Victoria: Yarra City Council advertises for “Climate Emergency Officer”

Pissing ratepayers’ money up the wall since 1994…

Applications closed on 9 August – oh noes! I would have been perfect for the job!

The City of Yarra has a proud history of environmental action and leadership. Yarra was one of the first local governments in the world to declare a climate emergency, recognising urgent action is required by all. We are now employing our first Climate Emergency Officer, to help respond to the climate emergency across the municipality and within the organisation.

Moonbattery on steroids…

Archived link HERE for when it gets posted down the memory hole


  1. SIMON, I think it would be worthwhile to mention the package offered – $95K + super + RDOs. Sounds like a junket at our expense to me.

  2. TemplarOz says:

    Ratepayers should demand the City of Yarra provide empirical evidence to support its claim that a climate emergency exists! What a disgraceful waste of ratepayer funds.

  3. Burl Henry says:

    The global warming that is occurring is being CAUSED by the Environmental movement.

    The mechanism is the reduction in the amount of dimming anthropogenic SO2 aerosol emissions in the atmosphere due to global Clean Air efforts.

    Global Anthropogenic SO2 aerosol emissions peaked at ~131 Megatons circa 1975, and
    are currently ~ 80 Megatons. This cleansing of the atmosphere allows sunshine to strike the Earth’s surface with greater intensity, and (omitting the temporary warming periods due to El Ninos), is responsible for all of the anomalous warming that has occurred since then.

    There is ZERO warming from greenhouse gasses.

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