It’s 2009 all over again

Déjà vu all over again

Australian Climate Madness is back – at least for now – as the Coalition seeks to tear itself apart once again on the issue of emissions reductions.

The Finkel report is trying to sneak through a low emissions target under the guise of energy security and lower prices – yes, you read that right: lower prices. They genuinely believe that imposing targets on low-emissions generation will actually reduce energy costs. Not sure what planet they are on, but it isn’t this one.

A three-hour party room meeting last night reopened all the old wounds in the Coalition with PM Turnbull on one side and ex-PM Abbott on the other.  Australians are already struggling to pay ever increasing electricity and gas bills, thanks to the insane policies of the Turnbull government, so why the government is allowing itself to be seen as going within a mile of emissions reductions ahead of affordability is a complete mystery. No wonder voters are deserting the Coalition in droves.

It’s all drearily familiar to anyone who has followed Australian politics for any length of time. Labor and Liberal wets on one side, and Conservatives on the other.

For those in a nostalgic mood, here are a few posts from late 2009 on the stoush between the Coalition factions on the doomed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), or as it was wildly incorrectly known, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme:

Maybe the result of all this will be the same…


  1. What ever happen to common sense, You keep listen to the climaters and you get climate madness!

    • Simple. As long as realists allow the population to believe CO2 is pollution them warmists will always win. The average person believes , as I do, that humans are polluting the planet. What they don’t understand is that CO2 is essential for all life forms and that increasing CO2 is a result of increasing temperatures and not the cause of it.

  2. The Finkel report is just vile. I am trying to read it and its summaries from the govt website. It sure looks like I will be attending more Climate Rallies. My electricity bill is now 26 cents a unit, with a rise promised from 1st July.

    Heaps of interesting and intelligent comments on Jo Nova’s blog.

    One said: … these geniuses like Finkel chief scientist who like most experts exhibit classic Dunning- Kruger type behaviour. This concept was new to me, and an hour spend reading was well worthwhile, starting with the Wikipedia article. Basically, people who are ignorant tend to under-estimate how ill-informed they really are and conversely competent people tend to downplay their skills,

    It’s sad to think that an appointed panel could come up with such a poor report, pandering to lobby groups and ignoring the basics of electric power engineering and then pretending to meet the requirements for reliability, availability and affordability.

  3. Has nuclear energy now been put back into Pandora’s Box? Despite Australia having at least 40% of the worlds uranium, which is being mined and exported for peaceful (?) uses, mostly power generation, the possibility of making good use of this gift has somehow fallen off the agenda.

  4. Last night on Sky Richo said “I believe in climate change”. WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Does the old shyster also believe in other figments of his imagination like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny?

    • YOU SHOULD BRUSH UP ON WHAT CLIMATE IS: -”there is no such a thing as ‘’earth’s global climate’’ – there are many INDEPENDENT different MICRO CLIMATES 1] Alpine climate 2] Mediterranean climate, 3] sea- level climate 4] high altitude climate 5] temperate climates 6] subtropical climate, 7] tropical climate 8] desert climate 9] rainforest climates 10] wet climate 11] dry climate, as in desert AND THEY KEEP CHANGING; wet climate gets dry occasionally b] even rains in the desert sometimes and improves. In the tropics is wet and dry -/- in subtropics and temperate climates changes four time a year, WITH EVERY season= migratory birds can tell you that; because they know much more about climate than all the Warmist foot-solders and all climate skeptics combined – on the polar caps climates change twice a year. Leading Warmist know that is no ”global warming” so they encompassed ”climatic changes” to confuse and con the ignorant – so that when is some extreme weather for few days on some corner of the planet, to use it as proof of their phony global warming and ignore that the weather is good simultaneously on the other 97% of the planet, even though is same amount of co2. In other words, they used the trick as: -”if you want to sell that the sun is orbiting around the earth -> you encompass the moon – present proofs that the moon is orbiting around the earth and occasionally insert that: the sun and moon rise from same place and set to the west, proof that the ”sun is orbiting around the earth” AND the trick works, because the Flat-Earthers called ”climate skeptics” are fanatically supporting 90% of the Warmist lies. Bottom line: if somebody doesn’t believe that on the earth climate exist and constantly changes, but is no global warming -> ”climate skeptic” shouldn’t be allowed on the street, unless accompanied by an adult. b] many micro-climates and they keep changing, but no such a thing as ”global climate”

      • Knights Templar says:

        Well said stefanthedenier. A global warming research study in Canada has just been cancelled because of unprecedented thick summer ice. Naturally, the scientists blamed it on climate change. The study had to be cancelled because the expedition’s scientists’ Ice Breaker was required by the Canadian Coast Guard to rescue supply ships and fishing boats stuck in unprecedented ice conditions. Dr David Barker, the lead scientist said the sea ice floes on level ice, were 5 metres thick … much thicker and heavier than anything you would expect at that latitude at this time of year. What was clear to him was that climate change had caused this event to happen!!!

        You may remember Australian climate researcher Chris Turney had to cancel an Antarctic expedition into the melting Antarctic after his ship was stuck in ice and the research team had to be rescued by helicopter.

        • Unless the ”climate skeptics” realize that ”they have been duped to think that CLIMATE IS = GLOBAL WARMING”’ … Warmist won, just by manipulating words; if one is using Warmist words => he / she is promoting Warmist cause. 2] they don’t have a single LEGIT proof of global warming; but know how to manipulate the opponents to promote Warmist lies..

    • John in Oz says:

      As is common in this non-debate, definitions matter.

      Climate (the generally accepted definition – 30 years of average weather) is always changing but Richo’s definition converts to ‘CAGW’.

      • EXACTLY! Climate is a REGIONAL parameter and is used for comparing the weather typical to one region with that of another. There no more a climate for the Earth than there is a global language or a global currency.
        Definitions do matter.

      • IF the public not involved in the debate knows that -> Warmist fortress would collapse in few months – without that – Warmist have nothing to worry about, except not to run out of popcorn… b] because ”Climate *Skeptics*” are 101% believer in the non-existent global warming… They even know that is got a PAUSE / HIATUS…? Q: how do they know that? A: their brains-trusts / the Warmist told them so…

    • Karabar, Richo says he believes in Climate Change because being a believer makes him feel more relevant to what he sees as mainstream Australian opinion. Only a few people are not influenced by Climate Change Scare Campaigners, obviously they are not attracted to the concept of lots of subsidised goodies and so on which are used to bribe people into believing that by paying double or triple the cost for electricity they are saving the planet. In the news today, There was a story of a German technical report describing the issue with unreliable electricity generation from Solar and Wind Power sources. Theirs is from personal experience, having wasted billions of dollars on renewables over many years. Clean coal is the best option for base load no matter which way you look at it.

  5. I think that when they say the cost of electricity will be lower they mean lower than under the Labor alternative, i.e. comparatively lower rather than absolutely lower.

  6. Is there ANYTHING this imaginary crap can’t do?
    You know they are totally insane when they talk about “fighting climate change”. It must be like fighting the dust bunnies under the bed. Or the demons in their heads.

    • Knights Templar says:

      Climate alarmists are so gullible that if I were to stand for election on the basis that ‘gravity’ is responsible for thousands of deaths each year eg people falling off ladders, roofs, slipping on wet footpaths, falling off cliffs and mountains, aircraft crashes etc, and I promised to introduce a Bill to repeal gravity, I have no doubt some of these loonies would vote for me.

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