Shorten’s latest ‘dumb’ climate response – “cost of inaction”

Brainless buffoon

On ABC last night, Bill Shorten last night called anyone questioning Labor’s climate policy “dumb”. Gee, that will no doubt go down well with voters, right deplorables?

His stock response to anyone with the audacity to want some kind of clear dollar figure is now to bleat about the “cost of inaction”.

This is the most idiotic response anyone could imagine – for the following very simple reason: The cost of inaction will not be offset by the cost of action.

Let me just explain that. Let’s say for the sake of argument, that in a particular year, this supposed “cost of inaction” (which I dispute even exists) is $10 billion.

Let’s say that the following year we decide to take $10 billion worth of “climate action”. Given Australia’s contribution to global emissions is 1.5%, this amount of money will do nothing to change the climate. So the total cost is just the cost of action plus the cost of inaction, i.e. $20 billion. 

So all we’ve done is wasted another $10 billion! Brilliant! Shorten economics on display.

Even if we shut down our economy, costing us our entire GDP of $1.3 trillion, the net climate cost would still be $1.3 trillion plus the $10 billion “cost of inaction”… BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE NO FREAKING DIFFERENCE TO THE CLIMATE.

Whatever climate action Australia takes is still “inaction” on a global scale.

It’s you that is dumb, Bill. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


  1. John in Oz says:

    Agree entirely.

    It may not matter to BS (apt initials) but it does matter to we who pay both whatever BS decides to spend.

    Without knowing the cost of action it is dumb to suggest that this is more than inaction.

    The fool that calls Bill an idiot is no drongo

  2. Labour will be destroyed at the election.They have hung everything on far left “Klimate Krazy” which the electorate hate.
    Bill will be dumped ..

  3. I hate the franking credit change.
    They made so many later amendments, like exempting pensioners and unions.
    There are people who are below pension age, who aren’t earning from a regular job and are dependent on dividend income of less than the pension amount.
    They are chopped in the neck with a cut of 30% in their already low income.

  4. Bryan Harris says:

    We shouldn’t expect a real response from people like this – He’s a damned socialist FGS and we all know they can’t use logic and revert to type very quickly by insulting anybody opposing their views.
    We have to recognize that alleged MMCC is easy for the socialist mindset to accept, because it means they can use it to their advantage – doesn’t have to be true.

    Our response to the idiots that insult is simply to laugh at them – loudly.

  5. The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.

    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

  6. If the result of this election is any distribution of seats in parliament in which BS is PM, and the senate leans to the left, we can look for ward to a dystopian future in which live in Australia is poverty-ridden, brutish and short.

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