Climate Institute shuts today

It is no more, it has ceased to be…

Long before the term fake news was even thought of, the activists at the Climate Institute, headed up by John Connor, were pushing it by the barrowload.

Now its time is up, going out as it came in, hyping the desire for ‘action’ on climate change as always:

Australians overwhelmingly want our country’s energy system to be powered by renewables because they see it as the “economically smart” thing for Australia’s future, The Climate Institute’s Climate of the Nation 2017 report has found.

Ninety-six percent of Australians want our nation’s primary energy to come from renewables, with 58 per cent wanting it supported by storage technologies and 38 per cent by fossil fuels,” said Acting CEO of The Climate Institute, Olivia Kember. “People see through the divisive politics, they want bipartisan action and clean solutions.”

See what I mean? This is fake news. [Read more…]

Coalition to UN climate talks: F*** OFF!!

Shove it, bitch

Shove it, bitch

Bravo! The new Coalition government in Australia give the big finger to the latest UN climate gab-fest:

AUSTRALIA has downgraded its role in global climate change negotiations and will not send a minister to the UN conference being held in Poland from next week.

The federal government confirmed yesterday that Environment Minister Greg Hunt would not have a role at the international gathering, while Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who has responsibility for all international negotiations in the Abbott government, said she was too busy to attend.

Australia’s climate change ambassador Justin Lee left Australia yesterday for the Warsaw meeting, which is aiming to progress talks for a global agreement that includes China, India and the US by 2015.

Ms Bishop is scheduled to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting meeting in Sri Lanka next week but this is the week before ministers from other nations were due to attend the UNFCCC conference. Mr Hunt will be in Australia introducing legislation to scrap the carbon tax introduced by the former Labor government.

Neither Ms Bishop nor Mr Hunt appointed a parliamentary secretary to replace them, as has been done in the past.

Confirmation that Australia would not send a parliamentary representative followed a last-minute decision on Wednesday to scrap briefings with business and climate lobby groups to outline Australia’s position.

The warmenistas just can’t understand it:

Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said Australia’s decision not to send a minister sent “an unusual signal to the rest of the world”.

“Australia punches above its weight in international forums such as the UN conference and this can work in both a positive and negative way,” Mr Connor said.

Opposition climate spokesman Mark Butler said the “unprecedented decision by the Coalition sends a very strong message to the world that the Australian government doesn’t care about climate change”.

At last, the correct priorities are returning.


Official: climate change makes you crazy

No climate crisis, no Climate Institute

It certainly makes me crazy – listening to the nonsensical ramblings of Gillard, Combet, Flannery, Brown, Milne, Gore and Garnaut is enough to send even the most level-headed individual completely round the bend.

But here we have the totally impartial Climate Institute, with no vested interest in the outcome, clearly, commissioning a report on the effect of climate change on the population’s mental health. So given the report’s provenance, was there ever any chance that the conclusion would be anything other than alarmist? No, because with no climate crisis, there would be no Climate Institute.

RATES of mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress will increase as a result of climate change, a report to be released today says.

The paper, prepared for the Climate Institute, says loss of social cohesion in the wake of severe weather events related to climate change could be linked to increased rates of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse.

As many as one in five people reported ”emotional injury, stress and despair” in the wake of these events.

The report, A Climate of Suffering: The Real Cost of Living with Inaction on Climate Change, called the past 15 years a ”preview of life under unrestrained global warming”.

”While cyclones, drought, bushfires and floods are all a normal part of Australian life, there is no doubt our climate is changing,” the report says.

”For instance, the intensity and frequency of bushfires is greater [no evidence. More to do with idiotic green policies prohibiting land clearing – Ed]. This is a ‘new normal’, for which the past provides little guidance …

”Moreover, recent conditions are entirely consistent with the best scientific predictions: as the world warms so the weather becomes wilder [no evidence – Ed], with big consequences for people’s health and well-being.”

How many nonsensical statements can you find? The only sensible statement is “cyclones, drought bushfires and floods are all a normal part of Australian life”. Yes, have been for thousands of years and will continue to be for thousands more.

This is total junk science, reported gleefully by Fairfax (where else?).

Read it here.

Australia "must do more to curb emissions"

No climate crisis, no Climate Institute

Vested Interests Alert as an organisation that owes its very existence to the climate change “crisis” urges Australia to do more to tackle climate change (in order to ensure its own survival). Can’t exactly imagine the Climate Institute saying, nah, nothing to worry about, can you, when it’s main purpose is to “drive innovative and effective climate change solutions” (see here):

A new report commissioned by The Climate Institute says Australia’s carbon pollution will continue to soar without price signals to make companies take responsibility for their emissions.

The environmental organisation has also launched a partnership with a range of prominent businesses to tackle climate change.

Climate Institute chief executive John Connor says the report shows Australia is being left behind the rest of the world in developing renewable energies.

Mr Connor says a move to amend the renewable energy target will only go so far in addressing the problem.

“While amendments to the renewable energy target will help restructure our polluting power sector and drive billions of dollars of investments in new technologies and skills, Australia’s pollution will continue to soar unless we get extra policies that make companies responsible for their pollution,” he said.

Mr Connor says the nation’s major political parties are holding back investment.

A more blatant example of cynical self-preservation is difficult to imagine. Read it here.

Climate Institute: Impact of ETS on food prices "minimal"

No we don't, we peddle self-serving propaganda

Gee, there’s a real surprise, ain’t it? An alarmist organisation whose sole existence is thanks to the overblown “climate crisis” comes up with a report that justifies its own existence and reassures everyone that the massive, unnecessary new tax will have far less of an effect on food prices than the evils of “global warming”. And as usual, the ABC fails to see the conflict and publishes it all unquestioningly, and timed perfectly to coincide with the return of parliament tomorrow, undermining the Coalition’s opposition to the ETS (of course, the ABC is stuffed to the gills with Lefties from Kerry O’Brien down [or is it up?], so any opportunity to bolster Rudd and Labor at the expense of the other parties is welcomed with open arms):

A new report has found failing to tackle climate change will have a greater impact on supermarket prices than an emissions trading scheme (ETS).

The report from independent [Ha ha! My aching sides – Ed] think-tank the Climate Institute found extreme weather events, caused by climate change, will lead to food price rises in the future.

The report says these increases will be far greater than the 1 per cent weekly price rise, or $1.30 a week, expected to flow from an ETS.

It predicts extreme weather events, like drought, will become more common as the Earth’s temperature rises. [Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. By the way, did I mention that’s wrong? – Ed

Climate Institute chief executive John Connor says tackling climate change, through an ETS, will save money in the long run.

“What this report shows is that food prices are far more at risk from extremes in the weather and the climate, extremes that will increase with climate change, than they are with any ETS or a system which puts a price on carbon pollution,” Mr Connor said.

And then we have the usual outright L-words:

He says climate change is already having an effect on supermarket prices.

“Climate change is not just about warmer weather, it’s about wilder weather,” he said.

“And the drought, cyclones, extreme weather events will increase over time. [That’s a big fat L-word – Ed]

“We’ve had that experience in Australia, of course. We’ve had the tripling of the price of bananas from Cyclone Larry. We’ve had the drought raise lamb prices around 60 per cent.” (source)

I get tired of writing this: there is no link between “global warming” and increased hurricanes, floods or other extreme weather. And there isn’t a climate scientist on the planet that would link Cyclone Larry with global warming. But who cares about the facts? Certainly not the Climate Institute, which is feathering its own nest, and certainly not the ABC which will publish any old rubbish as long as it fits its pre-conceived warm-mongering agenda.

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