The Greens are so DUMB they think Australian climate policies control the Australian climate


Dear Greens,

We know that you’re a bit intellectually challenged, but before you make another disgusting, opportunistic remark about the bushfires being linked to “lack of action on climate change”, there are two important lessons you need to learn:

  1. The climate is global not local. I know this is so basic it’s almost embarrassing to have to explain it, but you are obviously too stupid to have understood. Nothing we do in Australia will affect the Australian climate. Go and protest in China or India instead.
  2. Bushfires aren’t linked to climate change. Even the experts say this, but you are so desperate to push your cynical agenda you don’t care about that. They are more linked to a failure of bush management and controlled burns, things that have been consistently opposed by, er, the Greens.

You are a bunch of morons. Go away.

Yours sincerely,

Australian Climate Madness


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  2. Graham Richards says:

    You should all get back to school. Are you not aware that by shutting down mining, coal in particular, Australia will never suffer another bush fire,
    Unicorns will inhabit the lush meadows, the rains will return & there’ll be lasting peace, love & plenty for all in the valley.

    I’ve really got to stop smoking this stuff!!

  3. I beg to differ.
    CLIMATE is a REGIONAL parameter. It’s purpose is to enable the comparison of weather in one REGION with another. It is no more possible to have a GLOBAL climate than it is possible to have a global language or a global currency, There are 56 classifications of climate, (either Koppen-Geiger or Trewartha) and the globe is divided into regions each of which has a specific climate classification. Although the size of such regions may vary temporarily, there have been no regions over the past hundred years or so that have experienced a permanent change in classification.
    In order to determine change in any parameter, a metric is necessary. The only metric applicable to climate is a classification.
    By now you will realise that the term “climate change” is, as with the case with the entire CAGW superstition, is completely meaningless and idiotic.
    Bushfires ARE linked to stupid, idiotic policies dream up by ignorant politicians who pass laws preventing the reduction of fuel load. The are linked to NOTHING ELSE. And the Aborigines had that figured out when Nebuchadnezzar was a wee lad.

  4. Miloslav Res says:

    For ages the Aboriginees were practicing regular back burns. Until the Greens stopped all that!

  5. William Smith says:

    Lets pass a law not to make any more climate change. We can also imprison Milankovic and Chandler .

  6. The E.U has a green policy of not dredging rivers , and guess what we have in England :- Extensive river flooding as rivers break their banks following heavy rainfall . They are not that clever really are they.?

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