Greta Thunberg is a hysterical child who should be ignored by sensible adults

Should be seen and not heard

Climate “saviour” Greta Thunberg speaking at the UN overnight made for some extremely painful watching.

It was painful not because of the apocalyptic message that she was trying to convey, but because of her childish, petulant and hysterical overreaction to the non-issue of modern-day climate change, something the planet has endured (and survived) for four and a half billion years.

It was painful because she is the product of a family, a society and a progressive media that is happy to elevate a kid with serious mental health issues to a level of exposure and publicity that will surely damage her even more.

I wonder how long it will take for any remaining sensible adults in the room to realise it is time to stop listening to a hysterical child when determining policies that will affect billions of people.


  1. At sweet sixteen she should be bewitched, bothered and bewildered.
    Instead, she is disturbed, deranged, and demented.

  2. The way she is going,it won’t be long before she ends up in a Nuthouse, The sooner the better, so we don’t have to see her anymore

  3. Allison Santos says:

    Old white men triggered by an outspoken insightful child. Lolz!

  4. Graham Richards says:

    She really got a huge fit of the sulks when the Donald didn’t even acknowledge her presence!

  5. She is the most convincing argument for contraception I have ever seen!

  6. Paul Sangster says:

    I think it is shameful, to say the least, that “progressives “ have the nerve to use such a person to benefit their agenda.

  7. Regardless of your views on climate change and the manufactured climate catastrophe about to happen, Greta should not be mocked. Obviously she has worked herself up into a hysterical frenzy She has been totally indoctrinated by adults and some media who no doubt see her because of her age as a useful tool in sending to ‘the world’ an inaccurate doomsday message. Any caring adult associated with her should be concerned about her health.

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