Chickens threatened by climate change

What climate change does to chickens…

What climate change does to chickens…

Not quite as cute or endearing as koalas or polar bears, but still. Needs must when the going gets tough…

Climate change is now affecting chickens. Researchers at Macquarie University have found that higher temperatures could be dangerous for hens.

Parent birds normally lay only one egg a day and control incubation by modifying the temperature that triggers embryo development to produce a clutch of around five chicks that all hatch at the same time.

But according to researchers at the Royal Society of Open Science at Macquarie University, climate change is taking hens control away and causing eggs to hatch earlier.

“If global temperatures were to increase it could play havoc with the family dynamic of these birds, creating situations where a single nest contains chicks from different ages, even causing some embryos to die,” said Professor Simon Griffith.

If one egg hatches before the rest, the first chick will have a monopoly on food. And if temperatures rise above 40.5C researchers say it could be “lethal” for chicks. (source)

I thought it would be a good thing – the eggs would arrive ready-boiled…


  1. jim owens says:

    They may need air-conditioning instead of an incubator. Rather like humans

    • You need an air conditioner that produces a stable 37.5c to use it as a incubator. Perhaps the fevered mind of a c scientist can do that?

  2. Bill Snape says:

    Same old, same old….I saw a bit of Catalyst on ABC by accident the other night and was interested to see that socialist network finally admit to “The Warming Pause”, never heard them mention it before and interestingly about two weeks after claiming the hottest year ever…again. Yet at the same time there is no warming according to this story. So as you can imagine I was interested to hear the “But”.
    And it wasn’t long in coming, but…the satellites all confirm that there really is a problem….Well given that the satellite raw data all say the exact opposite to all of that crap I turned it off. What’s the point of listening to the National broadcaster telling complete bare faced lies to the sub-intellects who enjoy getting their propaganda fix in this way. Not for me though and hopefully you might just have enough sense to run a weather eye over the unmitigated bullshit that spews from this vile entity.
    Cheers, irritable Bill.

  3. The chicken is native to Southeast Asian (Burma to Vietnam). So one would expect chickens to adapt to higher temperatures that prevailed during their early evolutionary development.

  4. Perhaps our chooks should find out how their cousins in tropical countries do it.

  5. Aert Driessen says:

    Wow!! Sounds like Nobel Prize material to me.

  6. But only if the weather turns foul. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  7. Grew up on a chicken farm. Please define a chicken they are one of the most intensely engineered animals we have. Geneticists spend a great deal of effort producing a commercially viable animal. We bought chickens (day old) that were produced in incubators using industrial methods. One egg a day to raise 5 chicks, rubbish 10000 eggs in incubators with not a hen in sight is what happens. The most efficient egg production cages does not produce one egg a day for the useful hen life of 18 months. By any measure this is impossible. Barking mad unrealistic twaddle I would say.

  8. What a great institution of learning! next they will announce that the chickens will begin lying boiled eggs!

    Not such a long time ago……… the “climate change” was totally different. Frozen chicken eggs I suspect….

    On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 2:12 PM, Australian Climate Madness wrote:

    > Simon posted: ” Not quite as cute or endearing as koalas or polar bears, > but still. Needs must when the going gets tough… Climate change is now > affecting chickens. Researchers at Macquarie University have found that > higher temperatures could be dangerous for hens.” >

  9. Charlie Farley says:

    I grew up in western Qld and we had no problem raising chickens in that heat with the added benefit that they loved to eat termites. Maybe chickens are to wimpy now days.

  10. G’day Dung Beetles! You are still confusing ”climate” with the PHONY GLOBAL WARMING. Because of that confusion; Warmist nailed the last nail on the ”climate skeptic’s” coffin on Paris conference… IF CO2 was regulating the climate – Simpson desert would have better climate than Riverina and Sydney, because desert has less CO2. You cannot win a war, by same tactic you lost every battle =Einstein. For you guys, if ”global” warming doesn’t exist, climate doesn’t exist… Reason some of you are hallucinating about a phony new ice age… Grow up, Santa and ”global” warming don’t exist!

  11. This information may be useful in understanding what’s the difference between climate and weather:, since I saw there are some misunderstandings. On the other hand, I would say humans are the most fortunate and we can influence our faith, but the animals have to adapt or they will have no other way. At least, we can try and do something.

  12. Just remember, it is our taxes that pay for the investigation and publication of this rubbish. If the Government really want s to save money, stop inane studies, get rid of the pathetic academics into the real jobs (farmers are always looking for fruit pickers or stable muckers) and as for the reviewers of these studies, ’nuff said!


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