Climate Institute shuts today

It is no more, it has ceased to be…

Long before the term fake news was even thought of, the activists at the Climate Institute, headed up by John Connor, were pushing it by the barrowload.

Now its time is up, going out as it came in, hyping the desire for ‘action’ on climate change as always:

Australians overwhelmingly want our country’s energy system to be powered by renewables because they see it as the “economically smart” thing for Australia’s future, The Climate Institute’s Climate of the Nation 2017 report has found.

Ninety-six percent of Australians want our nation’s primary energy to come from renewables, with 58 per cent wanting it supported by storage technologies and 38 per cent by fossil fuels,” said Acting CEO of The Climate Institute, Olivia Kember. “People see through the divisive politics, they want bipartisan action and clean solutions.”

See what I mean? This is fake news.This is an utterly meaningless statistic, because in an ideal world, we’d all want clean renewables providing our electricity. But this isn’t an ideal world, and renewables cost way more than fossil fuels, to the point where many people in Australia cannot afford to heat or cool their homes.

Putting a question like that without any regard to the consequences is like asking “Would you like to eliminate poverty from the world?” Well, colour me amazed, because an extraordinary 100% of respondents said “yes, we want to eliminate poverty from the world!”

This is propaganda pure and simple, aimed at advancing the climate alarmist narrative.

Back in the day, ACM covered some of their other stories, like this:

Climate Institute: Impact of ETS on food prices “minimal”
1 February, 2010

Gee, there’s a real surprise, ain’t it? An alarmist organisation whose sole existence is thanks to the overblown “climate crisis” comes up with a report that justifies its own existence and reassures everyone that the massive, unnecessary new tax will have far less of an effect on food prices than the evils of “global warming”.

And this:

Official: climate change makes you crazy
29 August, 2011

It certainly makes me crazy – listening to the nonsensical ramblings of Gillard, Combet, Flannery, Brown, Milne, Gore and Garnaut is enough to send even the most level-headed individual completely round the bend.

But here we have the totally impartial Climate Institute, with no vested interest in the outcome, clearly, commissioning a report on the effect of climate change on the population’s mental health. So given the report’s provenance, was there ever any chance that the conclusion would be anything other than alarmist? No, because with no climate crisis, there would be no Climate Institute.

Or this:

Shock: poll by climate activists shows “public want climate action”
27 June, 2010

Blatant Vested Interests Alert as a poll conducted by the Climate Institute and The Australian Conservation Foundation (which runs Al Gore’s despicable Climate Project indoctrination seminars) shows that “more and more Australians are concerned over growing pollution.” Skating over the fact that <shouts>carbon dioxide isn’t pollution</shouts>, how much of a surprise is that, given that the Climate Institute and ACF are climate advocacy groups full of enviro-headbangers, whose very existence depends on the continuation of the climate scare, and who wage campaigns of misinformation against filthy sceptics and “deniers”? But hey, the media will report anything these days, as long as it fits the politically correct notion of man-made climate change.

And Connor won Idiotic Comment of the Day with this classic:

“Climate change is not just about warmer weather. It’s about wilder weather. Climate change costs … climate change kills.

I’m sorry for the staff that the Institute is closing, but not for the partisan line it constantly took.


  1. The Australia Institute is just what one would expect to carry the torch on from the Climate Institute. A bigger collection of green lefties would be hard to find.

  2. Hivemind says:

    I’m not sorry for the staff. They are warmists to a person. Not an honest thinker in the lot.

  3. rogerthesurf says:

    Wish we could do the same in New Zealand. We still have an ETS which everyone has forgotten about – except the publics cash keeps ‘getting syphoned away and we dont even have a conservative political party anymore 😦


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