Ex-IPCC head Pachauri charged with sex assaults

Danger… to women, that is

Danger… to women, that is

Here at ACM we always thought Rajendra Pachauri was a wrong-un, especially with his bizarre and creepy penchant for writing steamy novels.

Looks like he moved from writing about it to doing it, whether the lady in question wanted it or not.

Indian police said Tuesday they had charged the former head of the UN climate change panel Rajendra Pachauri with sexual harassment, following a complaint by an ex-colleague at an environmental think-tank.

Police brought the charges against Pachauri in a Delhi trial court, more than a year after a female employee in her late twenties filed a complaint accusing him of sending inappropriate texts and emails.

“We have filed the charge sheet today and the court will decide when to begin the hearing,” investigating officer Virender Dalal told AFP.

Police have charged Pachauri, 75, with four counts including sexual assault, harassment and criminal intimidation, according to the complainant’s lawyer.

“Police have filed the nearly 1,400-page charge sheet in the trial court,” lawyer Prashant Mendiratta told AFP.

“We will need time to examine the entire document but it states that they have found prima facie evidence,” he added.

Not surprised, given it runs to a staggering 1,400 pages. That’s IPCC AR5 territory, but no doubt this particular read would be vastly more entertaining!

He’ll have plenty of time to write more steamy sex scenes in prison.


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  2. James Murphy says:

    Sexual assault is still low down on the list of crimes one can commit when talking to the average AGW believer.

    The merest suspicion of ‘big oil’ funding is now the moral equivalent of a paedophile committing genocide whilst torturing small animals.

    The inherent crime of being male is negated by the fact that he does not look “white”, and that in is role with the IPCC, he was “thinking of the children”.

  3. Simon Colwell says:

    You would have to be a perverted weirdo to believe in AGW so none of this surprises me.

  4. Aert Driessen says:

    Yet another Church in trouble over such issues.

  5. Sicko pedos all over the bloody place….find a huge uninhabited island miles from anywhere and let them wear themselves out !!! No release !!!

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