Scomo wins!

I got drunk twice on Saturday night, firstly between 6 and 8pm when I was drowning my sorrows at the thought of a Shorten government, then secondly when I got home and realised the Coalition had pulled off the most amazing election turnaround in recent Australian history.

So I had a double hangover on Sunday, but boy was it worth it. Australia has once again escaped the grasp of Labor’s increasingly extreme Green/Left agenda, and most importantly has dodged the bullet of economy-wrecking “climate action”.

With Turnbull and all the other lefty bed-wetters (Pyne I’m looking at you) gone from the Coalition benches, there may be hopes of a genuine conservative government – low taxing, small footprint, pro-individual, pro-business etc etc – and with none of that mad climate action that readers of this blog know full well is POINTLESS.

Happy days!


  1. Elisabeth Thomas says:

    Couldn’t agree more, big sigh of relief!😃

  2. Nice to hear the damned socialists lost – but a word of warning before getting too excited about the Conservatives – Over here in the UK the Tories are no better than socialists – liars, heavy taxer etc etc – So please take a close look at the actions of your Conservatives, so that you can tell me they are real decent people… Here’s hoping

    • KEITH ALLEN says:

      I have lived in Australia for almost 50 years but still have strong connections in the UK & I follow the situation there daily & you are absolutely correct – the Tory’s are a complete rabble & all the Brexit remainers should be disenfranchised by their branches. Their only hope is to amalgamate with Farage’s party (I bet there are not many PC climate changers amongst them) with someone who is definitely not a remainers.
      As for Labour, Liberal Democrats & Greens there is absolutely no hope of them changing their rubbish.

  3. Scarface says:

    Congratulations! Now let’s see what the European Parliament elections bring. We could use some climate sanity too in the EUSSR. Although not a powerful parliament it can slow the process of the destruction of Europe before it’s too late.

  4. Excellent!

  5. Reg Court says:

    My faith in the Australian public has been restored. Now it’s time to push back and get some real science and some economic reality into the discussion.

  6. Milo Res says:

    Wonderful news! Next step now should be full investigation of GetUp! and it’s overseas financial backers as it is tool of the global left-wing coven of Mr Soros & Co.

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