Environmentalists are cynical on bushfire causes

Tolerance and inclusivity on display from the Left

The Green Blob is guilty of shockingly cynical opportunism in relation to the bushfires.

Bushfires are caused (or intensified) by numerous factors including arson, fuel management, back burning, local climatic variables (such as the Indian Ocean dipole, El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Madden-Julian Oscillation) AND possibly global climate change. Of all the above, global climate change is the least impactful by orders of magnitude.

But because our policies demand action on climate change we’re going to focus on that to the exclusion of all the rest in order to advance our own selfish agenda.

(Not forgetting that even global climate change is likely to have a natural component to it arising from the post- Little Ice Age recovery, which may be equal to or greater than any man made component…).


  1. Graham Richards says:

    Any inquiry into the bush fires & drought must be preceded by an Independant Audit of the B.O.M. They are & have been caught red handed falsifying historical data, harmogenising current data which is based on the historical. Placement of temperature gathering data has also been called out for scrutiny. By cooling or ignoring historical temperature data & using dodgy placement of current data gathering equipment they & the government are fraudulently pursuing a problem which does not exist!!
    If government proceeds with any inquiry based on the B.O.M. data it proves that Government are in lockstep with BOM and the UN’s Paris Accord and its agenda to cripple our mining & agricultural industries. Not to mention the fraud of the “renewables” & subsidies to multinational companies payed for by the Australian people.

  2. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Graham Richards is correct, but who is to give the B.O.M. the spanking it deserves? Certainly not either the government or the opposition. It is the same as with their ABC.

    • Graham Richards says:

      Both of these sacred cows HAVE to be confronted & sorted. Who the hell runs this country? A bunch of lefty journalists, a pack of lying, conniving meteorologists or the the people of Australia. Morrison needs a to grow a spine & a pair of balls. Get it sorted Morrison, you’ll be shocked by how many more votes are waiting for you .

      I know he’ll opt for doing what the UN expect of him. He’s also terrified of the local media!

    • Irritable Bill says:

      Tony Abbott began an enquiry into the BOMs dodgy behavior as you described, and two things happened as a result…the BOM said that their computer broke…yes I know…and so they couldn’t reproduce the results their fucked up models supposedly spewed out.
      And secondly, Malcolm Turnbull overthrew Abbott as leader right before the coming climate blather-fest and his first action as PM was to stop the BOM investigation on the eve of making its findings against the BOM…and said of it that he had to do it because the public might lose confidence into the BOM if the investigation continued…?! I kid you not!
      Of interest is that a very similar thing happened after Obama took a fraudulent document to that meeting of geniuses, the “Pausbuster Paper” cooked the books with NOAA and the greatest fraud in world history was perpetrated on the world. When NOAA scientists went to Congress with information showing that NOAA and Obama knowingly lied and presented a false doc. NOAA said, oh no, our computers broke too…and the rag that printed the document as science changed their rules so that they would no longer publish a paper that couldn’t be replicated.
      Lord Moncton predicted over a year in advance that MT would overthrow TA right before the summit…one of the East Anglia emails said something along this line, “What do you think will happen if it all turns out to be natural variation?” “I guess we will all be hanged.” Well? I’m ready, when do the hangings begin?
      View an Australian newspaper article shortly before the BOM investigation began….https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/inquirer/bureau-of-meteorologys-heated-argument-with-jennifer-marohasy-over-temperatures/news-story/6c7e0ade7b4eaf827b36e68e9f53cd7c

  3. I have yet to find somone who can tell me what the Hell “climate change” is supposed to be.
    I have a very good understanding of ‘climate’. It is a classification determined by at least thirty years of weather. I also understand the need for metrics in order to establish whether something has CHANGED.
    There are a very large number of different climates in the continent of Australia. Each is associated with a specific geographical location. None of these locations has changed classification in the past hundred years, and few locations have changed shape or size.
    Is it possible that the imbeciles and morons who gab on about ‘climate change” do not have the foggiest idea about what they are talking?

  4. That lady (term used loosely) holding banner say “hope His house burns down “ only part of comments. She is smiling as if any one house burns down it is not a nice thing to happen to anybody she has to be a brainwashed brain dead nut case she must be sadistic . That is part of the reason I am not happy with these nut jobs everything is to be done there way and if not burn in hell no logic to there way of thinking. They must be all brain dead not to care for fellow humans to want to cause such damage to one life

  5. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Thanks for your comments, Bill.Their ABC is up to its neck in the fraud. On the evening news (13 Jan) the backdrop on the item re ‘climate change’ was a photo of black smoke pouring out of two chimneys, taken against the light. I don’t know where the photo was taken, but i suspect it was not recently in Australia.
    Keep your eye on Tony Heller’s videos on You-tube; he is brilliant. If you don’t know of Tony yet, he doesn’t try to ‘prove’ anything. That is the way science should be done. The researcher simply follows wherever the facts lead him.
    While typing this, I heard the ABC commentator say that current conditions are the worst since records began in 1910. This is part of the BOM’s fraud. Their published records exclude earlier stats, including those relating to the Federation drought, when the temperature reached 117 F in Melbourne.

  6. George Cross says:
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