and then get real in readiness to shove it to them all at the Paris Climate Conference this time next year:


  8. “What a Maroon”, Bugs Bunny

  9. Brian from Bondi says:

    Penny Sackett has a letter in today’s Australian (4th Dec 2014) saying she was misquoted, and the “only 5 years” bit is misattributed. She says the lecture is available at Pandora; she said there was no magic date, annual global emissions would peak by 2015 and then fall, and we can be rewarded by leading rather than trailing the pack.

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