Kevin and Leo: two climate clowns

Climate clown

Climate clown

Sad Aussie has-been Kevin Rudd must be angling for an invitation to hang with DiCaprio at his mansion, sycophantically praising Leo’s idiotic and juvenile climate rant at the Oscars ceremony.

Latika at the Sydney Morning Herald can’t get enough of it, natch.

Kevin Rudd has described Leonardo DiCaprio as the “real deal on climate change” and praised the actor for using his first Oscar acceptance speech to urge global action on climate change.

The former prime minister washed-up old has-been sent his congratulations to DiCaprio, who finally won his first Academy Award more than 20 years after first being nominated, early on Tuesday morning Australian time, and told Fairfax Media the actor was genuine on the issue.

“Congrats Leo DiCaprio on Oscars win. About time,” the former Labor leader said. “Inspiring speech calling for global co-operation on climate change,” he said.

I will leave it to the eloquent Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter to provide the appropriate comment to Rudd:



  1. Roger Dewhurst says:

    These actors make a living by being stupid cunts on screen. So they do it whenever the opportunity arises. Pollies are much the same.

  2. Get Real says:

    Climate fools please! The reference to clowns is offensive to us clowns who try to make people laugh for entertainment.

  3. The real deal on climate change! He might send his private jet out for another case of organic mineral water to celebrate this great endorsement.

    Then he and rudd can compare their childhood photo albums to work out who was the prettier boy.

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