Forget chickens, now it’s ‘bored dogs’

Yawn, another ridiculous global warming story.

Yawn, another ridiculous global warming story.

Add it to the list. No really. I checked the date. It isn’t April 1st.

The effect of climate change on chickens is just so… yesterday.

You have to ask the question: if these scientists were actually trying to damage the global warming cause, would they be doing anything different?

Probably not much… it’s beyond parody.

A boredom epidemic is sweeping through Britain’s dog population – and global warming could be to blame.

Across the country, there are reports of down-in-the-mouth mutts, and under-the-weather canines.

Leading pet behaviourists told The Independent that the number of depressed and unsettled dogs they have seen in recent months is unprecedented.

And they suggested that the spate of wet winters could be at the root of the problem, as owners cut down on the daily walks that are crucial to keeping dogs’ spirits up.

“I’ve been working with dogs for more than 20 years and I can’t remember a time when they’ve been this bored. I tend to see boredom in bursts but I’m seeing it chronically this winter,” said Carolyn Menteith [Twitterbe nice please], a dog behaviourist who was named Britain’s Instructor of the Year in 2015.

“They are just really, really, bored. People are quite happy to get their dogs out in frosty, hard weather but not when it’s muddy and horrible.”

Because, as we all know, the UK never had muddy horrible winters before 1990, right?

She – like many scientists and meteorologists – puts this down to climate change and expects to see more bored dogs in the future as global warming unleashes increasingly frequent and intense bouts of winter rainfall. (source)

The journalist actually put his name to this – Tom Bawden [Twitter – be nice please]. It looks like it should have been revealed as a massive practical joke – you know the kind of thing, get old Tom to write this cock and bull story about dogs getting depressed because of global warming, ha ha ha! – but, sadly, I fear not.

I think I need to have a little lie down now in a darkened room.


  1. More proof that global warming alarmists are either completely out of their minds, or are simply making up any kind of crap, just to scare people into allowing themselves to be extorted. Either way, they’re pathetic!

    • they can afford to be ”pathetic” ! When the Warmist succeed to con the ”climate skeptics” that global warming is climate -> they declared ”science is settled” because they made opponents to promote Warmist lies…Climate keeps changing, but no global warming – so: the Warmist can prove that climate is changing – look at the calendar the butcher gave you – climate is changing four times a year in subtropics and temperate areas / twice in the tropics and polar caps; and they are not even lying

  2. Aert Driessen says:

    Not so fast Simon. If dogs could read, it could be the Guardian’s reporting on climate change that is doing it.

  3. Simon. I live in Vancouver, Canada, I also spend winter weekends in the mountains skiing and hiking with mt 2 smallish dogs. In Vancouver or Whistler, my dogs yearn to go out as I do in rain, snow or whatever the weather. This is the BS that seems to come out of the rent-seeking grant takers. Desperation is taking hold!!!

  4. Here in Australia one of the leading lights in the whole debate, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has made a valid point. Previously reported on this blog. What is not clear is this, since the science is settled there is no more research to do. This means stop funding research and one must adapted to sad pooches. I am dismayed but the black dog is a fact of life!

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