Climate sense in Victoria: climate-driven planning laws relaxed

What the alarmists think will happen…

More climate sense, this time from Victoria, where draconian planning restrictions based on fanciful sea level rise predictions have been “watered down” (ho, ho):

The State Government will relax planning rules designed to address the impact of climate change in town’s along Victoria’s coastline.

The previous Labor government blocked construction in areas that would be affected by a predicted 80 centimetre sea level rise.

A report by the Coastal and Climate Change Advisory Committee recommended reducing those restrictions to a predicted 20 centimetre sea level rise by 2040 for existing towns. (source)

It’s a small step, but at least it’s in the right direction.

Victoria abandons suicidal emissions target

Climate sense?

The green headbangers at The Age, like Adam Morton, just cannot believe it:


FOR anyone concerned about man-made climate change, the symbolism will be galling.

A week after the Baillieu government confirmed it plans to hand its massive brown coal reserves over to industry to mine, it is dumping the state target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent this decade.

It will add to a sense that it either does not accept the mainstream climate science, or at least rejects the need for Victoria to play a part in tackling it.

It also suggests that it believes abandoning green policies will not hurt it politically. [very, very true – Ed]

It may be right: most polling finds concern about climate change is much less likely to influence how people vote than just a few years ago. [Also very true – Ed]

The economic realities of such a crazy target are lost on Morton. But then again, we can’t possibly expect any kind of critical environmental reporting when Fairfax (which owns the SMH and The Age) is the one-third owner of the WWF green-bankrolled Earth Hour project.

Thankfully, the new Coalition government in Victoria is starting to wind back the green madness of Labor.

Read it here.

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