Yay! Australia second-worst country for climate action!

Second LAST, that is!

Second WORST, that is!

Disappointing we weren’t outright worst overall, but second worst is pretty good.

We were, however, outright worst for industrialised nations. So in every cloud of farts there’s a silver lining.

While other nations gleefully haemorrhage money on pointless climate mitigation action and other sacrifices to Gaia (which, as any fule kno, will make no difference to the climate whatsoever), Australia can use that same money for actually improving people’s lives. But don’t try explaining that to the global warmists, who believe that an expensive and futile gesture such as a carbon tax or ETS is essential to show their compassion for the planet. Barf.

Australia is the worst performing industrial country for action on climate change, and the second worst country from 61 covered in a new report.

The release of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) for 2015 coincides with climate talks in Peru, which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is reported to be attending against the Prime Minister’s wishes.

The CCPI – a joint report by Germanwatch and the European Climate Action Network – blames changes to government policy for a drop in the ranking.

Australia sits just ahead of the oil-exporting nation Saudi Arabia, which is in last place.

Chief counsellor at the Australian Climate Institute, Tim Flannery, [WTF, SBS? Flim-flammery is at the Climate Council, no? – Ed] said Australia had lost three years’ worth of gains since the repeal of the Carbon Tax.

“We’re one of the highest per capita polluters on the planet, overall we’re the 15th largest polluter and we’re starting to go backwards,” Mr Flannery said.

Instead of celebrating Australia’s immunity to climate astrology, the government tries to make out it is doing something, and ends up looking very stupid:

Environment Minister Greg Hunt was contacted for comment.

A spokesperson from the minister’s office referred to Australia’s success at meeting the 1997 Kyoto Protocol targets, and spruiked the government’s $2.5 billion Direct Action policy.

“Australia has been one of the few nations to actually achieve its emissions reduction targets to date,” the spokesperson said.

Yeah, right. With less than 1.5% of global emissions, the climate wouldn’t have even noticed…


  1. Need to make a complaint to the press council and get that error reported

  2. Old Ranga says:

    Those rotters India (sarc) have now gone for cheap energy (as in coal) rather than getting their knickers knotted over CO2. Greg Hunt is starting to look sillier than ever.

  3. I don’t get it: if we “met our emissions reductions targets”, why are we “2nd worst”? How did we lose “three years’ worth of gains”? Is this about not throwing away enough money for “climate action” at other countries, or the UN?

  4. Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

    It is enough to make Juliar turn in her political grave. Hooray:-)

  5. C02 is not a pollutant, but an essential ingredient of life – unlike the true polluters of this planet such as Flannery

  6. Yes it’s a worthy position, but it doesn’t carry a lot of credibility. Before the ABC discovered it, no-one had ever heard of the European Climate Action Network, and after their short little attention spans move on, no-one will ever hear of it again.

    It’s a bit like getting noticed by the Climate Council- ho hum, another ten seconds on the ABC.

    (Shakespeare was good wasn’t he- no-one ever gets bored quoting the line about a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.)

  7. Amazing how silly humans can be in thinking they can control mother earth and all connected with her….wake up dopey!!!

  8. What a load of rubbish. No one can claim that China is not an industrialised country. They are saying they plan to increase CO2 emissions till 2030 meanwhile Australia are reducing emissions now! So the criteria must be zany!

  9. All this fuss over human activity CO2 emissions, which a quick mathematical calculation based on accepted data, reveals is only responsible for about 0.11% of the greenhouse heat effect (GHE).

    95% of the GHE is attributed to water in the atmosphere, the other 5% of the GHE being attributed to greenhouse trace gases of which CO2 represents 72%.

    3.6% (5% x 72%) of the GHE is therefore attributed to atmospheric CO2, of which the IPCC AR4 asserts that only 3% of all the CO2 entering the atmosphere each year is from human activity.

    In effect, only about 0.11% (3.6% x 3%) of the GHE is attributed to human activity CO2.

    Propositions of changing, or rather destroying, the global energy system because of this tiny human contribution, in face of the large short-term and long-term natural fluctuations of atmospheric CO2 are utterly irresponsible. Those encouraging such propositions are, in effect, economic terrorists.

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