Adani vs Finkel

Just ship it to India…

Compare and contrast the following two current news stories:

  1. Australia will ‘Finkel around the edges’ of a tiny emissions footprint in order to make Malcolm look like he’s a really sensitive, new Age, trendy-lefty guy who cares about the environment (but clearly not the pensioners who can’t heat their homes in winter, or cool them in summer);
  2. Adani will dig millions of tonnes of coal out of Queensland, ship it to India and burn it to provide cheap energy to Indians, and obliterating any possible difference Finkel will make to the climate hundreds (thousands?) of times over.

Here’s an idea – I know it sounds really, really, reeeeaaaally stupid – but why don’t we [whispers] burn the coal here and give Australians dirt cheap electricity?

Freaking MADNESS.


  1. I am deeply deeply touched by your concerns for the pensioners. I gather you would advocate compensation to the pensioners along the lines that the Labor Party introduced previously and are also outraged by

    If I was a cynic then I would think your priorities are not with pensioners but more with top end of town. Fortunately I am not a cynic.

    • So as you aren’t a cynic, there was absolutely no point to your post!

      • Sorry David I didn’t realise I hadn’t turned off the /sarcasm setting on my web browser. I will ensure it is off in future so it doesn’t unnecessarily confuse the vulnerable.

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