Result! Coalition slashes funds to UN climate scroungers

Snouts out of the trough

Snouts out of the trough

It’s a drop in the ocean, to be sure, but at least it is in the right direction. The ABC, naturally, is inconsolable:

The Federal Government has slashed funding to a key United Nations environment agency by more than 80 per cent, stunning environmental groups ahead of a global climate change summit in Peru.

The ABC has learned the Government cut $4 million from the UN Environment Program (UNEP), which provides advice on environmental policies and climate change negotiations.

“Whether it’s air pollution, whether it’s ozone depleting substances, what’s happening in the world’s oceans, the conservation of biodiversity – for a relatively small amount, Australia benefits from leveraging well over $500 million in contributions that other countries make,” UNEP’s executive director Achim Steiner said.

Australia was due to contribute around $1.2 million this year, but has only offered $200,000.

Over the next four years it will scale back its funding by $4 million. (source)

Only a few billion to go, then…


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    The government should not only be cutting funding to UN programs, it should withdraw from the UN altogether.

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    Oi! Cameron! Take a leaf from Tony Abbott’s book.

    • here is the tallbloke to tell you how: when Warmist say ”that is warmer than normal” – he ”searches” what’s causing that phony warming – instead of sticking his head out the window and see that is same temp as always. For him regular climatic changes and the phony ”global” warmings are one and the same thing… because the D/H doesn’t know sh/t from clay regarding climate…

      Look at the ”Skeptic’s GLOBAL temp chart” for the last few thousand years, on his blog – looks like seismograph… 1223AD, the temp goes up by 0,028C – next year up for another 0,05C – then the next goes down by 0,08C – all with precision to a hundredth of a degree. Merlin was collecting daily temp with his thermometer for England -England is the ”globe” for the Flat Earthers like him…?!

      Poms were the biggest liars ”researching” past ”global” temperatures: when find some imprint in England, or Colorado canyon – instantly is declared as ”global” warming, or ”global” cooling = that became Skeptic’s Gospel”… Reason the Warmist use tallbloke as their own toilet paper..
      Aussies, put the tallbloke in Simpson desert, to start realizing what controls the climate – is it CO2, or H2O! One oaktree knows much more about the climate than him… Reason there is no Glasnost allowed on his blog, telling the truth is a taboo

    • Old Ranga says:

      Onya, Tallbloke! Good to have you with us.

  3. Progress.

  4. Just off-topic. Have you had to drop aussiemaddness? Bob Campbell

  5. Cut from the UNEP? I can’t think of an organization more deserving of a sharp cut. It’s been a sheltered workshop for fraudsters for far too long. ON second thoughts maybe a cut to the UNFCCC would be more deserving .. a line ball actually.

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  7. Bravo!

  8. Old Ranga says:

    Crash hot, Tony. Well done.

  9. stuartlarge commented: ”You obviously dont read Tallblokes blog, as he is a confirmed skeptic”

    Hi Stuart
    I did go to his blog 2y ago – pointed something ”not to ridicule thjemselves in front of the Warmist, with crappy proofs – he blacklisted me. I understand when the Warmist blacklist the truth – they are Marxist; silencing and brainwashing is their trade. But, skeptics silencing ”REAL” proofs – shows what the Warmist made out of his brains. Stuart, ”we learn, when we are corrected” Repeating the pagan gospel for many years… you lose contact with reality. There is him, Tony Brown and Vukcevic 3 phony skeptics – like 3 Al Gore’s testicles..

    When somebody corrects me – I’m grateful – when the tallbloke is pointed the truth – he presses the panic button. He cannot see the different climates in Sahara and Brazil – for him ”climate change” comes from Met office.

    In the 70’s Hubert Lamb was lying that: ”because of CO2 dimming effect, by year 2000 will be an ice age”. tallbloke must have defrosted from the Pom’s ice age – now is searching for the phony global warming, to assist blindly the Warmist…
    tallbloke, THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS ”THE PAUSE” that ”pause” will last for the next many millions of years. 2[ unless your ”Global Temp Chart” shows a straight line as gun-barrel – you are LYING! The overall global temp is always the same,here are the proofs, stop suffering from ”Truth Phobia”: ..

    • By calling Lamb a liar you seriously undermine your own case

      • Ross Stacey says:

        Hey, David, this guy has a poor command of English and an objectionable manner. However, what do you think of his theory about the unchanging heat content of planet earth do to its speed of rotation around the sun? ( I think that is what he is claiming)

    • catweazle666 says:

      Perhaps you could try being polite in future, then you might not get blacklisted quite so often.

      Just a thought…

      • catweazle
        I’m honored to be blacklisted by tallbloke. Talking to him, when he is wrong, is same as talking to a fence-post…
        Warmist told him that is ”global” warming – instead of telling them that they are lying – he is searching what produced that PHONY warming – is it sunspots? is it galactic dust? he is dignifying the Organized cult… Because of D/H like him, the Warmist are flourishing!

    • David Johnson says: ”By calling Lamb a liar you seriously undermine your own case”

      To get a complete picture, be fair to yourself and read the second part of a post. The first part I’m blaming the Warmist, so ignore it. The second part,-scroll down to, from where it says: THE HISTORY / GENESIS FOR TODAY’s WARMIST CULT:

      Here is the link:

  10. The UN Climate Panel are about as discredited as their consensus supporting cousins of yesteryear, the Eugenics movement. Lets hope that panel gets swept away sometime soon, perhaps when one of the main architects of this overall hoax is put into the dock for scientific fraud. Lets hope that person is Michael Mann in the following year or so as he is ripped a new one by Mark Steyn who is counter suing Mann, who once again decided to silence another critique by using the court system not for justice, but to slowly bleed away his savings. Mann, you picked the wrong fight I think.

  11. Svend Ferdinandsen says:

    It is not a big deal in itself, but like cutting CO2 in a single country, it is a signal to inspire others to follow.

  12. Thank you Australia for leading the way in breaking up the global warming scam!

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